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I need RECOVERY experiences for the health Pages

I had someone email me today asking me where they could go for info on recovery care long term because its seems that we do great with the first 30 days but then there is not any info about long term recovery .That got me thinking .I would like to make a health page with people experiences that are over 6 months clean .How did you get there what were the hardest parts ?What support systems do you have in place .You can either post it here and I will put it on the health page or you can send it to my IM.IPLZ IF YOU HAVE OVER 6 MONTHS TELL OTHERS ABOUT IT .It can make a big difference in peoples recovery.
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I think this is a great idea so I will give it a shot.I abused vicodin for many many years.I started taking them for pain because of back problems and not long after started abusing them,running out of my script,buying them from dealers,doctor shopping.I actually had one of my dealers tell me about the methadone clinic,so like I lived most of my life back then,I jumped right into the clinic,eyes closed tight.I had no idea what methadone was,at the time didn't care,just knew I wanted off the roller coaster ride of hunting down pills everyday to keep from being dope sick.I was on it for about a year the first time I decided to start tapering.Didn't make it the first time,went back up.Tried again and failed again.went back up.The third time I got down to 25 mgs and to be honest,something in my head just clicked.I knew it was now or never for me.I wish I could explain what it was that 'clicked',but I'm just not sure.I wanted to quit for a long time.I HATED going to that clinic,but I was just always so scared of the w/ds.I think it was around my 4th day off that I got on the computer,which I had NEVER been on before,and found this site and that night I actually dragged my behind to a meeting that was across the street from where I live.I couldn't even sit through the whole meeting,so I came back home and got back on the forum.I had tried and failed so very many times in the past to stop the pills,never made it past day 4.When I stopped the methadone I was physically sick for 6 weeks and I didn't quit.The difference for me was absolutely,without a doubt,AFTER CARE.I needed to learn how not to just physically put the drugs down,but how mentally not to pick them back up again.I needed coping skills and I needed support from others who had been in my shoes.I had never reached out before,this time I did.I am now just a little over a year clean from EVERYTHING and life is good again.I needed to put as much effort into getting clean as I did to getting high.Put as much effort into working my recovery as I did to chasing those pills.After care is what helps me stay clean.

Avisg,I hope I did this right.LOL     All the best....Kim
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Kim That is GREAT Just what I am talking about !!!!!!
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Avisg - -  Terriffic idea - and you are the one that can edit and compile adequately.  First, after my multiple relapses I still wanted to clean up. It had been obvious that I needed a long (lifetime) break.  Tapering wasnt my thing no matter how many times or what stategies I tried. I did much net research. Even some literature. I also OD'd because my tolerance had dropped so much from my efforts and I just jumped back in at previous dose and almost bought the farm. Woke in one of those ER moments. Awfully close to being toasted. My sons were at bedside and proved to a shock that I needed. I have two great guys and a decent wife. At least she stayed with me! Really a lot to live for. So I talked to my Pastor .... he is good......and I found this site.  I consult with my Pastor and spend a lot of time here helping some and insulting others. The MedHelp involvement is wonderful and reminds me how far I have come, but also how close going back could be. Keeps you on your toes.  I might mention that the others on this forum that have been around lend unconditional support and very often a lot of laughs..........and I am proud to call them friends.  Their personal advice through PM's and also posts has been invaluable.  And has cintributed to me staying clean this time. And for the longest time since 1969............................
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I had pain issues that would be where my problem begin .I was introduced to tramadol about 10 years ago .I loved it I had a doctor that would prescribe it to me a very regular basis however I new after the first 20 pills .I had a problem but of course I justified it by saying I had pain  .Of course I was taking them when I didn't have pain to.When I moved that was the end of the tram (for now ) .I went maybe 5 years without abusing anything .Then in 2002 things got bad again  I had some more pain issues and this time I had a doctor who would give me just about anything I wanted .I did this for a few years then when I moved again I managed to go a few months clean when I found a new doctor in my new town to feed my addiction this went on until I finally realized what a big problem it had all become .I didn't want to do anything but take my pills.When my son was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 i new it was time to clean up my own life .I quit smoking first pills next .The first time I manged to get clean for 6 months but here is the thing I was so sure I could do it on my own with the members from the forum .I was never going to use again .Yeah it does not work that way .I ended up relapsing I thought I would be able to control the pain meds we all know how that goes.I smartened up quick after three weeks I got right back on the wagon .This time I have done it differently.I see a therapist we have gotten down to the root of why i use .I have learned my triggers so sometimes I can keep myself out of a situation that would put my sobriety at risk .I talk to people instead of letting things get bottled up .I learn as much as I can about addiction and recovery .It is day DALIY thing .I realize that at all times I am one pill away from using and that I will do whatever I can to make sure I always stay one pill away .I have also learned that there can be emergencies when you might need short term pain relief this happened to me when I had surgery last year .The pills were given to hubby .They were given to me as I needed until Motrin would worked and then remainder of the bottle was flushed.
Its now been 2 and a half years since I smoked and a year and a half since I have used .I take it one day at a time everyday .
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Bump I really hope more of our members will share there experiences
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I hope I will be able to give you one soon!

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I will be posting mine on Thursday.........6 months.......I'm alive again:o}  Corey
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CoreyThat is wonderful and I am so happy you are going to share as well we need people to share there recoverys so other members know it can be done .
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Beating ,you will be :)
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since the age of 21 i was pretty much addicted to something.  almost 6 years ago i quit a coke and weed habit c/t.  my husband was also addicted and quit...we had the support of our pastor and a group of ppl at our church that we could call...we had group meetings at our house 3 times per week and counselled with our pastor regularly...about 2 years ago i found hydros for my tmj pain.  then when i started having to go to the street to get my pills i started to get oxycontin, then i started snorting them...i was beyound addicted.  this went on a year and a half...i quit a 240mg habit of oc c/t.  it was rough for the first week or so, but once agian i turned to my church and my pastor..  i also found this website, and stayed on here 24/7 in the early days...i also attended na for a period of time.   i strongle recommend aftercare to all in recovery.  many times i think that aftercare is the difference in success and failure in longtern recivery...
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Avisg... I will post in 13 days :) Good Idea.. lesa
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is there anyway to do this and keep your annonimity,can you delete user name?
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