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I tried to walk. I'm wondering when I might be able to go back to work.

Ok, so I screwed up.  I took all  the narco this month, and I withdrew from methadone last month and I swear I will never take another pill.  I can't even pick up the covers to   pull them over me.  I'm not having any kind of weds, just impossible weakness.  I've walked a view times.  I got my haiir washed.  I've been drinking gatorade and taking the vitamins.  I have one questions though, how many vitamins should I take?  And the Tyrosine is powder.  How much of it should I take?  I bought one vitamin that has all the magnesium and zinc and stuff in it.  I was absent friday and I've already called in for tomorrow.  When can I expect to feel better?
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      Sound like you are in bad withdrawals, don't take to many vitamins they will make your mind race worst.  I don't no about the tyrosine you must have quit cold turkey that ant good it could cause convulsions or other problems if you don't feel like you going to make it then you need to see your Doc. or go to the er for detox.   Hang in there.
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I've been able to work through wds  but when You can walk without getting out of breath, how are you going to teach?
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i went through the same thing...i was very addicted to norco...for about 6yrs...i am 11 days clean and feel pretty good...your first 72hrs will be hell..not trying to scare you...but the only thing that got me through it was valium and the xanax at night...which of those i am no longer taking...it wasnt long enough for me to get addicted to those..actually my dr told me to just taper off of those on the 5th day...i take a multi vitamin in the morning along with motrin 800mg , and b12 2000mg...to be honest it doesnt give me much energy but some is better then none i suppose..the sneezing finally ended for the most part...the freaking yawning continues and that stinks but now i know i am so done with pills running my life...i even told my dr about the addiction so it is in my records..i never want to be prescribed to them anyway..no reason to be...he did tell me it might take a couple of months to get my energy back..its all mind set...i set my mind to stopping and i did...YOU CAN DO THIS...TRUST ME I JUST WENT THROUGH IT...after 72hrs you will start feeling better...the worse for me right now is depression and my doctor put me back on my prozacs so i should start feeling the affects of that in another week..hang in there...NO ONE DESERVES TO HAVE PILLS DICTATING THEIR LIVES..good luck and remember ..its all mind set..oh yeah i had to call in to work one day also ...if that what it takes then do it....thankfully some of my withdrawls were during the vacation time i took...
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hi sound to me you where keeping the methadone energy crash off you with the norco and now your getting hit with it well your already threw the first month you may get your energy back by the end of the second mo methadone is a 2 to 3 mo recovery hang in there keep trying the supplements you may want to add whey proten shakes I recamend them to all who are suffering methadone recovery keep posting for support good luck and God bless.....if you want more info on methadone recovery p/m me
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I'm trying to do everything everyone says, but I just want to lay my head down.  I fell, or fainted twice last night, once hitting my head.  I love my job.  I don't want to lose it.  If I get dressed and put one foot in front of the other will I make it, or will I bring more attention upon myself?
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i'm 14 days clean and still dont have energy and depression is pretty severe..hoping the prozacs really start kicking in soon cuz this is really getting old...i have no laughter, i have no feelings, and could careless...does anyone have a clue to how long this could last? i dont care so much about the energy but the whole depression thing is not good, i have a family and they would probably like to see their mom out of her bedroom once in a while and this hasnt happened only to go to work and thats a battle to even go there...someone plz give me something to look forward to...
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hey dude how you holding up are you able to make it to work???.....Gnarly
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29 days clean and seem to be feeling very very much the same.
Starting a anti depression as you have will help in time,but some days it still feels like two steps back one forward,some days you don't even seem to get the one forward. But stay strong because even though it might not seem it some days, we are stepping away from the ****.
I am 37 and have put myself though this to many times, and the older you get i have felt the harder it is.
Staying as active on the days you can,eating well and just telling yourself even though some days you feel so drained and don't believe it, there is a finish line. It might be 1 month 2 or 3, but its better then being back on that starting line again.
Stay strong my friend
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Im almost a month clean and have no desire to have a pill really but this depression is out of hand..I have a dr appt on wed and if he doesn't change up something I may have to commit myself into a professional place..no psycho or anything but I can barely function..haven't left my room in weeks only for work..I don't laugh..smile..nor care..that's not me..and I refuse to live this lifestyle anymore..can't be around ppl anymore cuz the anxiety Is horrible..I wanna be left alone..how long will this last? No one can give me a straight answer..I know body takes time to adjust from not having the opiates but if I have to live like this for much longer id rather relapse and say **** it all...my kids don't deserve this..tired of it...depression has got to end soon...getting very old..any info would be greatly appreciated..thanks
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coming off methadone has its own set of rules its not like the pills it can be a 3 mo ride it was for me annd has been for a lot of people I have helped
you just got to grind it out drink the whey protein shakes exersize even ehen you cant and slowly you will come around this is a marathon not a sprint patents and perseverance will be the lessons learned just know each day your not using your gaing ground you will eventually feel  better I promise you that what I cant promise is when it is different for everybody hang in there keep posting for support will walk you there this god luck and God bless......Gnarly
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