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I just got out of a 10 benzo detox, I know I’m ok but I don’t feel ok. What helps?

I was taking 3-4 MG Klonopin for about 3 years. I just got home from a 10 Day Benzo detox where they used a slow Librium taper to ween me off. It surprised me, I didn’t think Librium would stop me from going into Acute WDs but it did. I have 10 and a half days, and I am never giving back the work I’ve put in but I know there is a ton still to come. I’m not feeling many physical symptoms but my anxiety is high. Does anyone know anything natural that will help. I WILL NOT take a narcotic, and I’m not accustomed to having that attitude. I just need a poke in the right direction. I think I need to relearn life. I can barely remember how to play my video games. Well, if there’s one thing I’m good at it’s being stubborn, and I will not take a benzo. Any suggestions?
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*10 day benzo detox
Wow I cant type!!!
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Congrats on getting clean!!!  The 2 most hated words here are time and patience, something you will need to have right now.  Our bodies need time to heal.  Make sure you are eating healthy and drinking plenty of fluids (water, tea etc).  Try to stay away from caffeine right now as that can bring on anxiety.  Try to exercise a few times a day.  Take a short walk and soak up that fresh air.  Do you take any vitamins?  Those can help too.  You are doing a great thing for yourself so keep moving as this does pass.
Thank you, I know you’re right. I ate healthy, and stayed away from caffeine today, and I can feel myself getting over the hump. Patience, faith, and time. Benadryl/Melatonin have helped but I haven’t taken anything else. Ty for the reply
I saw it this morning but didn’t reply. The caffeine suggestion was absolutely crucial. Half a can of Coca Cola sent me spinning yesterday, tough lesson. I can’t run before I walk. My memory is still fuzzed, and I’m pretty sore but IM CLEAN. That’s all I care about right now, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I won’t go back into the dark.
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Most of us tried the caffeine thing only to have it backfire!   The fuzziness will subside with time.  I didnt care for that part either.  Keep moving forward, you are doing great!
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