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I forged hydrocodone prescriptions and now the PD is calling ??

I am a professional with 3 beautiful children, a good job.  I recently went to rehab for a 10-15 a day 10/325 hydrocodone addiction. It was the best thing I could of ever done.  Now I am on suboxone for withdrawals, and in intensive outpatient therapy, while on STD from my employer.  The PD where the last "script" was done is now calling.  I have enough street smarts to know to NOT answer ANY questions without an attorney present.  I honestly cannot afford an attorney to consult for this, even if an arrest occurs.  My life savings is depleted for various estate battles with X girlfriends from my dad's death.  I cant touch the money that is there for me for another 4 years.

I have done extensive reading, and know the rehab was the best thing I could of done, for more reason(s) than one.  I am in intensive outpatient therapy for the next 3-5 weeks, so I am off on Short Term disability from my employer.  Now I find myself switching cars with my husband to avoid a run in with the police concerning this.  I know if I refuse to answer any questions, they will assume my guilt.  So now I am avoiding them.  I know if they are persistent, I cant avoid them forever.  What really hurt me the most, was my teenage daughter that avoided my phone calls while in rehab answered their phone call yesterday and told them anything they wanted to know, concerning my whereabouts.

I cant believe I let a drug ruin my life like it has.  My husband was clueless about it all till yesterday, I knew I had to tell him before I end up incarcerated or taken in for questioning.  I read where this happened to someone else, and they thought honesty would serve them best when it came to answering questions.  Being so "honest" got them additional charges, after all the police have a job to do.  I want to remain sober and look towards my future.  My past is now coming back to bite my in the a$$ so to speak, and I am walking on egg shells.  I know I deserve it and was a total idiot for doing it at all.  Any thoughts or suggestions?
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Sorry, I dont mean to be "replying" to my own post, just need to add to it.

My husband has a daily mj habit.  He has a good job, and to look at him you would never know it.  We rarely "speak" to each other, usually the only communication we have through out the day is through email, just advising the 3 year old made it safely to daycare.  I am not casting blame for my problems, but I do believe his emotional isolation fueled my pain pill dependency.  

Then my X husband and the father of my two teenagers is in prison.  He was a crack addict.  I feel like a complete failure and let down to my children by being so stupid to do what I did to just get a bottle of pills.  I find myself searching for life insurance policies now, so maybe in death I can do something right for my children sakes.  

I don't want to be a burden to anyone.  I just want to be "normal" and sober, for once.  
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wow...looks like you've created quite the little "situation" for yourself.  sorry to hear that.

i am pleased to hear that you are taking steps towards sobriety.  it is very important to your recovery that you continue the treatment you have started.

i'm not sure about your pending arrest or questioning...but i do know that you cant run or hide forever.  if you cannot afford an attorney at this time...you may just have to be arrested so that you can get a public defender to help you.  paying a bail bondsman to get you out of jail is alot cheaper than putting up the cash...and usually this can be done within hours of getting arrested.  wish i could tell you what to do about getting questioned...

if you have no prior arrests you can probably get off with not much happening to you.  you can always use the "first time offender" and your attorney can advise you on this.  you going to rehab...going to outpatient therapy...will only help your case.  

part of recovery is taking responsibilty for your actions.  i would advise you to be "completely" honest with your husband and family...as this "situation" is not going to just disappear.

good luck,

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Good morning. may  I ask the ages of your kids?

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So sorry, sweetie we have all here done thins we are not proud of...
First, was this before you went to rehab??? What did your hysband say?
I know the state i live in here is tough on it but first offense is rehab, and drug test...One friend of mine got caught and that is what she had to do..
now she also had a good judge..
Did you call it in? she called hers in....
look, at least you are clean right now...i know you can not run away from them forever, but you need a plan..A support team...Do you have anyone you can talk to , a lawyer friend about what can happen???
just take one day at a time, hell they might stop calling...i think if they see you went for help, an you have 3 kids and you are CLEAN , it will be ok
i will pray for you
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Hey Kim! How are you doing? I was reading the diffrent forums last night and I
saw you at one of them. Isaid to my self  i know her? Hope you are doing well today. Its gonna be a hot muggy one today here in minnesota.
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Why is noone talking to me?
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my children are 15,13 and 3.  I am so ashamed.  And someone else asked this question, was it before rehab, yes it was.  I have been sober for 1 week today.  I knew it was a matter of time before I got caught, and knew I couldnt do it on my own, that monster was much bigger than me.
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hey...you must have been on the hiv forum??  my son has hiv...:(

one of my other sons is moving into an apartment today with his g/f.  this is davis, the recovering crack addict, who seems to be substituting alcohol for the drugs.  he is doing well now and attending meetings on a regular schedule but the mom in me still worries about him moving out.  i pray that he will stay strong.

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And I didnt call it in, I wrote my own.  I feel so stupid and full of shame.  I am about to leave for group therapy.  I am not comfortable discussing this with them at this time, talking this way and in person are two different scenarios.  There are a few people in therapy I find to be very annoying and judgmental.  Thanks so much for the responses and listening, it means allot to me.
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I'm feelin your your fears. I've been in trouble also, and the monster. oh my God.  I also take suboxone. We have similar stories. my kids are older now. You wern't implying harming yourself were you? (When refering to even checking out your life ins.policy).That my dear would be the worst idea. What state do you live in if I may ask?                       Cathy
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I was at  the brest cancer one aids one, but i saw you at a grief one.
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You really need an attorney.  Even if you can just go to consult one very briefly, I'd do it as soon as possible.  

And if your husband has an mj habit, I hope he gets it all out of the house, like this minute.  If you both have drug habits, you could wind up with CPS taking your children out of the home.

Bad problem.  Good luck.  
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Welcome to the forum........

One thing I agree with is the police will come and your charge will be

To obtain a controlled substance by fraud......

Liz Lou is right if you do have a clean record you will be fine and probably probation.......

If you have some baggage you could be in trouble.........

I would talk to the police but not answer any questions pertaining to the case...

You can find out if there is a warrent and then tell him that you will turn yourself in that will make a load of difference at your arraignment as far as bond.....

The very sad thing in your post to me is your kids look what they have had to go through......

Going to a rehab for your drug problem is commendable but as an addict could it be just sugar coating for the judge..........

You speak of honesty with your family you need to stop running from the police and start standing up for your past indiscretions.......you can't afford a lawyer then the judge will grant you one........

Before you sitting in jail with no options take care of the kids and make sure there safe and take care of your legal matters......while you can.....
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Did you write the scripts before rehab? or after? The law that is in question is if you "knowingly" of "sound" mind attempted to defraud. If by chance you were "high" when you wrote them then you did not "knowingly" of "sound" mind commit such crime. Talk to the police, get this out of the way so that you can concentrate on recovery.

good luck

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What really hurt me the most, was my teenage daughter that avoided my phone calls while in rehab answered their phone call yesterday and told them anything they wanted to know, concerning my whereabouts.

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It all depends on what state you live in and what county.  The government has come to realize that just because you have a problem with drugs doesn't mean you are a bad person.  But, what they want to see is that you are ready and willing to change.  You probably make too much for a public defender (you have to be poor, and I mean poor).  If you are honest to the judge and district attorney they will help you.  This is only good if you have not had any other drug related legal problems in your past.

And, yes you can call the PD and talk to someone.  They can not force you to tell them where you are.  They can not reach through the phone and get you.  But, you do have to start showing everyone that you are willing to resolve this matter and cooperate.  I know it's hard but the best thing is to tell the truth.  Remember the legal system (police/district attorney/judge) are all human, they want to here the truth.  Think how you feel when someone lies to your face.  

You can get through this thing.  It is hell and I am going through the w/d's with you. I am 5th day off Ultram.  Hurts, but every day is better.  The people on here are great!  Reach out to others when you need strength.  We can't always walk alone.

Good luck.
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What planet do you live in?

If she calls she will be tracked by satellite and if she uses a cell it does not matter if she hangs her phone up once connection is made satellite tracking will find her......

Truth I agree is the best policy except when talking to police or a prosecutor do you know that they are allowed by law to lie to a person to get a conviction.......

In the state of Michigan and Ohio they are coming down very hard on drug offenders and fraud to obtain drugs.....

If she is a first time offender it is very possible to get off with probation and some drug counseling.......

But if you don't think that the hammer can come down on her if she has a record your living in another world........

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WOW....that was RUDE. This person was just trying to help and give the best advice he/she could give and you basically call him stupid.
What planet do you live on beachtowel? Because wherever it is, human kindness must be a crime.
Damn. That was really mean what you said to here4all.
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i doubt if the pd will use any kind of tracking to find you ,your not a public enemy. if you are charged with a crime they will come knocking and of course you"ll have a warrent. i wouldnt call the police though. once the crime has been commited and a warrent issued then the police couldnt care less about your personal story,,there job is to arrest you and let the courts do the rest, if you talk to the police by phone and they ask your location or ask you to come in and you dont,,then your not co operating with the police and that pisses them off and theyll let the judge know. you may not have liked how beach put it but your only choice is to deal with this voluntarily or you just become a wanted person avoiding the law.
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Here are a few thoughts:

1.  Call an attorney immediately and agree that he/she will represent you.

2.  If the police contact you, refer them to the attorney.  Do NOT say anything to them.  Leave it to your attorney.   An attorney is your best bet in getting the DA to decide "Insufficient Evidence to Proscecute" should you be arrested.

3.  Remember, the role of the police and district attorney is to detect and prosecute crime.  They are not in the rehab business.


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being a good or bad person isnt the issue right now. affording a lawyer,rehab,etc. is not the cops job. yes you can call the police and say what? i"m addicted to drugs and i"m a good person? i wonder how many times they hear that, being a good person with good intentions AFTER the crime is not the concern of the police. if the police want you then co operate, at worst youll be arrested , its a low grade crime so bail will be low and depending on other things ,,like did you CO OPERATE with the police you could be or"d,,but not if they have to find you. once you get by the police thing and get a court date then what you present to the judge showing your desire to change,,12 step meetins,addiction dr,etc. will effect his/her decision,,but if they have to come looking for you then thats how theyll treat you. sometimes the truth just sounds rude.
This was very bad advice. Prescription drug forgery is a felony.
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If stopped or called in for questioning once spoken to give you name and politely & simply invoke your right to counsel - “I respectfully refuse to answer any question and invoke my right to counsel.” It doesn’t mean you won’t be arrested but nothing you can say will help your case AND because all pharmacies have video cameras they’ve probably got what they need to arrest you. Just the same they have to prove who forged the signature and many other elements to charge or convict you. Finally, if you can’t afford an attorney, most states provide free counsel in criminal cases. Relax, get well, prepare and hope.
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Avoid them as long as you can. Maintain soberity. Keep a record of when you entered the program bc you might ned it later with your lawyer, proof you are working on yourself.

Honesty wont help you unfortunately.  The system isnt built for forgiveness, you have to talk with a lawyer.
When (if) they catch up with you, do talk, dont answer any, any questions, not even where you have been or why you avoided them just say i want a lawyer. If they try to say they just want to talk, say thats fine and you still want a lawyer. You could speak to a lawyer in advanced to get a head of it but its will cost you.
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Keep your chin up. As my mom would say they can kill you but they can't eat you. Just a little humor. I went through the same thing....... I had to get an attorney. $5,000 later if this is your first offense there's programs out there and it's called in lieu of conviction. You complete 18 months probation an easy breezy you're done. You have to pee in a cup as many times as they tell you to. Of course to make sure you're clean. And you should be okay.  Trust me they make it extremely hard on you and they'll scare you to death because I thought I wasn't going to make the 18 months. Going to prison was so so so scary to me. So all I got was in lieu of conviction and moved on with life. To this day I am sober and doing excellent. Please keep us posted on how you're doing. Sending you prayers and positive vibes.
Don't run from the police turn yourself in but don't answer any of the questions just go to the police station and ask them why are you calling my house or call them if that's easier for you. But you have to face it and just move on. And you'll be okay. Call a criminal attorney first. Good Luck.
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I just now realized how old this person's post is it's dated 2007 it's 2018. LOL, yes I responded I feel like a fool. I hope she's okay. If she went to prison I'm sure she's out by now.
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I'm curious does anyone know what ever happened to this person? Just curious if she did get a life insurance policy or did she go to prison or I wonder what happened to her?
We dont always know what happened to them.  I just hope the OP got the help they needed and is living a good life now.
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Do not under any circumstance admit to the forgery. #1 Do not speak at all without an attorney present. (The court must appoint you one). It sounds like you have no record... That's good. You are facing an arrest for sure (or a summons to appear is just as likely). *Bring with you ALL of your treatment documentation, that you are a "professional" and a taxpaying solid member of the community.... And you had a "problem" you sought help for. You can state "(in case of video evidence) that" The prescription was given to you and you were told in a threatening manner that you HAD TO CASH THE RX by a person you accepted a few opiate pills from 1-2x and who then told you that you 'Have a Debt to Pay'.

. "

You do not know them personally in any meaningful way but they know where you live and you fear for your family...

This is- if it's your 1st offense - a classic CWOF (continued without a finding) *After a term of  probation say 6mos or 1yr trouble free it will then be entered as a "not guilty"
finding.  Drug offenders are being treated less like criminals and more like humans with problems, that is the growing trend in justice, especially if your "professional" background and family status is accurately portrayed as stated

And again *(provided you do NOT admit to "forging" the Rx.... Which is Yes a Felony, you do Not want to deal with that now or later.... And it is a charge they CANNOT prove - they can only prove you tried to fill the Rx.

Big difference.

They cannot come arrest you while you are in the treatment center, but it sounds like you're out now so expect something to give soon. *Caution, we all want to cooperate and explain to Police "You're no criminal, just a good person with a bad problem"....

***They DO NOT CARE. They are there to charge you with the MOST SERIOUS OFFENSE not the least. so fight any urge to explain yourself to anyone but the lawyer you eventually get. He'll thank you for saying nothing. *Besides, no cop ever comes into court and says "yeah your honor, she was real honest and cooperative, I'll vouch for her". No. Never. If anything they'll come in and make you seem like a "Shifty drug addict.... Not a 1st time law breaker just first time caught".

They suck.
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Don't talk to the police.

There's a video on Youtube titled that where an attorney explains why. The 5th amendment protects you from police who assume you are guilty if you don't talk to them. Anything you tell the police can only be used against you, never for you. (Attorney explains the legal laws that make this so.)

When they have not enough evidence then they question you and fish and hope to get something they can use against you. Best defense is not to talk to them. You have the right to remain silent.
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