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...I guess it happens to best of us...

Hello all - after being clean for an entire year, I got sick again with the Crohn's and complications, and relapsed even worse than before.  The good news is that I've taken serious steps to try and repair my damaged relationships, both familial and social - I've been talking to the folks at NA a lot and have my first counseling session with an addictionologist scheduled for next week.  There is no way I can get my hands on any more pain medication, thankg goodness - my question is this:  It's day 5 for me, detoxing from oxy - how much longer can I expect to feel so shaky and out of it???  Thanks so much, guys - so sorry to be back here, but I know it's a safe place for me.  Thank you!!!
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Welcome back!  at 5 days you shoud start to come out of it a little every day.  Are you getting up moving around?  If you aren't do it - no matter how hard it is.  Getting active, forcing yourself to move is important.  If you remember you'll feel strung out for a week or two but after day 5 things seem to look up a little physically.  You also know it is this time the mental stuff kicks in but it sounds like you have a good plan, have good support and the right attitude.  Congrats on 5 days!
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Yes, I'm making myself get up and do little things - much better than even yesterday - I'm up making something small to eat or a cup of tea...am even logged into my work remotely and have been productive - I do feel better for that - I just can't stand this shaky, weak, spacey stuff!  I really want to take a shower, but I'm afraid to yet - still too shaky!  I know I can do this - I did it once before, but this time I will enlist the help of professionals, as I can't relapse again.  Thank you for your help!!!
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SHOWERS got me through - I took 1 an hour for the worst 3 days of my withdrawal.  I am weird as I like to sit down in the shower so I usually put a small towel down and just let the water hit me - feels so good and you will feel a world better.  Go take a shower darlin, the world will look a little brighter when you get out.  

I had trouble eating also which contributed to the weakness - it took me a good month before I got back to totally solid foods and I lot about 12 pounds which is slowly but surely creepin back up at day 64!  

This time next week you'll be feeling so much better!
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OMG you are so my best friend right now!  I have a trip to Hawaii scheduled next weekend for a week - I'm looking at it as a new beginning, to be completely honest with you - to try to repair some of the damage I've done with my 18 year old daughter, who completely saw right through me and my patterns - do you think I'll be ok enough to go?

I will try to eat something small (just had some jasmine tea) and I am still working remotely, but I will definitely take a shower after a while - I remember being at day 64 - GOOD FOR YOU - and I will get back there, too.
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OOH Hawaii what a nice treat.   I think you'll be fine, go to a vitamin store and pick up a small bottle of peppermint  essential oil and a lavender - shouldn't cost you more than $10 or so for both.  Peppermint can be great for motion sickness or nausea and the lavender will be calming.  You can put a couple drops on a Kleenex if you are feeling a little icky and just hold it up to your nose and it may help plus the bottles are small enough to travel with and fit in your "liquid baggie"  

You WILL be back here again!  Enjoy your trip, try to do some whey protein shakes this week if you can to gear your stomach up for eating and give you a little extra zip.  HAVE FUN!

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Thank you so much for the encouragement - I really need it - will try what you said -

Just one day at a time...that's all I can do now - I can't undo what I've done, but I sure can do something about the future.

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Hi missmetal,

Great to hear you are going back to meetings and are on day 5. And a trip to Hawaii to look forward to as well! You have made it through the worst, imho, should be on a bit of an easier downward slope now. Just exercise when you can, rest when you can, and eat small nutritious meals and/or shakes. Teas have been relaxing for me, nice to snuggle in my favorite old worn out quilt with a cup of tea and watch my favorite movies. With my companion the heating pad, of course ;)

Congratulations on that trip to Hawaii! I hope you will post to tell all of us stuck here about your adventures :)
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Thanks so much for posting - I appreciate the encouragement - I feel somewhat better, but I'm so tired, I can't even believe it - I wonder if it's the Clonidine (sorry, not sure how to spell that)...I'm hoping I can at least go to work tomorrow, instead of working from home, but at least I can do that!

Hawaii will be a healing trip - a time to start over again - and I can't wait.  I have so much to make up for with my 18 year old daughter.

Thanks for your suggestions - I will give them a try - have a good afternoon  :-)
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