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I just did alot of experimenting with X and am wondering what the dangers are. Plz give me sum info or personal experiences with ecstasy

I toook 4 pills of pure mdma powder in gelcaps and when it kicked in I felt like superman. A rush of energy soared through me and i didnt know what to do but stand up. It felt like what my friend described as taking a hit of crack felt like. I picked up my guitar and was jamming it and was imagining how it must feel like to be a rockstar playing ur music in front of millions of ppl. what a high it must be! Out of nowhere my jaw would move up and down uncontrollably faster than i could ever move on my own. That freaked me the **** out! nothing like that ever happened to me b4 and it was such a trippy experience. After A while i just vomitted out of nowhere, i didnt feel sick or anything. The worst part is I drank my own vomit(it was mostly water not vomit lookin stuff) but still wtf?!!!!!! True addict/chronic behavior. This was the first week i tried ex and 5 out of the 7 days i was rolling. Soooo addictive to me but i have an addictive personality.(smoke alot of weed and cigs). I stayed sober the night after and rolled 2 nights in a row after that and promised to myself never to do it again. A day or 2 after that i lost my wallet and had crazy depression, anger, and moodswings. Im a 18 yr old man and after losing my wallet i would want to cry and sumtimes did the next two days, not just because of the more than 200 dollars I lost but I wouldnt even know why I was crying while I was but i would cry even more even though I didnt know what I was crying about. Before that I cant recall the last time I cried(I know for sure its been a really long time). the **** has to be terrible for your brain don tdo it! especially after reading all this info about it on the net im never doing it again. Can U let me know on some of the possible effects I might have to deal with in the future or if you think Il be completely normal if I never touch it again? 3 out of the 5 times I rolled I got it from a good friend who said its pure mdma and I beleive and trust him. Plz help?
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Don't worry so much!!  If you only rolled a handful of times you shouldn't have any longlasting effects!!  I popped ectos every day for 9 months straight when I was younger.  The worst that I went thru when I stopped was a serious emotional rollercoaster... I was crying watching cheesy commercials on TV!!  Other than that I've been fine, so I'm sure you will too!  If you continued to do it on a regular basis you would be putting yourself at risk.  MDMA/ex puts dime sized holes in your brain... Alot of people end up with serious mental issues and some don't.  Also, if you take them in pill form you never really know what's in them.  It's like playing russian roulette... you're definitely better off staying away from it.  Don't freak yourself out tho!!  (Oh - the jaw thing happened to me when I popped them too, plus I would clench really hard.)
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The biggest and most devastating effect I can think of is the desire to do it again. Don't be surprised if that happens. We all thought we didn't want to use anymore before we became addicts. You may not want to use it again but just be aware that it could call you back. I sure wish I had nipped this in the bud. Good luck to you and I hope you can find happiness wo the use of drugs. GBU, Corey
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A friend of mine had the same things you described..she also said that she couldn't stop crying for a week or 2 after and didn't know why..but swore to never touch it again, and hasn't. She is completely fine now. As far as someone saying it's pure or not...they have to get it from somewhere right? The truth is you do NOT know what is put in that junk at any given time and what we know they put in it is BAD enough...it's not worth playing russian roulette..
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I've heard of a lot of people getting really depressed and crying a lot after using E. I personally only did it...maybe 15 times in a period of a month, probably about 8 years ago, and honestly I don't think it hurt me in the long run. I've had other addiction and drug issues, but not with or from that in particular. I think you'll feel better, just don't do it anymore!
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Day 3 after doing E is the evil day. You can always count on the 3rd day being angry and violent and depressed. mdma lifts your moods very very high... If I were you I wouldn't do it again. Even a few times can burn holes in your brain stem. Bad drug IMO. Don't get me wrong, it feels so great while it lasts, and i've done my fair share of E (12 pills in my life) and luckily I turned out semi-ok! You'll be fine. Just really try  not to overdo it. [=
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Thank u all so much i feel assured that il be completeley fine. Its been about 6 days since i last rolled and i feel back to normal and in a great mood. Its amazing though how i feel I have been greatly affected by a temporary chemical inbalance in my brain. Ive never felt anything like that  to that extent b4. Reading a bunch of articles online really scared me and stuff and i know what u guys mean by wanting to do it again. when i got drunk last night i didnt feel the same I wouldve if i was sober towards it(Like when I was drunk i wouldnt mind rolling just because my judgement isnt the same). I will probably try it again in more than a couple months because i feel like I understand more and am not so afraid. And just to let everyone know IM in my 3rd year of college and have had a steady job for a long time so my mind isnt in the worst place right now. This is probably the reason why I was so  concerned because I have my whole life to look forward 2 and im not willing to throw it away for stupid reasons. Next week I am gonna try some acid but im pretty positive I wont get addicted to something like that(I read up on it and had friends tell me about their experiences with it). feel free to give me any info on lsd or acid if u want. Thx again for informing me , i realised this forum is a great thing
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Reading your posts have me concerned for your future. Your first post says you'll never do it again and how scared you were it brought you here. In a few day you now know that you will do it again already and now want to try other drugs. Drinking is also a drug and it can cause you to use more addictive drugs as you said has already happened. You show so many signs of becoming an addict. Please take this seriously and think about it. Read some posts and see what addiction has cost people.

Addiction does not discriminate. I have a masters degree and have been in a professional position for 16 years. The past 6 as an addict. It doesn't matter if your in school. intelligent, underintelligent, rich, poor, religious, black, white ect. ect. It will get you if you mess with it. I was happier in my life than I ever was and in my late 30s when I picked up. I never believed I could become addicted. I've allowed my addiction to move me backward in life. I've had to fight this for so many years and guess who's winning. Stop now before it is too late. There are other ways to have fun and find happiness. Studying a drug will not keep you from becoming an addict. I know as much about opiates as a chemist  but that has nothing to do with knowing how to stay clean. One way I can tell you is quit NOW. GBU, Corey
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acid is the same game...you never know till you do the "batch" you get...a good friend of mine from highschool still dodges things he thinks are comming at hi,..due to his acid use..and guess what...he was an honor roll student..have fun and good luck..literally..
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It really is luck. You never know whats in it until you do it or mix it with the wrong thing and then you cant turn back. I don't know why (after researching it as you say) you would want to do it again. I was naive back in high school so thats why I kept going back I didn't really have any ambitions. But you are in college and studying for a degree to do something good with your life and you want to risk throwing it away?

By all means this forum and this post (specifically mine) is not to sit here and berate you. Because thats not what we're here for. We are here to support everyone in their addictions and to be informational leaders for people who don't know much about what they're getting into.

I just hate to see people who have a conscious knowledge of their addictive personality throw their life away to something that they say they could possibly become addicted to. I am very sorry if this comes off as rude or judgemental. It is not. I have definitely made my mistakes. Knowing my addictive personality I turned to vicodin to get off of meth, then turned to xanax to get off of vicodin. Its a neverending cycle and I would just hate to see someone else go through it.

I wish you the best of luck.
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Im in the mindset right now where even if i never wanted roll again i still wana have the lsd experience. Isnt it highly unlikely that if I just do it once(or maybe twice if I didnt feel much ) that it will **** me up in the long run? Ive heard multiple use will mess with the serotonin in your brain just like ex, but I think Il be ok because its not so addicting? SadinMichigan do u know around how much acid ur friend did and in what period of time? JustME i was curius if X is what first got u into hard drugs? Once u tried X what did u do next(im very curious to ppls reactions to the drug, for instance after doing it alot for 3months they just started smoking meth)? And I apreciate all ur feedback no matter what it is because thats why I came here in the firstplace. Im very thankfull to receive all this wisdom from people with a lot of experiences, I wouldnt be able to find it anywhere but here.(im not abou tto go to rehab or AAA lol) THX
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Another question I have is did u guys ever no sum1 that did rolls once every 4months or sumthing around there for a long period of time and eventually quit? or is it very rare to see that because they increase and/or continue their use, or move onto harder drugs.
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Meth was my first drug of choice, believe it or not. Meth actually brought me to E because most of the people selling meth also sold E (atleast in LA where I grew up). After E it was Coke, Shrooms and I was still doing meth at the time. I lost so much weight, almost overdosed atleast 3 times. Its a very scary thing... especially on E because half of the time you don't know your overdosing until its way too late. Its a dangerous drug and for me it wasn't something I wanted to become addicted to because #1 its expensive, #2 its hard(er) to find and #3 I didn't want to die afterall. I did know someone, my best friend, who used to roll all the time, almost every weekend she was a big raver. She quit when she quit doing meth... and she's ok now. But it does a lot of long term damage, such as... its harder to feel true happiness again sober after you've taken these drugs that make you feel so happy... atleast for me... after doing E I never felt the same on anything else.

Lots of people have different opinions / stories / reactions to this drug. Everyone is different. But overall the reason why I quit doing it is because its not a safe drug. :)

I have no experience with lsd.. so I can't give you any advice on that. But please be careful if you so choose to use these drugs again. :)
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It's hard to really answer the question "will it have long term damage".  Everyone is different.  For example I mixed alot of drugs for a long time and I still have (most of) my brain.  lol  But some people go to a club, pop an E pill, snort a few lines, have a few drinks and end up brain dead on a ventilator.  It's really hard to say exactly what will happen to someone if they do this, this and this...  I started drinking at 12 and got into serious drugs at 14.  But I'm an addict - not everyone is, you may not be.  But it really is a gamble!  Very chiche but so true - "If I knew then what I know now..." life would have been different!  I know you want to try these things just to experience them - I did too - but please!!  talk to more people here about the potential for destruction there is!  Russian roulette is the best way to describe it - I didn't know I was an addict until my life was already ruined... I'm pretty sure that's how it worked with most of us!  Definitely keep asking questions and talking to people here ok?
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it only takes one time to get a bum pill, i am not going to get into what is put in e pills, different types and all that
the only thing i want to know is what you plan to do about your problem
do you want help with your addiction?
its not so important how much or what you used, just what you want to do about your problem
ofcoarse x has long term side affects, after taking it one time i formed a blood clot on the back of my right eye,
as far as the other affects you will have to look those up
i hope that you make it, you have identified yourself as an addict, so that leads me to believe that you know you have a problem, and think that you may need help

ok here is something you said that is worth talking about, topic to topic

. Can U let me know on some of the possible effects I might have to deal with in the future or if you think Il be completely normal if I never touch it again? 3 out of the 5 times I rolled I got it from a good friend who said its pure mdma and I beleive and trust him. Plz help?

my husband is a chemical engineer and we thought we were taking mdma plus herion, its always cut with something, but the drug caused me to get those blood pockets, unless you make it yourself you will never know whats in it

you also mentioned this "will i be normal after the x" well so called normal people dont take x, its people who always thought they needed something different and thought they found it in drugs, so you may get off the drugs and find that you will need more help after detox, yes there is a detox from x, depression, hallucinations, crawlies

i know i am a bit of a hard ***, people come on this forum and post questions, and i look and say to myself "this person is going to die or end up in a mental insitiution"
most of the time, the person posting never comes back to check the thread, i only reply to 4 post a day, usually its short and to the point, but this is one of those situations where i have the opportunity to tell an 18 year old, stop before it gets too bad, there is another way to live, you dont have to do drugs!~
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Its so crazy that one of my bestfriends / bass guitar player for our band od'd on lsd last night. It was the second time he tried it.  I didnt get the full details because hes still hospitalised and his parents dont wana talk about it. I really hope hell be ok and we might have to cancel our big show in 2 days. Its been said that he was tased by cops while tripin on it and maybe that ****** him up. it certainley is a wakeup call for me. I sure hope when i talk to him that hes the same guy I always knew and not completely off the deep end or different =(.

I dont have reason to beleive im addicted to x I only did it that one week and its only been over a week since i rolled. Although i did show some crazy addict behavior but maybe its because it was while i was under the influence of the drug. I definately think Im addicted to weed but I dont smoke everyday, I wish I could quit cigarettes but its really hard. I have less of a craving than i did b4 and smoke alot less, maybe my lungs r tired... I know im not gonna do ex ever again or in a real long time. I noticed i have minor muscle contractions (or twitches, but their not big noticeable twitches, I can just feel my muscle stimulating or sumthing) a little more than i used to. But its possible that its the same as it was b4 lol. Ty for your advice and i beleive im gonna follow it, but im still gonna smoke weed. I was wondering how u would know that your bloodclot was from e use? didnt u use lots of drugs in your life? did ur doctor tell u that it could be from e or were their studies that suggested or proved that E has that affect?
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yeah, you never know what you are going to get with that stuff, i am 32 now, but when i was your age i was touring with wide spread panic, so many drugs, lifes a party, but i kept watching my frieds die, i kept getting depressed and sick, i stayed in that life for too long, dont get me wrong, now that i am clean i still goto concerts, i just dont stand in the parking lot getting high all day before the show
about thee clot, i was in highschool, took e, and my eye felt like it was going to fall out, went to er, diagnosed, went home, called a friend of mine (mom was a nurse) talked to her, she said this was common and explained to me what happened, all i can say about that is when you drop or roll there is a reason you trip, your body is going through **** that makes you feel like that, i have only taken x a few times, but i used to love to trip, i dont have time to list the ways that **** has affected my life
good luck to you
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