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I moved, my pain Dr. Referred me to a Dr. here.

I moved and was referred to a Dr. My Dr. said was very good. The referral was June 3. I still don't have an appointment.  I called them and they said they were backed up. I've Been on narcotic pain meds from a surgery gone bad. I had a birth defect and this was my 3rd hip surgery. I took generic long-acting morphine and 6 oxycodone, 3 Valium, and a generic ambien. 3 appointments ago my Dr said he was in trouble for overprescribing certain pain meds. He is a pain specialist with a Yale Diploma! Anyway he said I had to take no more generic long term morphene, I had to take Subsys, a spray form of fentanyl. It says it's for breakthrough pain. It is instant. I take it every 6 hours. He took me from 6 oxycodone to 3. The previous combo worked great-I could walk around my house, do laundry, didn't feel "high" or knocked out. I begged him not to change it. I had finally found what worked. Even my son said I was "back"! He said it was this fent/Subsys or nothing. I've never abused or sold my meds. Now the new Dr says they are behind, and when they get to me, and IF I'm approved- ill get a call. I called my old Dr. They called and said I NEED to be seen by the 3rd. Well, no appt. he won't let me even go back to him! Not even until I get an appointment. My pain is not bearable. Ever since I was 17 months. I've only got pain help for about 8 years. Now he made me take this scary strong narcotic. It knocks me out sometimes. I fall down. I begged not to take it. So I'm going to be out of everything the 4th. Nobody will help me. I have to wait my turn. I was told they do new patients on Friday. I prayed for a call, but nothing. I am thinking of just going to CO and use medical marijuana and go to a Dr there. Every surgeon I go to for help just says pain management the rest of my life. I can't take withdrawal and the pain too. I hear the ER won't help me. I feel like just going away. Get it over with. I never abused my meds, too afraid to run out. I followed all the rules. I feel like jumping off a cliff. Thelma. No Louise. Just me and pain forever, and it gets worse. My DDD, Congenital hip dysplasia with no more bone left for another hip. I hurt from head to toe. Now I go through withdrawal over nothing my fault. Mom had a stroke. If I'd stayed home I'd still be getting my medicine. Now I'm just waiting until I go into WD and hope I die.
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I guess there is hope they will call me and get me in. My Dr. Has contacted them 3 times. When they said they didn't get a referral on the 3rd they faxed another. They called on the 11th. I don't understand why I can't just go home and go back to my Dr. I have 3 surgeons (different ones) all wanting to refer me to pain management. The last time my back grew together (my disc just turned to dust) didn't know any here. She said I was only interested in drugs. I went to see if I broke my back on the ice at my pain Dr's office. There was no parking up front so I had to park in back. Solid ice. No sand. No salt. I fell hard and still hurt from that. A piece of my kneecap broke and it wiggles around. You can move it under the skin. About the size of a BB but dry painful. And my hip didn't get x-rayed. It's killing me even with the meds. I just can't imagine the full blown pain with withdrawals. I don't want to. I'd rather be dead. I don't want to hurts family. I'll go somewhere where nobody will find me. I've got my things sorted while I can. I don't understand why I can't be put to sleep. We don't make ANIMALS just suffer!
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Hi, can you call you old doctor and tell him what's going on...he referred this other doctor maybe he can referr a different one.,.that's what I would do..I can't go without my meds either I would die!!! I'm on fentanyl patch and oxy. I never heard of fentanyl spray!!! How does that work? Hope I helped if you need to chat I'm here....nile
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