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I take 20-30 norcos a day, I am quitting cold turkey. Can this be done?

Ok, so I really need help! It all started back when I broke my leg 4 years ago when I was prescribed 10/325mg norco. At first I was taking them as directed and they made me feel amazing! They gave me so much energy I just had so much fun when I was on them. My doctor kept upping my dose and didnt cut me off soon enough. I was hooked. I did whatever I could to get prescriptions from my primary doc and pain management docs. Eventually they told me they couldnt keep prescribing them to me because I didnt have a serious pain problem. I turned to the streets. I just kept getting a higher and higher tolerance to them and started taking two at a time, then three at a time, and now recently taking four at once. I take on average 25 a day. At 4 bucks a pill thats $100 a day! I can not afford this at all I have blown through all my savings and can barely make my mortgage payment and other bills.
I have finally come to decision that I can quit. I have tried before but barely make it 8 hours before I start getting antsy and anxious and cant sit still. So of course I take more and get extremely discouraged and think I can never be sober. I think that most of this is in my head, but it feels so physical. I am so done with all of this. I hate being tied down to these pills. When I take them I dont even feel high any more, I just take them to feel normal. It has completely consumed my life, I never thought this would actually happen to me, it was all just so fun at first. I havent bought any pills since I have decided to quit. I took my last four norcs at 7pm. Can anyone tell me what I can expect? When is the real horrible shakes and other symptoms going to start, and how long is it going to last? Is there anything I can do to get more comfortable? I am not a drinker or smoker, but I do have pot and beer available in the house if I want it. Is it really possible to quit cold turkey? I am so afraid I wont be able to do it although I want to so bad. My mom is visiting my house for the week and is going to help to take care of my son. So I am hoping that some encouragement from her will help, since she is the only person who knows that I take pills at all. And she recently quit cold turkey drinking alcohol after 30 years, if she can do that I can do this too right?? I need HELP!
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the way has been paved...a lot of us are on the other side of opiate addiction,,,,with help of the people in here.

The answer is YES  we are living proof. Read a lot of posts you will learn a lot....the key IMO is to set yourself up for success. Be prepared...Know what to expect day 1-5 and nothing will come as a surprise,,,,,,

when you're ready all of us will be here,,,,

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you can SOOOOO DO THIS girl!!!!! You are making the absolute right decision, and if you havent already, look up the 'thomas recipe'. if possible, have your mom go get it for you. drink lots of water, and go for short walks and do things like maybe clean and take lots of hot baths. look at it this way, it is just a few days of discomfort, for freedom for the rest of your life! if your mom understands WDs, then she will know that you just arent going to be super pumped every second of every day. so thats great that you have the support! you a do this, and just keep posting and letting all these wonderful loving people help you through this. its so strong of you to make this decision and i am in the same boat, so i completely understand. as far as specific symptoms and what to expect, i am not totally sure, as i am quitting for my first time as well. weed helps me, but only sometimes. sometimes it makes it worse, sometimes it makes it better. each person is different. and from what i can tell you, from my experience, norcos arent as bad as like, oxycontin- which i know a lot of people have quit cold turkey on very large amounts of. so just pray pray pray, KNOW IN YOUR HEART that you are doing the right thing. for you! and your son will love you and your mom will love you through this too. and just think, you will finally, after so long, be your true self to them! and you are taking care of #1---which is you!!! :) BTW, all of this that i have told you are things i have learned JUST FROM THIS WEBSITE! it is such a blessing, and i hope you arent too afraid. you are so strong, and this too shall pass! just be patient and have faith. I hope i have helped even just alittle. blessings to u, shantelle..aand keep in touch
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lol, sorry im rambling, but, ALSO,,,,, the whole 'energy' thing, dont believe into that crap. i mean it IS physical, but once you change your attitude and the thoughts you think throughout the day, it will help u get through even faster. just expect your emotions are going to be CRAZY!!! dont put too much pressure on yourself tho, if you need to have a "moment", go in the bathroom, cry, then pick yourself up and continue on. you can do this. i have made it farther than i thought i ever would, so i know you can do it! my energy levels have raised SO much all by themselves!! and that is so much better than the LIE that pills make u feel :) xoxoxo take care, and god bless sweetie
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check your inbox  I sent you a message
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I know exactly what you are talking about.  At the height of my addiction, I was taking up to 30 10mg pills per day as well.  I know what you mean when you say you are taking them now just to feel normal.  I totally get it.  It can be done.  I and others here are living proof of that.  I'm not gonna lie to you though darlin...it's going to be the hardest thing you have ever, ever done. I'm not going to say that it's all mental, or all physical...because it's both.  You will be more tired than you have ever been, and physically, the bad feeling won't peak until day 3 or 4 after your last dose. From that point...it's a gradual thing- you will feel better each day.  I would say that physically, I didn't feel "normal" until 2 weeks after I quit. The first week was hell..not gonna lie...and after than, it was more of a nervous, upset stomach feeling, that didn't subside until 2 weeks after I quit. I think many would agree however, that mentally is more challenging.  Your mind will play tricks and jokes on you in order to get it's drug well after you have quit.  I quit about a year ago, and I still have cravings.  They are not every day, but I do have them...and they are hard.  
The key to quitting, in my opinion, is willpower and knowledge.  The willpower can come from anywhere.  Whatever is important to you, and whatever can keep you motivated on the final goal.  The knowledge is just as important.  Research, talk to other addicts who have successfully quit, and seriously come up with a game plan and stick to it.  And the most important thing in my opinion:  AFTERCARE, AFTERCARE, AFTERCARE!  In the past, I quit drugs way too many times to count, but it wasn't until I got serious and got into some aftercare that I was finally able to quit for good.  You're on the right path....you've made the decision to quit..and that's the important part.  Now look at it as a battle, and arm yourself with knowledge and a game plan.  There's plenty of people here that you can talk to for support, but honestly, it's not enough.  Please check into some aftercare.  It's crucial to your success.  Good luck, God bless, and stay strong.
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I am going to follow this post throughout this week so you better not give up lol!
Here are some real things for you to know. 1st is that it is going to be an unimaginable hellllll for the first 4-5 days. It's going to feel like its never going to end but it will. For me none of the Thomas stuff helped me much but I WD hard. Maybe you won't but I do. You will be sweating and getting hot flashes with hot and cold sweats for like 2 full days. The sweats will slow down but the pain will not. For me it feels like acid running through my veins for the first 4-5 days. My body just BURNS. And then the diareha starts about day two and that lasts a good 2 weeks. Immodium does actually help that though. Runny eyes and nose at day and a half mark. Vomiting about day 2 for some people (I don't throw up). Absolutely NO sleep for the first week except for intermittent. This won't kill you but you will think it will. Restless legs! I do NOT get it but like 90% of people do an I hear it's a biatch. Lasts a good week.
And that my friend is the EASY part of it :(
The massive panic is horrible, just horrible. You
will feel like you want to die to get it over with. But about day 5 it starts to ease up a little. And then there is the massive depression. It's almost unbearable. You will be FULL of extreme sadness and regret. You will feel like the lowest piece of sheit on the planet and everything feels hopeless. You will see clearly every move you have made while on the pills and you will seriously fall to a low you can not imagine. money, relationships and everything will be pounding your brain and you will feel like dog doo. Then you come to realize you have just lost your best friend (the pills you rely on every day). And that is devistating. No
More popping one to feel better or for energy or not to be board or whatever. They are gone. And you will feel freaking LOST.
You can expect 5 days of pure hell. And about 2 weeks of feeling like trash. And after about 30 days you will be much better. I hear 90 days is like magic. I have never made it there. I have been relapsing now for over 2 years constantly. Have not beaten it yet but still trying. Seriously on about my 20th relapse. It stinks.
I would not smoke the weed until the first 5 days pass. You might be to strung out and it might make it worse. After a week I will smoke like a fish to relax and get sleep. Alcohol is the same. And for me my digestion gets weird and when I eat I
Crash HARD for the first few weeks. So eat light.
Drink lots of gatoraid or whatever you like to drink. Not too much caffeine.
Not trying to scare you but you asked and I tell it.
Things you will gain:
Sex drive will be insane!
Music will sound incredible!
You will laugh hard again!
You will smile for real again!
Things will look brighter and clearer
You will sneeze again
You won't be a slave to the pills
You will make better decisions
You will look better
You will crave food again and it will taste incredible!
The list goes on and on

If i can give you one advice it will be do NOT lay in bed all day!!! Do not just sit around being completely miserable. If you get up and do stuff it will go by much faster. It will suck and you will sweat like crazy but you will anyway. Clean your car out, wax it, walk, FORCE yourself to move!
Take breaks and stuff but just stay busy. It's what I have learned. It seems impossible but trust me you can do it. Good luck to you :)
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You've got some good points here...but to say that this person is going to feel exactly as you did is stretching it. In all honesty, everyone is different.  Some people have horrible WD''s and some people don't.  Some people get depressed, others don't.  I didn't.  I'm not trying to say you're wrong or anything....just saying everyone is different, and I don't want the OP to get discouraged. Yes...it *****...but it's doable.  I agree- don't sit around feeling bad.  You will have to force yourself to get up and do things, but it really will speed up the recovery process.  Go for a walk, do jumping jacks, whatever....force yourself to do something!  It really will help.  Above all though...don't measure your experience by what others say happened to them.  Don't be shocked if you feel worse than someone else did, or if you have more symptoms than this other person does.  Thinking like that will make your brain play tricks on you and you will start to doubt yourself.  You know what you need to do....nothing to it but to do it now.  Good luck...and God bless.
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Shantelle! Seriously honey, please do not be scared! It is absolutely not that bad! I am the biggest baby in the world and I made it through just fine! I'm on day 21 now! You can do this and we will get you through every step! Do not worry, and make sure you get everything set up for success! The Thomas Recipe does help immensely! Not everything works for everyone! You will find what works for you! Someone is always here to answer any question or to hold your hand through every minute! Please join our family! You are welcome with open arms! Best wishes and positive thoughts! Smile and laugh, it helps so much!
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I am going to do my best, my mom is here to help and i think that some encouragement and someone to make sure i dont take them is what i need. I tried last night to quit but after about 13 hours in i started having really bad anxiety and restless legs, and i couldnt sit still at all. I gave up and took some, and throughout today I took 9 which is way less than my normal dose. I am feeling that a little, but nothing to complain about. I dont have any pills in my possession and my mom is making sure that I will not leave and get more. It makes me so afraid because that was just the beginning. I will do anything to not be tied down anymore. it has only been 3 1/2 hours now.. i am so determined and terrified at the same time. I will keep up with my progress on here, I think talking about it with you all who have shared experiences is going to help me as well.
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I agree with Sonrissa.  This is definitely doable and many of us have done it.  I think the fear of it is the worst part.  
If you get the things suggested and relax and go with it, you will be fine.
Think of it as having a bad flu.  
Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.
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Don't worry about what is to come.  Just live in the moment.  I have detoxed twice and the first time day 3 was the worst.  The second time Day 1 was the worst and I panicked thinking that I wouldn't survive if day 1 was that bad.  Well it got better after that and I had myself so worked up for nothing
Just relax.  You are lucky to have your mom there.  Just try and go as long as possible without taking anything because when you do it just prolongs it.
You can do this.
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It sound like you have got the bases covered! Like Pat says don't worry about what is to come! Just relax! You will make it! Please post if you have any questions or if you feel anxious! We will be here for you! Thank goodness for your mom, right? You are lucky to have her!!
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Absolutely you can do this!   We are here to support you.
Lots of Imodium in the first 5 days, As much Gatorade as possible and I strongly suggest drinking Amino Acid Protein Shakes (Chocolate) especially first thing in the morning, and then again in the early afternoon.  That should help with some of the pain and give you some much needed energy. Don't skip those as they are a must!  The sleep will come in time.  It's a tough part of the WD's.  Remember..... Hot showers or hot baths with Epsom salts for the anxiety/creeply crawlies.  I was taking them every hour during the night for the 1st 14 days.  Don't let that discourage you as that was ME.  I just want you to have the tools necessary to get through this.  For body aches you can take Bayer back and body as it will ease some of the pain.  Sleep: Melatonin from GNC along with Benadryl will help get you a bit sleepy.  I also used Calcium Magnesium (3 tablets) at bedtime but sleep was still tough till day 15 or so. Some use NyQuil especially in the early stages to try and get some rest but in the first 5 days it did not help me whatsoever. (not sure why?)  But you can try it but keep in mind you might be a bit "groggy" in the morning. There is a product out that is called "Sleepy Head".  It's a drink that is Valerian Root and Melatonin and could also be of benefit as both ingredients are great for inducing sleep. The RLS and anxiety are what caused me to be unable to sleep.  I would get in the shower every hour and some nights up to 6 times just to ease the anxiety. This continued for 13 days.  I strongly believe I could have shortened that suffering by exercising and getting lots of sun and sweating!  Then I should have added the Valerian Root, Melatonin at bedtime along with some Calcium Magnesium.  But I did not and prolonged my suffering for an additional 5 days. Take my advice for what it's worth but it could help get you to sleep that many days sooner.  As far as the anxiety goes, Xanax and Valium do help but if you can avoid them please do so.  You don't want to trade on addiction for another.  If you get them from your doctor tell them you only want a 10 day supply MAX!  And try to only take half a tablet during the day and maybe one at night.  I honestly found that the less I put in my body the quicker the sleep returned, but I was foolish and tried everything under the sun before I started exercising and sweating like crazy. Try and get a really good sweat going and if possible follow it up with a sauna or hot bath/hot tub.  Lots and lots of sun right now as it will warm your body and give you some much needed vitamins.  And crank up the music!  It feels great.  Please try and eliminate all your sources of pills. Call your doctors, call ALL your pharmacies,delete all your number and tell all your dealers you are done!  NO MORE!  Even call your pain clinics and ask them to release you from their services.  They will send you a letter stating they will no longer see you.  It's so awesome to see that in your hands!    You are in the right place with the right group of people to help you through this. Again. 1. Amino Acid Protein Shakes. 2. Gatorade by the cases. 3. Imodium as needed. 4. (sleep items) Melatonin, Calcium Magnesium and Benadryl/Nyquil.   5. Exercise till sweating heavily.  5. Lots of Sun  6. Hot showers/baths/hot tub as much as needed for the anxiety. (as many as needed to get you through the night or day.  6. Anti-Anxiety Med as last resort and only a 7 to 10 day script.  7. Tell your doctor(s) of your problem and ask for NO narcotics ever again (including Tramadol/Ultram and Suboxone)  8. Call all pharmacies and pain clinics and tell them the same. 9. Call all dealers.friends,co-workers,siblings, parents etc and tell them to never EVER give you any again. (and make sure they know you are serious)  YOU HAVE TO REMOVE THE SOURCES!  Whatever it takes.  It will be a freeing moment for you I promise!    You can do this!  
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well i am a little shakey and real antsy. i cant really sit still and i feel like i should get up and run.. maybe i will go for a run in a bit but im just so tired. i am already halfway through my first day. im just going to take this minute by minute.. i read on here that the worse withdrawals start after 24-48 hours. i am not looking forward to the time to come =(
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Hi Shantelle, I know it's hard but please try not to worry about what's to come! Relax and just take it as it comes! Everyone is different. For me, I was OK on days 1-2, then days 3-4 were the worst, but doable, & slowly started feeling much better from day 5 forward. Exercise is great and get it as much as possible! It helps with sleep and anxiety! Make sure you are eating as well. High protein will help with energy! You are doing great, and we are here for you! Take care!
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thank you everyone for your encouragement. it helps. i am threw up a couple times. i am going to try and choke some food down although i have no appetite! i feel so anxious i think i am going to go outside and ride one of my horses. hopefully i wont be to shakey and fall off!! its warm outside and riding is definitely good excersise i could get my sweat on lol.
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is anyone there? i went for a ride, didnt really help. i am less than one hour away from my 24 hr mark.
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I got the meletonin and calcium magnisium.. when does this start to kick in.
I am also taking tylenol extra strengh because i think my body will withdrawal from hydrocodine and acimetinophin.
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Im here. Still following. Hang in there it will get bumpy. AND DONT TAKE ANYMORE FOR SHETS SAKE! You have support this week, you are just pizzing away those days and starting over when you use
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Hi and congrats on going 24 hours pill free.  Stay strong and don't forget to relax and don't worry about what's to come.
Take an hour at a time and congratulate yourself on making it another hour without taking a pill.
You can do this,
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Hi Shantelle, we are here honey! Sounds like you are doing fine! Make sure that you are eating and staying hydrated! Try not to watch the clock if possible! Great idea to get out & ride the horse! Great exercise plus the sun & fresh air! You might start feeling it a bit stronger soon! Just stay focused and distract yourself from thinking too hard! Read, watch a movie...  Also remember to take warm showers or baths with Epsom salts if you have it! Take care, sleep whenever you can!!
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I just read your post I am really scarred myself i just lost my person who i get my percocet from and i had no idea they were going to not give them i have a few to get through maybe a week maybe i am so scarred
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this is just getting harder.. i dont know if i can do this!
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The fear of withdrawal is far worse than going thru it!  It is doable, says this 60 year old woman who is finally 130 days clean.  It *****, but being on the pills the rest of your life because you fear the withdrawals is not doable.  You will either lose your life or lose your mind.  It is your choice and for me it became the only choice.  Make your plans get the stuff ready and go for it.  
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