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I have been prescribed to Xanax for over ten years now

I have been prescribed to Xanax for over ten years now ... The last Doctor I went to was a straight up SCRIPT   DOC.!  This doctor just cut me off of 3 two mg. Bars a day to nothing. !!!!!     I HAVE NEVER BEEN THROUGH SUCH HORRIBLE WITHDRAW IN MY LIFE!!!     I HAVE been hospital twice in the past 3 months ..I start twitching,and shaking so bad . I Am SCARED!!! I REALLY  DON'T KNOW WHAT  TO DO ...This doctor refuses to see me again because I missed a doc appt . . I did cal to reschedule, but they refuse to see me , help me , NOTHING!!!   I  was given libruim when I went to the hospital.  It  HELPED BIG TIME!!!    Now I'm back to almost being out of meds.  Im scared... I have called SO MANY OTHER DOCS, AND NO-ONE IS  seeing new patients.  So I NEED SOME HELP.  ANYONE that has ANY  ADVICE.    PLEASE, PLEASE. HELP!!!!
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Find yourself a good rehab, I was on Xanax for 23 years and I found a good treatment center stayed there for 18 day , now I have a month clean and feeling great
How's it going Starlicia?  You staying clear of the Xanax?  Hope you are doing well.  Come back and chat! :>)  hugs
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Hey Friend,
Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Your lining is the freedom from benzos. the cloud is now. You will get through this. Cutting you off from so much like that is dangerous, and that doctor should be stripped of his license!!
Like the advice you got from the other commenter, you need to go to a rehab and get proper care.
Whatever you do, don't go back to the benzo life. it is nice out here in the light once you get adjusted.
love and hugs,
I really like the way put that!  I'm going to remember that.  How are you doing waterLilly?  Hope all is well.  
Very well said!
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Oh my.  I am sure this is hard. And I want you to know I understand.  I also think docs can get us completely dependent and then act like they don't know us.  

How are you doing now?  What's happening?  Come back and talk to us.  hugs
I really appreciate all the support I am getting on here, God knows I don't get it anywhere else so I have followed you guys advice and am going to rehab Friday
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How are you doing?  Thinking of you.  hugs
Hey hun as of right this minute I have literally been having to search for benzos like everyday but I'm finally going to a rehab Friday thank you for all your advice God bless
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Everyone that saw this post just wanted to let you know that I'm finally going to rehab Friday so tired of searching for Dan benzos everyday especially since the damn doctor got me hooked and just took me off like that and I've been hospitalized twice and had one seizure in the last 3 months it's ridiculous how they can do that and get away with it lesson one I have learned don't ever take anything prescribed or not prescribed especially freaking prescribed until you know every damn detail and effect of that drug!
Hello there.  I'm so glad you'll be entering rehab.  You will be made much more comfortable.  I've been on a benzo for 40 yrs, and unless my dr stops prescribing to me, or she retires leaving me with a dr who wants me off...which will leave me in the same boat as you...then that will be the only way I'll ever stop taking this med, because I'm just too afraid.  

I like what WaterLilly said, too.  "Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Your lining is the freedom from benzos. the cloud is now."

Just keep your eye on that silver lining.  Because it IS there, I know it, I've been on this site for 12yrs and while there hasn't been a ton a benzo users here, there has been enough for me to see that it *can* be done.  

Please continue to update how you're doing.  Each person like you who has gone thru benzo withdrawal and made it to the other side successfully gives me hope and knocks down how terrified I feel a small notch at a time, so that one day maybe I will be able to get off this drug and see that silver lining too.  

Good luck sweetheart.  We're here for you~  Hugs
I am so glad to hear your decision to go to rehab.  Benzo addiction is dangerous, as you well know the withdrawals are no joke and can cause seizures and even death.  Please let me know how you are doing when you get out.  I will be praying for you.  There may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.  I was saved from a Heroin addiction by the grace of God and I never knew life could be so good.  1 Corinthians 10:13  "No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to all man.  God is faithful, He will not allow you to be tempted beyond that which you can withstand.  When you are tempted He will give you the Strength to bare it."
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Hey darlin', I'm so happy for you.  Now, I know it is hard.  So hard.  But you will be in a better place after rehab.  Doctors don't always have patient best interest in mind, that's for sure.  You've been on a roller coaster for a while.  Won't it be nice to sit the rest of the rides out and relax?!  I'm pulling for you and hope you keep in touch.  hugs
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Thanks for the update. I hope & pray  you  get the support you need there.  When you can let us know how you’re doing.
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We are all thinking of you and waiting to hear how you are doing. Group hugs!
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Thinking of you, Mandee.  Waiting to hear how you're doing.  And listen, we are here for you whether you entered rehab or not.  So if you changed your mind, no one will judge; we are here to support you no matter what.  
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