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I need help!!

I am 52 and have been drinking since I was 12.... OMG that is 40 years.   I have not had a drink in 7 days and I am dying to drink this week-end since it is Labor Day week-end.... I am going through withdrawals and and extremely moody right now.  I don't know how long I can go without a drink... and what am I supposed to do in my spare time instead of drinking?  Plus football season is here and I always drink during the games.... I need help!
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So glad you posted your own question now. First of all, congrats on a week sober, that is fantastic. Since you have been drinking for 40 years, your w/d's are going to be worse and last longer than most, but I imagine you will start feeling better soon,it takes time, but so worth it. Did you just stop cold turkey?

The hardest part like you say is the cravings and thoughts about using, that is very normal. I agree about football too, sometimes I would love to be normal and have a few drinks watching the games, but that is not an option for me. Many of us have to change our lifestyle to stay clean, get rid of as many triggers as you can, including staying away from others that drink for now, your too early into recovery. Have you ever been to A/A before or another support group to help you stay clean? It can make all the difference in the world. Stick around here, it's a great support group. My name is gizzy and I am an alcoholic and addict, but clean now:) Life is so much better with a clear mind. You can do this.

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Thanks for your input..  I quit cold turkey.  Man this is hard.  I feel like crap today and all I'm thinking about is going and buying some beer for the week-end...  I sure hope I don't.  I don't like these withdrawal symptoms at all.. I am really angry, having a hard time concentrating, exhausted and just all around don't like this at all!!!  Hopefully I can find something to do this week-end that doesn't revolve around drinking.... I'm new at this!
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Don't focus on the whole weekend. Focus on just staying sober for today. If your not feeling well, how about watching a good movie tonight and just curl up on the couch, instead of drinking? Try to eat and keep hydrated. Our bodies take a s hit kicking during active use, but we do heal. I hope you don't go buy beer tonight. There is also a lot of good info in the health pages here in the top right of this page. It's worth checking out.
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On the light side I have turned into a clean freak.  My apartment is spotless because each time I think about going to get a drink, I clean something instead.  I am not going to buy any beer today.  Maybe I will attend an AA meeting somewhere in town.... I don't know... I don't like crowds of people.  I will check out the Health Page you mentioned... thanks.
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I made it to day 8.. It was a close call though I almost had a drink last night.  I got out my bottle of vanilla vodka and stared at it for a while, then put it back in the fridge.  I drank a coke instead.  I also went to bed at 8 and got a good night's sleep.  I needed it.  I'm not feeling as anxious today as I have been.
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Yaaaaaaaaaa Katin, you got through yesterday without a drink, I am proud of you. I would suggest getting rid of the alcohol that is in the house, it's just too tempting. I know that will be hard to do, but it will give you strength.

Glad your not as anxious today. Keep posting, your doing so good:)
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Woohooo! I just want yo say that my neighbor had drank since he was 17 and now he's 43! He quits every year for Lent!

He says it's hard on thr weekends. He is use to coming home and having 5 or 6 a day.  But during lent he is fine with out it. He says it's his time to give up someething for the Lord. The least he can do.

During that time he to stays extremely busy. And he takes Tylenol pm to sleep. Hope u find the strength to not drink this holiday weekend !! Just make it MY b-day present NOT to drink! I will b 34 tmo!

Have a blessed weekend I will pray got your strength !
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Hi!  Alcohol has been a huge part of my life as well.  My parents drank alot and allowed me and my siblings to drink at a very young age, about 14.  I believe the term for me and most of my family is "weekend warriors" which means we drink mostly just on the weekends, but it is binge drinking.  I so understand your anxiety over the Holiday weekend, as well as football!  Alcohol seemed to just go hand in hand with those games!  8 days is a great accomplishment, and taking things one day at a time is excellent advice.  Quitting drinking is a lifestyle change and its very difficult because its socially acceptable and sometimes encouraged.  I give you much credit for getting as far as you have, keep up the great work!!  You CAN do this :)
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Thanks for your comments.  I am doing extremely well today... I am quite surprised as I have had a hell of a week going through detox.  I got rid of all the alcohol in my home and have been drinking lots of water and iced tea.  My granddaughter is keeping me company this week-end... she is 13.... we have been swimming in the pool and I DON'T have a cooler full of beer beside me!  lol  I appreciate everyone's comments.
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Thanks so much for your encouragement.  Happy birthday!!  I am doing well today... going swimming with granddaughter.  No mood swings today nor headaches.  I think I might even survive this!!  Not so sure a few days ago.
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Glad to hear you had a great day yesterday and another one sober. This weekend was a big test for you. Let us know how you are today.
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