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I have become the definition of unmanageable

I hope someone can reach out to me. I have been taking kratom for two years now. i used it to get of percocet. now i am ready to stop but i have a feeling because i've been taking it so long its gonna be really hard. I also suffer with cocaine/crack addiction. In addition to these things i have an underlying depression/bipolar diagnosis that existed befor the drugs. I need support from the community. can anyone reach out to me. I am a mother, and work a very stressful job.
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I am sending up a prayer for you and pray that we both have the courage and stength to endure. I am scared of the unknown.  I am just at day one with stopping the hydrocodone I have been on since last May. I have posted questions and as of yet no one has responded.  That is ok, I think just talking about it helps.   May God help you and all of us who cry out.

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You have a complicated situation going on there. With the BPD,crack cocaine and katrom,
I sure hesitate to say anything to you. I wouldn't want to advise the wrong thing.

You really should get with a doctor. Maybe an addictionologist would be the best...

Keep posting here...lots of support!
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You have alot of things on your plate...I agree with vicki, you need to get with a professional about this.  We just want you to be safe~~~sara
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HI.....im also bipolar and you defently  need a good phyic doctor to help you with this when your bipolar it is a tap dance coming off anything to not send yourself into a mania...I detoxed off benzo's it took a wile but if done carefully you can do it without complications I also had to do it with methadone that was more difficult was right on the edge of a mania and then got hit with depression if you go to the doctor and be honest with them they can bring you off this stuff and put you on the right meds for your bipolar right now your self medicating for it
many addicts do.. not realizing it....but get some help with all this you dont have to live this way good luck and God bless.......Gnarly    
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