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I really did it this time and im scared as HELL

Some of you helped me some years back and now I've really did a number to myself. Now it's not lortab/soma combo. Now it's this damn oxycodone 15mgX6 but I'm sick as all **** tapering from 120and135mg throughtout the day. I'm old skool 50 yr's old now that always kicked the hard way c/t. My question is this....Will the Thomas Recipe work at this high of dose without dyeing? I just suck at a slow taper, I was sent home today by the boss cause I was in such bad shape. What's the cut off point, when do you just die? I'm not a young man anymore.
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I am 60 and used the Thomas Recipe (well most of it) and it really helped me.  Imodium was my very best friend.  I was doing 10 10/325 hydrocodone a day.  I do not know if that is close to what you did....but thought I would share just in case.  I felt better after day 5 and really better after 10 days.  I quit CT as I suck at tapering and could never do it.  I hope you can get thru this before it get any worse.  Keep posting!!!
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Welcome back. I'm sorry we must meet this way, but I am very glad you came back for help. Is oxycodone the only drug you are on that you'd like to quit? If so, yeah, it's not nice at all coming off, but it isn't downright dangerous like benzos and the -pam drugs like Valium, Ativan, etc. It won't kill you--that's the good news. The bad news is that it's miserable. You obviously have done the drill before with your Lortab. More good news--the worst part is over in 4-5 days, tops. You won't be out of the woods and you'll be all grumpy and sad about it, but you can manage well physically from that point. The kicker is the psych part. You've got to be serious enough about this to make sure you get aftercare like NA or AA or private counseling. Obviously, it's quittin' time for that oxycontin if your boss sent you home today. Please stay close by the forum for the next days ahead if you are serious about doing this. I wish you all the best!
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Hey good to see you back wish it where on better terms but it is what it is
oxy is no fun to quit but if your in fairy good health it wont kill you ether you already know the drill force the fluids look up the thomas resipe on the lower right side of this page it will give you some stuff so your a little more comfortable other then that a good old fashin hot soak will bring releaf to tired bones
the next 4 days are going to s u c k but you will get threw them attitude is everything it makes the difference between suffering or being uncomfortable
keep posting for support and we need to have a long talk about aftercare so your not her in 6 mo again good luck and God bless.......Gnarly    
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Hi red,I have done detox off of a similar but larger amount of oxycontin.I have also done it on hydros.The acute part of oxy w/d is quite a bit more intense(but doable).After that the hydro and oxy were virtually identical,other than more fatigue with the oxy.You can do it just keep posting and let us know how you are.I am not young either.
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I take any pain pills I can get my hands on before I run out of my own script thats 180 Roxy 15mg...just so damn tired of it all. The moods, the money, the feelings I'm left with, just this whole crazy crap. I was really ready to be 50 and past it all, as if I'd grow up this time and be the man I've been wanting to be. Seems like I'm doing this every flippin year. I broke out all my books, been reading relapse prevention material like crazy, it's the same **** as it was  years ago, it's still the same, the words aren't changing. Someone said aftercare, that's the one thing I've been skipping. Yeah...my program hasn't been working. The problem with this is when you have all this experience,you think you know it all, you end up dying from it all. God I can't believe I did this again.  I'm going to get my L-tyrosine today. This is NOT going to be good. I'm going to ask him to call in a script or two for me (Clonodine & Valium) I'm suddenly very anxious, thanx all. I'll be writting more later
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dude you will get threw this dont read anything into it no 2 withdrawals are the same and dont let fear into the equation remember this is a battle one or lost in ones own mind and its 1/3 physical and 2/3 mental get cofortable with the saying .....'''you just got to be ok without being ok for a wile''.......this to shall pass remember to keep a positive attitude it will help more then anything else pick up a case of gatoraid and keep a jug in your hand force the fluids and dont under estimate a hot soak for symptoms hang in there keep posting and let us know when you start good luck and God bless......Gnarly    
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Yeah, that's the part that scares me (Good Health) I'd like to say I'm in good health, well I am it's just that I had a heart attack 2 years ago. When I found this pain management dr. I left that part out. I just informed him of the motorcycle accidents, not the heart attack.
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YA now the heart attack throws a curve at this make shure you got clondine for your B/P and let your doctor know what your doing you need to be healthy to do this from home>>>>>>>>Gnarly
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GREAT My doc is bent on this Suboxone thing, says its the best way. That my oldSkool ways are out. My fear is that from everything I've read, looks like I'll just get addicted to that. You have to taper off suboxone too. I cannot do taper, I don't understand how anybody can do taper. My other fear is cost. I bet you anything it's not a $15 copay. None the less, I'll be talking to him on Monday, what do I know.
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Get your Dr. on board w/what you're attempting to do here - because of your past medical history, it's even more important that you have someone in the medical field assisting you during this.  I understand completely what you mean about the tapering but your health comes first here - and if that means tapering, then I think you should seriously consider that.  Your goal here is to become healthy again not make things worse by trying to do something in a way that isn't reasonable given your history.

Please be careful and get that Dr. on board with your decision to quit (a very wise decision by the way).  Good luck to you!
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Hopefully in person you can talk this dr into supporting your decision.  You do not need suboxone.  It is expensive.  Clonidine and valium will be enough.  Plus look up the Thomas recipe if you haven't already.  I hope everything works out for you.
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Well here we go people...against the pain management doc advice he did go ahead and give my clonadine and valium. Cheap xxcks give 10 each, believe that? they'll give me 180 Oxy but just 10 valium....whatever...the system want's you hooked, there's no money for them when your not. I had a contingency plan incase they didn't help at all. My doc spent 10 min trying to talk me out of this. I can assure you (and I asked him this to) he's NEVER been addicted or Really knows what that means. My last dose was taken yesterday 9:30 pm . I have Plenty of meal replacement powder so I can mix smoothys and force feed morning noon and night. lotz of gatoraid and banana. I have the L-tyrosine some B-6 and strong minerals. I dug out all my recovery stuff and even started to write....I allways hated writting cause it made me cry so much doing it, its so real when you write and the words just have a stronger connection, they torment you to a reality I'd just assume not think of. and they Don't go away after there on paper, it's like the secret is out once its written....god I hate that today....I talk more later, hittin a bath
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