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I have so much to look forward to how do I get off nerve meds

I'm 27 years old and have a great wife and a baby on the way in nov. How can I get off of taking nerve meds and pain pills. I wont to be done with this sickness, and I want to be there for my wife and kid.
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Well it looks like you really want to change inside, and that's the first step to recover.  Most successful way to recover is to check yourself in a 90day rehab program.  Go to AA/NA meetings everyday.  Keep on righting.  
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What are you taking ?? Most nerve meds in to be tapered down very slowly so there are not serous side effect's as devon said.  We need to know what you are on.
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"nerve meds" as in anti anxiety medecine? It would help if you could tell us what you were taking and how much. Most pain pills you are able to quit cold turkey (except tramadol) but "nerve" pills can be dangerous and need to be tapered per dr. Im glad you want to take a step in the right direction!
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