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I need help, I don't want to be an addict for the rest of my life!!

Hello everyone, first of all I feel so dumb posting on here right now. I have been debating for a couple days whether I should come on here or not. I feel dumb because most people on here are fighting an addiction to pain medicine which is very hard and I am on here because I am addicted to ephedrine. First let me say, before I ever tried ephedrine I was addicted to opiates for about 8 years. It got really bad and I even ended up in jail last Jan for prescription fraud. My addiction to Lortab, Percocet and even Adderall had completely destroyed my life in every way. I lost my job, my home, filed bankruptcy, got a divorce from my husband of 7 years and almost lost my son. Even jail didn't affect me enough for me to quit so I continued to use. Its funny to me that you can take those medications while on probation, as long as you have a prescription. But I finally reached my stopping point in November of 2011. I realized that if I didn't get control of myself I would end up dying of an overdose or something. My ex-husband was willing to work things out and I could begin to put my life back together, so I finished the pills I had and haven't had a pain pill since November 12, 2011. I never thought I could live without my pills, but here I sit over 9 months clean from them. It's a wonderful feeling that I hope everyone here will experience if they truly want it.

Now, on to why I'm writing tonight... Since I quit taking pain meds I found ephedrine. It gives me the boost of energy I need to get things done, take care of my son, and do my school work (I'm taking online college courses). I take wayyyyyy tooooo many and its beginning to affect my relationship with my husband. I can't believe I went from one addiction to another. Are some people just bound to be addicted to one substance or another for their entire adult lives? Is it possible to live a "NORMAL" life with no extra substances that give you more energy or make you happier, etc? I want to do what's best but I'm having a difficult time thinking I'll be without my energy booster every day....

What should I do? Does anyone know the best way to detox from ephedrine/bronkaid? How long will it take before I feel okay again? Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated. I just want to be a good wife, a good mother and a happy person overall.... is that really too much to ask????
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I feel foolish as I am not familiar with this drug or what its for.I just wanna say YES its absolutely possible to live with no form of drugs in your life and be incredibly happy.U fought and r winning the battle of opiate addiction.U should be really proud of that.u need to realize its not worth losing ur husband agian because of another asdiction.Cross addiction/trading addiction ia very common.R u doing anything for aftercare?Thats really essential to staying free of abusing substances.U should not feel at all dumb for posting here.U r welcome here.U have beat a beast people here r struggling with.U may have accidentally gotten addicted to something else but u r addressing and admitting that and seem to want to quit.Im sure some others who r famililiar with the substance ur taking right now will post too.I just wanna let u know u came to the right place.
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Thank you so much for your response. I am glad I posted here. I def. don't want to lose my family again, especially over something so ridiculous. I know that if we separate again there will not be another chance. He has put up with so much the past 9 years and deserves so much better!! He has been amazing and loves me through every bit of it. By the way, just for the record, I'm the one that left him last time because he was making me get clean and I wasn't ready so I left him and went were I knew I could keep using. And after all of that and everything I put him through with our son he still took me back and loves me even more than before.
Ephedrine is a medication used to treat asthma. It is a stimulant and can only be bought at the pharmacy where you have to give them your license so they can track each time you purchase it. It doesn't require a prescription but you  can only purchase a certain amount within a 30 day period. The reason it is tracked is because it's used in the production of meth. A lot of people use it for bodybuilding also. So.. that's what ephedrine/bronkaid is.
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Im not to familiar with ephedrine withdrawal. Sorry. I just wanted to send some thoughts and support your way. It kinda sounds like you replaced one addiction for another though. You recognize that and that is good. Congrats on your clean time!! That is amazing. Apply the same principle you used to get off the opiates to this addiction as well. You can beat this!! (((hugs)))~Bkitty
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Can you discuss this with your doctor?
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From what I've been told, an addict is an addict is an addict...

My original substance abuse was sugar.  The things I am most ashamed of in my life I did to get sugar, not pills,

That's why I'm CRAZY IN THE HEAD, and 5 days clean!

Wishing us both luck in cleaning up our lives,
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welcome here !!

You say that you don't want to be an addict fro the rest of your life.. we will be addicts but on recovery means a world of difference. As you have experienced, our addictive personality is here with us and  we need working on ourselves and our issues, why we abuse "whatever"... work on your recovery, quitting is easier than staying clean.. and stay here posting how you are doing, btw. ALl the best now  :)
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Hi....well once an addict always an addict the difference is living in recovery vers active addiction you got to get to the point where you realize your powerless over it it would really help you to check out N/A they have a great program I use it and it helps you just cant pick up the first one thats how you start out we all do this just for today but with a program you got a fighting chance to win this battle give it a chance you dont have to live this way and drug free is so so much better effedrine has no physical withdrawal it will just be  the mental game you have to beat good luck and God bless/.........Gnarly
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Hey, great choice to post, no matter what, it will help you! I used to take ephedrine back when I played sports in HS. This was pre-meth, so you could buy em at the 7-11. We called em "white crosses". Now I never got "hooked" on em, mainly because extended use was giving me a major head rush every time I stood up and the high, frankly, wasn't all that great. I know exactly why you started them, I am too busy to deal with WD fatigue too.

Two thoughts for you: 1) Have you looked into non-addictive energy supplements? Five hour energy is one I take a lot. Many alternatives out there. Perhaps you can find a blend of legal, non-addictive stimulants to help bridge you off ephedrine. 2) Addiction is terribly complex and dwells in the realm of paradox. For some, the ritual of the addiction is filling a need as much as the chemical. This is where real, professional therapy is a big help. If you kicked opiates, you can kick this! But please do get medical advice on how to detox, and think seriously about seeing an addiction therapist about what you best approach is. Best of luck to you!
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You need to discuss this with your doctor, and have a complete physical done.  Long term and excessive ephedrine use can be dangerous, and can cause health problems, including dysfunction of the adrenal glands.

This is basically the pre-cursor to Meth, and taken in excess can be just as harmful as if you were abusing Meth.  I would ask your doctor about the best (and safest) way to discontinue the ephedrine.

I think this is a good lesson about addictive personalities and behaviors.  Most addicts have a certain mindset...and it pertains to everything.  One is good, so 5 must be better!  That applies to Tylenol, NyQuil, you name it.

I would recommend getting further aftercare for your addiction issues, after you're safely off the Ephedrine.  Good luck to you.
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Thanks for all the advice and support. I guess seeing my doctor  couldn't hurt, I hadn't really thought about that. I have gone to NA a few times, but it was court ordered and I haven't been since I got off probation. I know I should go, but I'm afraid if people thinking I'm weak or using opiates again. Its been a hard road to earn the trust and respect back from my family and the few friends I have left after all I did while on opiates (man, I screwed everything in my life up really bad during that time). Ill continue to post, tomorrow will be day one for me as long as I stay strong and don't buy anymore. The tough part is classes start Monday and I am taking a full load so I feel like I can't do it without something, but I guess I have to try to know for sure. Thanks again everyone, this forum is defiantly helpful. I don't feel so alone.
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i took ephidrine for close to fifteen years.. you could buy a bottle  of 50 pills  at a gas station for 5.99..  called heads up, two-way, white crosses..i would take close to two bottles a day. no ****, i took almost 100 of the 25mg pills a day every day!.. they pulled them  off the market... i thought i would die!!!.. thats been close to 5 years ago, i have gained over 60 lbs  and thought i would never regain any focus or energy..---- what you need to do is start decreasing the amount you take, and prepare yourself for massive  lack of energy... i feel so bad for you, i have been there.. it sucked so so bad.. please try to get someone close to support you motivate you .. it is very hard to do alone, i had to because i didnt admit my addiction to anyone, not even myself until i couldnt buy them anymore..
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i totally know what you mean, i flipped out last week because i realized that i will always be an addict... I finally accepted it fully though.  Its just one of life's mysteries.   Anyways, I am not familar with what ephidrine is, but like anything, there is a way to detox and become free.  Just do your research on how the best way to stop and focus on the benefits of not using it.  Believe it it or not, you may even find that you have more natural energy after you get it out of your system.
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Good luck...hope you talk to your doctor and keep posting! I honestly cannot believe how much exercise helps me (both back pain and mentally). I know it's cliche but it's the truth. I have so much more energy - even if I just walk the dogs for an half hour - it dosent have to be anything big. I used to be very physically active with soccer and other HS sports ...now everytime I get myself moving I experience that natural endorphin rush that feels...great!
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Wow! that was like reading my own diary (if i kept one) I too am in recovery for opiate addiction. I was a user for over twelve years. I had 14 months clean of opiates. I developed kidney stones and was put on opiates then and havent stopped again that was 2 months ago. i just found out (fom this forum) that the bronkaide that i have been taken probably caused the kidney stones in the first place. I have been using bronkaide for energy for about 10 months. my usage has increase to over 60 pills a day. I just called my old counselor at the outpatient treatment i used to go to and have an appointment to sign myself back in on Wednesday. I feel so week for letting something so stupid control me.
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Hi,  This is an old thread.  If you need to talk, need help to do with substance abuse please go to the top of the page and look for the green button that says Post a Question.  Our members will be able to "see" you then and be able to help.

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