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I want to be dead/vicoden withwrawal

I am on day 7 of withdraw from 100 mg/day addiction to vicoden.  Although the physical symptoms have passed for the most part.  Still achy and tense.  Tons of anxiety and depression.  I just wish I were dead.  I'm not saying I want to kill myself,  just wish I didn't exist.  Can't sleep well.  Feel worse when I am alone.  I have read a lot of your posts today and feel like I just want to give in.  I feel hopeless and helpless.  Help me please:(
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Things will change sounds like you need a na meeting. Unfortunately I have been down this road a few times. At 27 I put myself in rehab for cocaine my job had it all over and was given to  me everynight free. Got sober went to aa for 2 yrs. 10 yrs later I had surgery on my neck got hooked and arrested for changing my script. Got sober thru na. Now 15 yrs later I am trying to kick the terrible habit again. Once again due to a surgery I have to have. I've never been married so I did go to meetings and music was always helpful to me. But I know that you will learn to love yourself again. You will have fun and life will be worth living. I know how you feel my son has always been a source of strenght. It is something you need other addicts help and church if you believe.

Good Luck
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Hi:) I just read your post. Curious about something...I JUST got off of 300 mg day of norco! I am so excited, so proud, so happy to be alive again. Really ALIVE:) My Husband and our wonderful son are my life! They have both been so loving and kind this weekend. I started on Suboxone Saturday. The hardest part for me was waiting 24 hours to take it so I wouldn't have those precipitated withdrawls. I really felt like I was gonna die! The Subutex/Subroxone kicked in within 20 min and I felt immediately calm and "normal" I now have almost 72 hours of sobriety and I am happier than ever! I noticied you said you got arrested for changing your script? My dr ALWAYS forgot to circle the 3 refills each visit and I would almost always have to run back into his office the next day or so and have him circle or write the 3 refills. Problem was, his nurse would write the script and have him sign it, photo copy it then he would give it to me. so, except for one, the copies he has of my scripts don't show the 3 refills. he remembers it, but I don't think he will tell the truth if he were ever questioned for fear of wrting me so much norco. (240 tabs...2 tablets every 3-4 hours) plus 3 refills. i know laws are different in certain states. Do you mind if I ask you what you did to change your script? Did your dr. press charges? did you have to go to jail? what state do you live in? sry about all the questions...I just don't wanna live in fear. How long did you have to go to jail for? I'm sorry you had to go thru that. It must have been so frightening. Please resond...maybe it will put my mind at ease. Please check out the Suboxone. It, with Xanax for my rediculous anxiety attacks, saved my life and I can't believe I'm actually up cleaning, cooking, laughing and feeling like me again. It's been so long since I've been "me". My husband and our son are so happy for me...for "us". I'm proud of you for trying again. Hang in there. YOU CAN DO THIS! Please email me asap at      weather_girl08***@****
Sincerely, Tonya:)
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Congrats on getting sober - but it won't allow you to give out email addresses on th threads, just so you know. Hang in there, and keep all of us posted!
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