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I have been on Suboxone since ‘08 w/1 yr off f/surgery

I recently was cut off of suboxone cold turkey after 8 yrs at 16mg per day. I weaned a little when I found out 1 then 1/2 for 4 Days. It was abrupt. I’m terrified. I don’t want to go to detox clinic again. They gave me some worthless withdrawal meds. I got some Klonopin to help with the worst & im wondering when withdrawal will start. I took 4mg 48 hrs ago. Need to know when I can start helping myself through this hell. I am so terrified that I will have seizures or even a stroke. Had seizures with fentenyl & methadone withdrawal & was told I was lucky not to have s stroke with heart rate so high. When will this start. Please help.
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I quit cold turkey January 1st, 2014 and have been clean ever since.  I was taking 24mg a day for 7 years. I also didn't wean, I made this decision on my own.

If you took 4mg roughly 48 hours ago, then w/d should be starting soon.  It took about 2/3 days for the real w/d symptoms to begin and got progressively harder about a week into it. The klonopin will help so only take them when you absolutely must!  Try and send someone to get the following items.....magnesium, potassium and iron vitamins, epsom salt, gatorade, immodium, and some type of high protein meal replacement drinks or bars.  The wean that you did, if I'm understanding right, was about 4 days in total, right?  When they say wean off of subs it supposed to be looonnnggg and slooowwww!  Like going down 1/2 mg every 2 weeks, but, you can do this.  You have to be ok with not being ok for awhile.  It's going to be hard, but if you want it, you can do it!  Let me know where your at with your w/d.....
Why/how does protein help? Just wondering. It's not the first time I've heard that and I seem to craving protein so I just wondered your insight.
Im assuming because your body loses so much of its nutrients through w/d that you need to put them back. I had no appetite for weeks and my husband forcefed me because the malnutrition and dehydration were making it worse then it needed to be. And it was bad. But for a little while after i ate i did feel better. I would suggest employing tge help of a friend or loved one to help you with this.
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I also wanted to mention being on this site and talking with people that had already been through it helped tremendously as well.  When a new symptom would come on, having people tell me it was normal helped ease my mind, as best it could.
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Edsluv - keep us posted
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