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I need advice !!!!!!!!

Iam 222 days clean off opiates and I will be having knee surgery Tuesday and I'm scared to death on what to do about pain meds?  Is It possible to take the pain meds as needed and be okay after Its all said and done?  My husband said If I opt to get the meds he will hold them and not let me have access to them.  I'm just so confused on what to do.  I would love some peoples opinions and advice on this please!!!
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Congrat's on 222 days clean !  It's inevitable that we will all need pain meds at some point.  So many on this forum share your fears, it's normal.  It would be cruel for you not to have some pain relief after surgery.  Yes, get the meds, let your husband hold them and take them when you REALLY need them. Good luck with your surgery and keep us posted.  
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PS....When your feeling better, have your husband flush any left overs. Don't have them hanging around the house.
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Congratulations on the 222 days. That is quite an accomplishment. I had to have surgery in February to remove a large kidney stone. I was only 2 months clean and was really scarred because I had such a small amount of clean time. I was on a morphine drip when I woke up from surgery. To be honest, I probably pushed that button a few times too many but I really couldn't get that feel good from the drug because the antestetic wouldn't let it happen. My boyfriend held the pills and I I only used them for 4 days after I came home. I really only felt a little gittery for 2 days and I'm sure most of that was in my head. l was really scarred too but having someone who knows about your addiction and will hold the pills helps alot. Are you having a knee replacement? Knee surgery can be a bit more intense because the knee is complex and you will need therapy. Many people need meds for awhile after surgery. Ice will help alot after surgery so use it as much as possible. You can also plan to just take them before therapy after the first few days. Best of luck to you. Try not to be too scarred. Having someone to hold them is great. You'll do this. GBU, Corey
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Thanks for the help guys.  Yeah my right knee needs to be replaced I have torn cartilage and extreme arthritis where that came from is beyond me.  The doctor said the pain Ive been experiencing is because my right knee has no padding left every time i walk its bone rubbing on bone.   I'm so nervous this is my first surgery.  Thanks again for all of your advise I'll keep you posted.
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