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I jumped! I took the leap. Day 4 no suboxone!

Today is day 4! I know it doesn't sound like much compared to people with years of sobriety but I'm excited. I never made it this far before - I was always scared to death to jump - but I bit the bullet and did it! I tapered down to .125 mg of suboxone before jumping- I wanted to jump sooner but I took my time to find the right opportunity around my work schedule and then just did it. It's not been too bad. It's no worse than some of my most difficult tapers. I'm not going to say I feel great LOL I have many common symptoms like yawning sneezing aching and extreme exhaustion but I don't have diarrhea and my appetite is fine. I'm not going to say it would be this easy if you jumped from say 2 milligrams. for me tapering to the lowest dose possible seemed to work best but I will admit I may have prolonged some of the misery considering how bad some of the tapers were. Point is I jumped! I'm very excited and now that I have four days behind me I just want to keep moving forward. I will not give up all this hard work - all the tapers and the last 4 days and go back. I will not give in and take that one little piece I know would make me feel better because all that hard work was not in vain. I'm taking one day at a time but excited about the future - a future with freedom. I had a fortune cookie at lunch yesterday and it said happiness is coming your way. the struggle is over. I'm sure the struggle isn't completely over but I thought the fortune was fitting. I have no idea how to over come the fatigue except time, eating right and taking vitamins. If any of you have remedies for this please let me know. I honestly think that's the hardest part now (which I know is normal). Also the restless legs last night was pretty miserable but I took a Neurontin the doctor gave me and it helped tremendously once it finally kicked in - just fyi.
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Ps. Since I recently saw a post about Neurontin I thought I would add my two cents. I don't take them everyday all day. I only take ONE when the restless legs get too bad which has really been just once in a blue moon maybe a couple days after tapering & hopefully just a couple days after jumping I've never felt like abusing them they don't really have that effect for me personally but they've been extremely helpful with rls - just one (100mg) and thirty minutes later I can sleep. I've  taken less than 10 thru out the last year of tapering.
So are we allowed to talk about taper plans on here or not... I so need advice. My new crappy sub doc says " stopping at 2 mgs there will be no withdrawal" HAHAHHAAAA! She's obviously has never experienced withdrawal.
been there! Maybe some ppl. Can - i definitely wasnt one and don't think most people are.  Feel free to scan through my posts - specifically my thread called "Seeking encouragement on my journey to FREEDOM - tapering from Suboxone AGAIN" - this should give you an idea on how i tapered and how it went - even the bad days will let you know your not alone with this experience/ symptoms. We aren't suppose to give specific taper plans/ advice but I'll tell you it took me about 5-6 months tapering from 1mg to .125mg. I probably could have jumped at .25 but was working a LOT of hours.  My strategy was slowly but surely the turtle wins the race.  even tapers were hard but it sure made the jump easier.  You just have to keep moving forward. Baby steps in the right direction are still in the right direction!  I took a multi vitamin with lots of b vitamins that helped with energy. I also got prescribed neurontin that helped the aching legs and helped me sleep. Unfortunately you are going to have to go thru some anxiety and irritabilty - from my experience.
I would taper and once I stabilized and felt strong enough, would taper again. Sometimes that took 2 weeks sometimes a month. I pushed myself but knew my limits too. Feel free to pm me. I'm only 17 days clean but that to me is a miracle coming off subs!  take one day at a time but look forward to bring free! Best of luck to you.  If i can do this you can do this!
I needed that. I know I've got to be patient and taper the right way so that I can be successfull in this. But I just want to be done. That is frustrating. I have never felt anxiety this bad till now either. My chest hurts. My hair is another factor as well it started falling out when I started the subs 2 months ago. I switched from 10 years of methadone before that. Anyway. I just took .8 today. I'm doing a liquid taper. So I'll be cutting down by .2 every 10 days or so.
Anyway im so proud of u. And hope ur doing better everyday. Thanks for the support.
I think you have a good plan!
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Well girl....a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS is in order for you!!!  I have followed you thru your tapers and your plan to jump and think you have done a fabulous job! As I read this post, the very FIRST thing I thought of was to GET RID of ANY sub you have left  I may be misunderstanding you, but it "reads" like you do still have some where you could get to it.??.  You don't need a "safety net" if you plan to STAY clean.  Right?

As far as the fatigue, the one thing I didn't see mentioned was "some" form of exercise every day.  Even if it's just a short walk or getting up and doing one small task each day (even if you're tired from work), it will help you speed the fatigue stage along.

I personally am a huge proponent of gabapentin (Neurontin).  It truly helps not only with RLS but also sleep as you mentioned.  The pharmacy paperwork that comes with gabapentin does not have any warning to addicts but Lyrica does!  Your body can become "dependent" on gabapentin, but not addicted and it also helps with nerve pain for many people (myself included).
I think it was "wisdom" on your part for getting thru the tax season before you chose to jump.  And your taper DID help you with this final phase, imo.

My only other comment (haha, I rarely type "short" comments) would be to get some type of emotional, mental and spiritual support for yourself now.  Whether it be one-on-one or group support with others that have walked in your shoes.  Lots of choices for any recovering addict.
Your fortune cookie definitely added a "fun" moment for you.  Hope the food was good too!!
Keep it going girl.....you truly are doing GREAT!!!!
Ty ty! And yes you are right I have quite a few Suboxone left. I think it kind of helped me with the fear of jumping - knowing I had them - and gave me a sense of Pride knowing I had them but not taking any but you're right it's time to get rid of them. I do go to one-on-one counseling but now that tax season is over I have time to make it to a meeting and still get home in time to let the dog out so I plan on doing that first thing when work is over on Monday! I found a Celebrate Recovery that meets right after work close to home. Ps. And I love my church which gives me good spiritual support. Also my boyfriend knows what I'm going thru (even though he's never been an addict) he's very  patient & supportive so I'm very grateful for that! I know ill have ups and downs but there's no better time than NOW! Oh and I did take the dog for a walk because most people say that exercise does help (even though i really hate it rt now lol) plus when I take her for a walk she lets me sleep and relax once we get back home lol. Thanks again for the congrats!
Congrats on Day 18, is it?  From your updates, it sounds like you are doing this thang!!  Good for you!
Now for the 2 follow-up questions:  
Is the safety net gone now?
How was your first meeting?
No safety net!  Still struggle to prioritize going to meetings after work. 3 weeks though and feeling better and better!
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I'm not all "AA" but take it one day at a time.   Everyday clean is a miracle, it really is....
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Day 7 - as some symptoms subside others progress - less sneezing, yawning and chills but more aching (especially legs). Interesting progression... I just keep reminding myself - all this is my body healing even though it feels like it's suffering.  One day at a time.
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Day 9 - achy, headache and some stomach issues. Sleeping ok just hard to fall asleep. Looking forward to having this behind me but still taking one day at a time. Thank goodness for 5 day work weeks again!
And Propping my legs up on a box under my desk to stretch them is providing some relief - it's the little things lol
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Made it to the weekend! Yay! Took my dog for a walk around the block and decided I'm in the worst shape of my life!  Hopefully a little daily exercise will help us both!  Doing pretty good still a little achy and unmotivated also feeling a little more needy/ emotional but again,  nothing worse than some of those tapers!  Just keep swimming!
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Day 14 - less achy. Biggest issue is stomach problems - not like I expected... different... very bloated - like crazy even if I eat the smallest thing.  Anyone have experience/advice with this???
I drank 12oz of water every 3 hours - sometimes half water half gatoraid...
Did this help?  Did you experience this?  I expected some diarrhea but not that PLUS constipation PLUS looking like im pregnant.  Everyone is different but I haven't found much info on this problem... and I am drinking water as much as I can.
I commented on this once already but for some reason I can't see it... Anyway I just wondered if you experienced this. I expected the diarrhea but not that with constipation and looking like I'm pregnant! I've researched this topic but can't find much on it
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Since all the posts with spam are at the top of this "community" thought I'd add an update - a full 16 days since my last dose.  Wahoo!
I can't believe I found a current post. Ughhhh....I'm starting my taper. 8 sitched from methadone 2 months ago after 10 fing years.  I took 2mgs for most of the last 2 months...I was on 15mgs of methadone....last week I cut it down to .5 mgs for 3 days then tried to stop. I made it 2 days . Tried to take Kratom...and my heart was beating out of my chest....so I'm starting over took 1 mg last night at 7pm...gonna wait as long as I can and stay on 1. Then go down smaller increments. U guys rock. I needed to hear ur stories....my hair started falling out right when I started subs....I have had every lab ran. It's the subs....after 11ish years Im ready to b done.  What are some good supplements to help this process. A list would be great. Thanks... .I'm so emotional right now....
PS ....I'm so proud of u.
Don't torture yourself...  it's gonna be bad for a few days - never heard anyone "get around" it...  acute w/d doesn't last THAT long
That is comforting...it will remain in my head. But I am worrying about what my energy level will be like I the future. I am officially on day one again....let's see how far I make it this time....one day at a time. I took .8mgs( point 8 of one mg) yesterday morning. I can do this.......
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Also how long did it take u to get to .125?
I commented on your comment somewhere above.  Check it out. Im here. You are not alone.
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3 weeks - feeling better!
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well most symptoms have subsided but I think with my anxiety down the fatigue has taken full control.  I can barely hold my eyes open at work. must get healthier...
On a brighter note, it's been 4 weeks!
That is awesome! Congratulations! No two ways about about it, you have to fight through the fatigue. It’s tough, but it does get better. Just hang in there. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
5 weeks :-) still tired a lot but it's tolerable - just trying to eat right take vitamins and get enough sleep. I think that's the worst now (still) but I can handle it with all the other symptoms gone. Still pushing fwd - so much to look fwd to. I think I'm walking this marathon vs. Running but I will make it to the finish line!!
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Over 6 weeks now :-)
Worked out the last 3 days - seems to make me feel better (except for being sore as heck). I'm really hoping to trade one addiction for another lol but exercise will take much more effort to get addicted to!!! If I can stick to it though I think it will be a great way to increase energy and lose this weight I've gained. Seems to be helping my stomach issues too - doing a circuit workout with cardio, strength and abs just 30 minutes.
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The night after my last post i got a call that a close relative died in a car wreck just days before his 20th bday so i had to go out of town for a bit. Needless to say it was a depressing few weeks.  I never felt like using, just really bummed. This week I started exercising again and it REALLY does make me feel better in so many ways - just got to stick to it.  I will be 10 wks clean this Tues.! Praise God!
I'm so sorry about ur relative! That's terrible! I'm so proud of u tho, 10 weeks! I'm now almost to the 7 weeks mark. It's been a long road. I'm so glad I had ur blogs to read along the way they helped alot. Thanks again.
That's wonderful!  Congrats!!
10 Weeks!!!!  What what!!!!!  This is awesome...and you didn't use, this is great!  Exercise is a great tool to use to keep your mood up and keep positive.  This is good news to see today!
Thank you Melissa!
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well... that post was in April........How does sobriety feel??       got down to .125  and it worked...... that did it. that is the key........ congratulations........
Sobriety has ups and downs - I've been feeling some depression and anxiety but I've dealt with a few deaths recently that didn't help. Over all, all other symptoms are gone and I'm returning to feeling normal - which is great - better than being a slave to drugs! I'm also finally getting energy back just over two months later - The process felt like it took forever but looking back it was nothing compared to the rest of my life. Very grateful to be looking ahead with clear vision!
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Just wanted to drop in and give an update - almost 6 months now no subs or other drugs! Wahooo no desire to go back.
Now trying to get off the nicotine! Lol
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19 months sober!!! If you're reading this searching for help, you can do this!
Nicely done my friend! I hope life is good and your feeling the difference!!! It can be done.
Thank you! Yes, life is good!
Starting my taper from 8 mg subs for over 9 years. Thanks for the recent post. So emotional & just reading that someone else escaped this nightmare is encouraging. Just had surgery & wanted to exercise, I know it helps tremendously, non weight bearing for 6 more weeks. ( foot surgery) mainly just watching tv. Very tired. Thanks again.
Boopie, How are you doing?   Did you just stay with the Suboxone for the foot surgery?   When I had my knee replaced 6 months ago I went off the sub for 6 days, switched to percocet pre surgery and hydro morpine post... the hydromorphone did nothing for the pain..  I was in immense pain for 5 weeks.  

How are you doing with your taper?  I'm doing the same.  I'm here to support you.  

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You wear your recovery well.
I am very proud of you and very happy for you.
Keep on keepin on!!
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I just want to say, awesome!  I am so happy for you and find inspiration from posts like this.  It can be such a struggle and hard and I love to see people win the day!  This really touches me to hear of success stories like this!
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