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I have slowed down

I have to wait two weeks to go to treatment for l tabs and alcohol.  My mom and sister died and I went off the deep.  Just need someone to help me get thru the bad times while I am trying to maintain to get to detox and treatment.  Please send along your experiences and how you did it and coped.  Than ks
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We all are here for you. We will share our experience and we can completely understand you.. I am sure all on this forum will be willing to help.. just ask for it and you will get the answer from one of us.. (after Almighty God, of course). Very best wishes and cordial prayers for you.. God may bless your parents...
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Your story is like mine. Except my gma passed and i went off the deep end. She was my life she raised me as my parents were to young. I went down a long rough road with drugs. You will always miss them and youll never forget about them. Eventually tho you learn to live with the fact that they are gone. Church helped me out alot. I belive that when its my time i will see her again but i have to stay on the right track. She wouldnt want me to ruin my life bc of her passing. And i always felt guilty when i was doing drugs bc i felt like she was looking down on me watching. Your mom and sisters will b with you threw this. Your going to make it out. Be blessed and keep your head up as they are looking down.
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