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I want 2 write more darn it

u know since today when i posted a couple of my stories i wrote years ago, its given me the itch 2 write more of them (both fiction and non-fiction) & it sucks cuz I cant type that much til my hand gets better.. when i was strung out on my pills for the past couple of years, I didnt do much writing & now that my head is clear (the 1/2 pill of percs i take sparingly for my hand isnt doing anythign 2 my head) I want 2 write so bad! I swear Im gonna try 2 get a voice recognition program installed on this puter so I can write again!

ok whine over, lol
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WOW, did you type that story with one hand, lmao. how long did that take. i always told you that you were strong, haha. i just read it and im happy your writing again. i always say, one of the best things about getting clean is just when you start to discover yourself again. i stopped everything too when i used and just starting to enjoy my life again. keep writing, but man, you have to stop hitting things rocky, lol. you know im just kidding. good to see you around a bit again, you were missed
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i just read ur stories u r an awesome writer.....i loved the one about winter the best i could jut picture u with ur hair all tangled up in the rubber around the door....painful im sure but funny lol.....i laughed at your expense i should be ashamed lol   .....how r u doing with all the other things that have been going on?....love u sweetie and god bless u
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gizzy  god no i didnt type that all up 2day! i have the stories saved on the puter and I just copied and pasted the entire text body into the message box. god sakes it woulda took me 2 years to type that all up LOL
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does a half a perc really do anything for your pain.  I would be taking OTC pain reliever if only a half a perc worked.  a whole lot safer too.  Have you tried advil or aleve?

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