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I need to talk to anyone who took subutex/suboxone

Please I need some people with experience who went on sub.  I wanted to know why some people stay on it.  I am going for a 5 day detox using subutex. I was taking 20 miligrams of methadone a day for 2 years. I never went any higher and alot of time only 10 miligrams. I am reading different thngs about how long you need to be off methadone.  These sights are from the manufactor, of the medicine and they say different things. My Counselor said  I don't have to wait on such a low dose.                                                                                                                                                People have expressed there concern that 5 days wont be long enough to get off methadone. I do have clonidine for when I get home. Please anyone who can give me there stories.I Don't want to back out of this because of fear. I am going at 12:00 pm Monday.  Ruthie
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You should probably send a personal message to Wait2long.  She knows alot about sub and methadone.  Hang in there.
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people who transition from methadone to sub, who want to do a short term taper, have to stay on it a little longer because methadone withdrawals CAN last for up to 6 weeks...this is the reason for being on it longer for some..
long term maintenance is for people who have had constant relapses and cannot sty clean simply by detoxing, thus they choose long term maintenance...

i dont know why they are telling you you can go right from methadone to sub with no worries of precipitated withdrawals...
everything i know and read says differently...dont know what else to say hun...
i'm sorry.
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and honestly, i dont think there is anyone else here who has taken this route other than me right now...
nogie would be able to tell you, but he isnt here, he is back at school i guess, he would tell you the same thing though.
maybe try to send "nogie" a PM and see if he is around...?
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I have been on this forum for over 4 months. I have heard from many, many people that went from methadone to suboxone, also on another suboxone forum.  You must be in withdrawal  3-5 days to go on suboxone.  If you go on it to early you will be in persipitated withdrawal and from what I hear it is no fun at all.  Also 5 days most definatley won't be enough. As Wait2long has stated the withdrawals from methadone can last up to 6 weeks.  Please listen to Wait2long she really knows her stuff.   Best Wishes.  Mary
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I also wanted to add .  I waited 18 hours to take my first sub dose (coming off perc's)  and it was not long enough.  I spent a day very very sick.  I should have at least waited a full 24.  
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depends i have takin subs 12 hrs after doin massive amouts of oc and dindt get accute w/ds and i have taken it 16 hrs off oxy and did get sick???? jus depends wait till atleast 24 hrs and when u hit mild to bad w/d's
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Its just hard when the detox center is telling me one thing and then I hear from everyone else something different. When I go in tomorrow I am going to ask them about this.I am going to ask what they will do if I do become very ill from subutex.I need to ask why I wont continue ion subutex. These are all things that I will do. I can leave anytime if things don't feel right.I just wish an addicition specialist would read this and help me figure this out,., I want to thank everyone and especially wait2long who has  been right here by my side all weekend. Ruthie
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anytime ruthie...i wish you nothing but success with this...and i hope i am 100% wrong, i do not want you to suffer needlessly...IF you do end up getting sick, please stay there and tough it out, once you hit precipitated withdrawals there really isnt much you can do about it but ride it out, but they may have other meds in mind for you that may combat this also...that may be something we didnt think of??? so maybe ask what they will do for you IF this does happen, and write all of these questions down hun so you dont forget anything...ok?
good luck hun, and dont be scared, either way you headed in the right direction, right?
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Ok, I am not an expert, but there is a difference between Subutex and Suboxone. Suboxone has Naloxone, Subutex does not. Naloxone is used to reverse overdoses of opioids. It does this by knocking other opioids off the receptors. Subutex may be used to start treatment. If you're starting out with Subutex then going to Suboxone, this may be why you won't need to be in withdrawels off methadone for a very long time.  I could be totally wrong here. But there may be a reason they're starting you on the Subutex instead of Suboxone. Subutex may not cause the precipitated withdrawels.  Don't take my word for it though.
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thats just what i was thinking too magi...BUT everything i read on subutex says you still have to be in withdrawals...so i just dont know or get it...i'm confused now...i DO know the naloxone serves NO PURPOSE in suboxone unless you try to abuse or use it by shooting it through IV use...thats the only reason they put it in sub, and it does not effect you and i when we take it properly, under the tongue...
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