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I made it to the 7 year mark!!!

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, my brother passed away, and it's just been real tough on me. But I just wanted to let y'all know I haven't relapsed, but I must admit, thru this very sad time, I did think about it. But I snapped outta that real quick!! I knew it would be the absolute worst thing I could do. I'm at the 7 year mark, I can't believe it!! To all those that are struggling, please hang in there! It will and does get better!!   Thank you to everyone, y'all are an awesome bunch of folks!!!

Take Care~
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Hey  good to see you post again and a big congrats on 7 yrs  please share how your doing it with us................Gnarly.............
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Hi!! Well, I still go to meetings 2 times per week. I also try and keep as busy as I possibly can.  It's still tough even after seven years,  but sobriety is awesome, and it's something I work at everyday to maintain.  The meetings have put me on a path that I love being on!!
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Congrats Frogger on 7 years !!! That is Wonderful and feel very Happy for you !! I'm sorry to read of the loss of your Brother but Proud of you for nor using You are right it would have made it all so much worse.. You bring Honor to his memory by staying true to your Grief.. Again Congrats on your 7 years !! lesa
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Thank you so much Lesa!!!
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Hi Frogger..I was wondering were you have been. So sorry for your loss. I know how hard it can be during Recovery, but YOU stayed clean & sober and that is a BIG PLUS!!!

A BIG Congratulations on 7 yrs..YA!
Now stick around and share with others again, let them know it can be done.
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Thank you Vickie!! I certainly missed all y'all, I'll try to post often. Thanks again!!!
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Awesome POST!!!!  I love when people amass lots of "clean" time....keep pushing yourself forwards.
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Thank you, I appreciate that!!!
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Congrats on 7 yrs clean!!  Nice to see you still working your recovery especially during this sad time in your life.  I am so sorry to hear about your brother.  Let yourself grieve and feel the emotions.  We have to walk thru them to get better.  In time you will find comfort in your memories. Please let us know if we can help~
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Thank you Sarah! Your kind words mean a lot. It's been rough, but I know in time I'll be okay. Thanks again!!
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Congrats...Gives everyone hope to read such posts - it can be done. K
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Thank you Kyle! And congrats to you too on 4 years!!
Thanks right back at ya.  
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Congrats on 7 years girl!!  that's awesome!  
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Thank you toothfairie!!
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hi Sherry it's great to see you and to read about your fantastic 7 years.
You have put lots of serious work into your recovery and you wear it well.

I am so very sorry to hear about your brothers passing. The loss of a
Loved one is very sad. Allow yourself the time you need to grieve.
I am very proud of you and very happy that you didn't relapse.

Continued blessings and healing.
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Thank you so much Debbie!!
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