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I need to scream!

I have visited this forum many times in the past five years. Having been in rehab three times (due to overkill with pain meds for surgeries)the last being my family's final straw, was my wake up call. It's been almost two years and I'm tapering from my suboxone regimine. Wow. Is all I have to say. I'm down to .5 mgs a day since Tuesday. I came here for advice on how to get through the last week of my taper. I've put myself in a bad way by cheating last night and taking and extra .5 because I thought I was going out of my mind. Mind being key word. My doctor said that I have hardly no trace of suboxone in my system. The wds are in my head. Really??? I know everyone is different and react differently to tapers. I will be short and have no suboxone for a whole day before my next doctors visit. I'm already freaking out. Does anyone have any home remedies that can help? I have wiped out my Ativan supply as well so that's adding fuel to the fire. I have two young children and a husband who doesn't get it.
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Do you know where to get all the vitamins and weird herbs I've never heard of and is it worth the $? I have read in a few different forums of these items but have no clue where to begin. Imodium and emergen-c I know my pharmacy carries, but have you heard of the rest of the things? I'm clueless.
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Hi Again.

Sorry no one had caught this. Most of us do many different things. You can find the less expensive at Walmart or any Grocery Store. The Health food store can also help if you tell them what you are going through. Amino-Acids are good too! These are all the Vit..Ls a-v. The bottle will say Protien on the front or Complex Amino.

The main thing that I use NOW to calm me a bit and use before Bed is my Relax-Meg (magnesium) and D3 in a oil. There are TONS of good ones. It all depends on what one may afford. There is a company that is called Wellness Resources. I am also lucky up here because we make Thorn products. And another good one that has been pushed around here is the Protein Powder. You can add some Berries or any Fruit and make a Healthy Shake. This way you get some good Vit/min too. Best way is to EAT HEALTHY too!

I Wish EvolverU, Weaver, Clean-in-Ks would pop in. They are the ones that taught me a lot on this too!

Keep checking back..It seems to be slow right now.
Hoping others will chime in here with their own Experiences on what they had used and still use as far as Vit/Min go.
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I can relate to that fear.  The fear that I'm never going to be OK.  It's not a rational fear though.  You and I have both read story after story of people who got their "normal" lives back.  It's by far the most likely outcome, virtually assured.  Keep posting and keep the faith!  We'll be here to help you in any way we can
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How much Suboxone do you have left?  When is the doctor appointment?
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Cal/may/zinc is cheap at Walmart,
Protein shake or amino acids
Fish oil or Omega fatty acids
B vitamins

Those are the things our brain is made of and use to function, so they help with healing and some symptoms. They were worth it to me. Part of recovery is forming new habits, like eating good and exercise. It doesn't happen fast, but nothing that lasts usually does. Keep active as you can, at least enough to get your heart rate above a resting state. Drink tons of water and keep your mind on anything but how you feel. Meditating on music is often helpful. Hug your kids a lot, that was huge for me.

no matter how bad it feels, remember that it's worth it. You can ask my kids today if it was worth me being out of it to detox. They say, "you listen better and are more fun, yes, it was totally worth it to have the real you back." That's the good stuff, it took a long time for me, but the worst of it is worth it. My wife totally forgives me for everything, even the deception and all. It has become obvious I am the real me. I'm not happy all the time, I still want to scream sometimes. I'm actually miserable right now. You know what? Instead of take drugs, I just scream, cry, let my self be angry. I now know all things pass, good and bad. In turn, I laugh, get excited, and allow myself to be genuinely happy. I feel it all, those are the terms of this life. I don't get to be happy if I'm never sad, that's something I forgot on drugs. I don't get to be energetic if I don't get tired, or feel tranquil if I don't feel angry.

Balance is the key, and that took some serious getting used to. Youre doing great, you're doing the right thing, just hang in there. It keeps getting better and better, even after 3 years. I don't think it ever ends, so long as I keep working on being a better person and feeling better, I will keep being a better person and feeling better. That was hard to grasp for a long time, but it eventually came natural to me. The journey is the destination, so never stop growing.
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Oh, EmergenC is an electrolyte drink with the B vitamins. It's in packets at many stores, definitely helps many of us. Good nutrient as well as helps the water go down easy. Just wanted to add that.
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