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I have A TON of Addictions

I have been takeing 10mg Blue lortabs for four years.  I am only 45 years old and had a total knee replacement 11 months ago.  I tried to get off the pills 8 months after the surgery but I have a physical job doing cleaning work so I continue to take them.  I am going through stress.  Divorce.  Raising an 18 year old son and a 14 year old son.,  I'm self employed.  If I don't work I don't get paid.  So,  I work when I'm hurt.  Therefore,  I take the pills to get by.  I am also a daily drinker.  I just fell and got a small fracture in my arm and sprained my wrist and cracked 3 ribs.  I chronically sprain my right ankle due to the fact that I over compensate for my bad knee.  I was going to pysical therapy to help strengthen myself but can't seem to afford it any longer. I am trying very hard to quit the Tabs but I can't sleep so I take 1mg Klonopin and sometimes several xanax throughout the night.  As of las october I was on 75 mg Effexor xr and 100 mg Topomax for depression and to help curb my alcohol cravings.  I took this medication for almost 10 years.  I thought once the pain in my knee was gone I could quit taking the meds.  I just started taking them a few days ago.  I am going back to school soon to get a less pysical job.  However,  if I don't get my life straight I may lose everything before then.  Anyone have any advice?  I would appreciate it vey much.
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I don't have any advice for you because I'm trying to stop taking hydrocodone too but you are not alone.  I have to work full-time as well and feel that I have to take them to get by and get to work, etc.  I've really just started to face this as being a real problem so reading this forum is helping right now.
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Do you have a good relationship with your doc? That might be a good place to start since you have real pain and have to work.
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Set a plan, set a date, and set it as soon as possible, then run with it.  Surely you can take a few days off or even a weekend.  Work around those days to be days 2 and 3 of your withdrawal which are typically the worst days for physical symptoms.

Keep in mind that there are many people here who have gone through the toughest work during the toughest withdrawal so IT IS possible. I believe the exercise and focus from work may actually help during withdrawal in my opinion, rather than staying home feeling weak, lethargic and thinking of all the bad things going through your head, work might be more practical.

Look up all the vitamins and aminos on this site under the Thomas Recipe and Amino Acid Protocol.  Follow every bit of it's information.  Keep posting here and you will get tons of advice and help, just be honest and let everyone know how you're feeling and there will be someone to help.
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