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I take 2 350mg of carisoprodol for severe disc back.pain

Does anyone know how to slowly taper off soma I am tired of taking medicine
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Hello Mikeystc. Welcome to the forum. I noticed you are also on Norco for back pain. Is there a reason that you do not ask your Dr. for a taper plan? This would be the safest way as we are not allowed to give taper advice. I was never able to take Soma in a responsible manner.. It works in your central nervous system and warns of siezures. Some claim they feel nothing getting off others say it is Horrible.. This is why I think it best you discuss it with your Dr. as we are all different. Take care, lesa
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Hate this drug it's fun this first time after just seems like a bad keeper upper
We all have different Docs.. Then there are some drug addicts that will take anything that makes them feel high.. No matter the upkeep...
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Are you getting both these meds from the same doctor?
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