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I think I've found the cure for anxiety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm dead happy as I'm 52 days clean from suboxone.

After all the short term problems went away aches, pains, no sleep and all that 'nightmare stuff' we all know to well about I starting suffering server anxiety and panic attacks.

My god, I thought I was starting to go nuts for a minute there or worse was I going to start using again to stop this mess??

I went to my doc a half dozen times over 6 weeks and got given everything from beta blockers to diazepam. The beta blockers (Propranolol) helped a bit, basically stopped my heart beating so fast and getting panicky. The diazepam (Valium) well that did chill me out but its so addictive and the next day I felt like i was in a drug hang over until I took more.

My shinning light and saviour Citalopram, it's used for depression and panic attacks. The down side, it takes about a week to start working, the positive when it did almost all my anxiety was gone, its not addictive and no groggy feeling the next day, Yippee!! However I only plan on taking this short term to help me through the worst but I would highly recommend this to any one going through anxiety or panic attacks, there a nightmare and in many ways I'd rather put up with the aches, pains and sleepless night's than feel like a scared little 10 year old boy!!!!!!!!!!!
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HI......glad you found something that worked for you celexa is an antidepressant and many take it for its antianxiety  property's it also helps with the post withdrawal depression that is so common stick with it for a wile  then have you doctor ween you off it....I have taken it on and off for years for bipolar disorder .......Gnarly  
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Hey There!

Congrats on your 52 days!  I'm around 43 days now off the Sub.  I've been taking Citalopram (Celexa) for a couple months now for PTSD and it's great stuff.  My Dr. switched me from Zoloft because it wasn't cutting it.

I can relate to the anxiety coming off Sub.  I thought that I was going to have a mental break more than once.......
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I am happy to hear you have found something that is working for you.         sara
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