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I just want to

I just wanted to let everyone know how how much I appreciate you guys being here for me. Its day 6 I think honestly I've lost track of time. Ive slept through the last two nights. My legs aren't hurting anymore. And now i'm sick with a kidney infection so I'm going to contiune to come here for support because I know once I go to the dr they are going to hand me a rx for vicoden they always do I've put off going to the dr til Tues when i go see my regular dr cuz I know he won't. Then another added stress factor my I'm now full time mom of my boyfriends daughter from when he cheated and I have no energy. But I'm going to stay strong and hope my energy returns soon. Once again thank you to everyone who has helped me through this it means so much to have support,

Much Respect
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Hi & CONGRATULATIONS on 6 days. That IS a big deal.

I don't think I spoke with you but I am certain others have and mentioned aftercare (probably until you are blue in the face). In any case, I hope you listen and engage in some form of outside support. I don't want to see you see you back here with the posts I have seen thousands of times : "Haven't been around for a while, I relapsed".

Please look into something, you now have added stress in your life and that can be a huge trigger. Take good care of yourself.
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I have already set up some aftercare I attend a group in which I kinda had some help getting started at my sons pre school but its a group of 6 other parents all recoverying addicts. So that helps alot. And I'm trying to get into an addictions specialist. Lastly I have set up family counseling because my pill addiction and my boyfriends meth addiction has affected my daughter.
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Hey there,

Wow, you've really done amazing!! And sounds like you have a solid aftercare plan in place too. One suggestion, when you go see the doc about that kidney infection just tell him you don't want any narcotics. You've worked so hard to get through this and I'm sure you already know that getting that script of vicodan will put you right back to square one.

You must be so proud of yourself!! I know from our conversations that this was one heck of a time for you. Not only did you have the wds to deal with but a lot of stuff on your plate. But you did it!! :) Keep posting and again WAY TO GO!!
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Well, first off, your very welcome. We only try to give to others that which was so freely given to us. That's awesome you have that group! Not only do you have addiction in common, but also the kids in school.

If I understood correctly that the child you take care of is his from when he cheated on you, I commend you greatly. I can imagine how that must have been, and still is. I can't stress getting into the steps with a sponsor enough, you will address a lot of the resentments and fears you have and be able to move forward. Good Luck
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moonshyne I'm going to go to my regular dr. I will not go back to square one. I don't need narcotics for pain. My family keeps saying but what are you going to do about your back. Honestly my back hurts but I can deal with it.

Htownnofrown I love my group we all are very close and we all attend a parenting class together that has done wonders the parenting class is one thing tht has started my recovery my dr taking my pain pills was the final thing that made me decide I didn't need an addiction. And I'm so glad I found this site or i wouldn't of done it. Yes its his daughter from when he cheated on me. Her mom is an addict also meth to be exact was caught in 3 raids in one week. Went to jail this morning handed the baby over to my boyfriend and as far as I'm concerned as hard as it is if its his kid I'll help raise her he can't have in his current living situation hes in a oxford house so she is going to live with me she is only 4 months.
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Hey congrads on day 6 you made it thew the worst of the physical stuff now all you have to do is address the "mental mind screw"....the lack of energy is a bit much but time will heal that...im happy to here your already pluged into aftercare it is vital in staying clean
also when you go to the dr tell them no narcotics you dont want to set yourself back to square one...keep up the good work...work your recovery and you will come out of this just fine good luck and God bless.....Gnarly  
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Its day 7 for me. I have spent the last 6 days laying around and I decided its time to make myself get up and do something. I got up and showered i even put jeans on and make up a big thing for me I don't do that often but it felt good. Got all 3 kids ready and we drove the 2 hrs to daddy's house and had a family day. We went to chucky cheese I was sober for the first time in 7 years and had so much fun with my family and our new daughter also I'm wore out and will sleep good tonight. But I'm so glad I pushed myself.
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HI congrads on day 7 and im happy to here you got out of the house thats a big step in the right direction....you will find your family life much more fofilling now that your clean
I hope you get some sleep tonight...I have been folloing your story as it has unfolded
your doing great...keep up the good work good luck and God bless .....Gnarly
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thank you I'm so happy I did this I have so much more patience with my kids and I enjoy them so much more life is just better sober even this early I can tell
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oh I had a question I want to know where we go when we become addicted to medhelp lol I used to spend all my time on myspace n facebook now its here I think I'm addicted and building friendships here. I was explaining it to someone the other day and I called it the myspace of people getting clean and in recovery. lol I truly love each and everyone of you who supported me while I felt like giving up now I'm the person I was before
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HI ya you find yourself spending a lot of time on here but it is good for your recovery
I have developed a lot of good friendships since I have been on this site it was priceless in helping me recover from methadone addiction ..I only try to give back what was so freely given to me so stick around for a wile we work as one big family im glad to see your doing so well so quickly......Gnarly  
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Well had my dr apt today wow I was proud of my self...first of all after talking to him about the ua he explained to me thc showed up at a level of 26 the lowest that shows up is 25 after talking about that he was ready to put me back on oxycodone I was so proud of my self I told him no, then he said what about tramadol I told him no its too addicting and he told me its not. I was very proud of my self. Hope everyone is havin a good night I'm off to single parents in recovery
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Hey guys I havent been on here much lately I just wanted to give everyone an update its day 24 still going...Today was the first day of energy not sure if it was the red bull or I really had energy lol but I got lots of house work done and thats all that matters right...Even got my most dreaded task grocery shopping done. Been going to celebrate recovery I love it!!!! Life truly has looked up and I am living life and truly feeling things and it feels good and I owe it to all of you for supporting me thank you so much.

Much love and respect tara
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I just read your post and all the comments.  Congratulations!  You've had a lot on your plate and you came through it all.  That's so impressive.  And having a new baby in your life, too!  I think that's awesome that you're mothering her.  All babies are such a gift.  I think things happen for a reason.  Just my opinion.  Maybe this baby was brought into your life for you to help her and her to help you.

You must be pretty proud of yourself saying no to your doctor about the oxycodone and Tramadol.  (I don't know why so many doctors insist Tramadol isn't addictive.  My doctor says it's not either, but it seems pretty obvious that it is.)  Hope your kidney infection clears up soon; they can be so painful.

I loved your post about going to Chucky Cheese (haven't been there in a long time, brought back memories :)  It sounds like you had a great day that day.

Grocery shopping, one of my dreaded chores, too.

Keep posting about how things are going!
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