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I have been taking 3 es a day for 5 years

I have myo facial fibromyalgia, I wouldn't wish this illness on my worst enemy. When I was first diagnosed 1997 the first medicine prescribed was vicodin, then they moved me up to methadone 3 per day, I could not afford the oxys they wanted me to take and this was all from the most highly regarded pain management clinics in Ohio. in 2000 I went thru this whole damn thing and yet here I am again. When they cut me off of methadone I went thru the most hellish month of my life.  I rented a cabin up in the Allegheny state park with 4 gallons of chocolate milk, 4 boxes of Cheerios and a carton of smokes. I screamed, I cried and I pounded my fist against the cabin walls, but I made it thru, I was able to convince a new doctor "all of you addicts will know this routine" to give me ultram untill i started to notice parkensens like symptoms like involentary twitching and so on.

I was actually able to keep off of all meds for a year "pot excluded". then I had another illness creep into me causing my scrotum to swell and fill with fluid. Well you can ask any man alive what is the worst pain they could have and I assure you pressure on the balls 24 hrs a day will be at or near the top. So after going to a well known clinic in Cleveland to get help, guess what they prescribed me... Yup, good ole vics, but when my condition cleared up my addiction remained and this time much worse then ever before. So to get to the point day 2 starts today for me without taking vicodin and I am in awful condition. I have the worst diarrhea, constant electricity flowing thru my body like I just cant even describe, I have been up for 2 nights now and I could go on for hours about the horrifying feelings I am having. I have tried and am trying everything that is being discussed in this forum, nothing is helping and I am about ready to jump, any ideas for Mr D?
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i wish i could give you some magic remedy. i'll soon be 48 and for me the older i get the harder withdrawal is on my body. but...if you survived getting off methadone, then you can most surely get thru this! i know it bites but give it some more time. feeling better is just around the corner! have faith. peace, sway
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