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I need to kick tramadol

I have to stop - the qualitiy of my life is terrible.  I am risking my health, my relationship, financially I am in trouble, and I have already received a letter from the RCMP (Canadian police) wanting papers at the boarder - they have stopped  one of my tramadol orders - so legally I may be in trouble- everything at risk.

It is like I am systematically destroying everything good in my life - all for this damn pill!

I have been on tram for over 3 years - given by my Dr - to help me kick my Oxy addiction - tram being non addictive after all.  It certainly eased the Oxy withdrawal - but I would take that back in a second to have never gone on this damn drug.  I am up to 800mg a day.
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tapering is the only safe way to stop tramadol...can u ask ur doctor for help?  I am sorry you fell into the tram trap..i have no experience with tram wd but others here can help..there is an article in the health pages on tapering and taking small amounts throughout the day in schedulaed doses working ur way down to nil is the way to do it..depression is one of the hardest symptoms of tram wd/my friend is addicted to them/also used them to stop a stronger narcotic addiction and got trapped/talking to ur doctor about an anti-depressant and reading up on the thomas recipe can also help..keep posting as there is lots of support here
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Hi Kes,

Come on over to the tramadol dedicated withdrawal thread, there's lots of support & pages of help from people who have been through it. If you have some reading time, the whole of Emily Post's journal is worthwhile.


Hope to see you there,

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