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I wanted to share with Everyone!

Hey I am 60 days Clean off Methadone Today. I would like you to know I found one in my Make Up bag and I tossed it out! I am so happy to be off the crap and Now working on all the Emotional Stuff that has been hidden under those Pain Pills. That part is kind of hard but worth it. So if any of you are going threw the first few days, the people around here are the best and You can do it...If I can do it you can also..

Thank You all for being the best at Helping when any of us Cry out to you and always having that Perfect thing to say.
Bless you all
Loves and Hugs Rhea
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Way to go Rhea!!  I am so proud of you.  I thought coming off Fentanyl was hard but Methadone WOW- your my new hero:)
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I am on day two and found a hydro in my wallet needless to say i slipped up but I will be there to I have faith in me I know I can do this I have not been using but 2.5 month and I have to get a hold on this now for me and my family you are awesome and an inperation
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That is GREAT! Keep up the good work! I am 135 days clean from Roxi's but took the Suboxone route which has worked great for me! Once again that is something to be proud of CONGRATS and best wishes!

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Hi Rhea . . . 60 days is a fantastic milestone.  I've read that methadone is one of the hardest both physically and mentally . . . You are so much stronger than you even realize.  So proud of you my friend . . .Deb
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Do you have any suggestions asto what helped pull you thru?? I got on day 2 coming off of 15-20mg and i couldnt take it! so im going to taper down to 2g!!! Please let me in on anything that helped you!!!!! Jewlz
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I just found this site this morning and your words of encouragement were just what I was needing to here...unfortunately, I did not do my research prior to getting on methadone for a Hydro addiction of 8-10 (10 mg) Lortabs for about 2 or 3 years....due to a severe football injury to my arm.  The withdrawals were too much and a psych dr referred me to the clinic.  I have been on 20 mg of methadone for 1 year and realized that it was time to make the giant leap.  After reading several posts on the difficulty of quitting cold turkey, I decided to taper down.  My clinic only allows tapers in 5 mg increments, so 2 weeks ago I went down to 15 mg and last week I went down to 10 mg....it has been bearable, but not fun at all.  Honestly, just 2 days ago, I broke down and took 2 hydros (7.5) just to alieve the pain...not sure if it worked or not, but I am not worried about pain pills anymore(although I defnitely respect their power over me), I am certain that those days are over, but I am seriously in a tough place with this methadone withdrawal....do not really want to go the Sub route, because that appears to be just switching one for another.  My plan is to taper to 5 mg next week and then cold turkey with no mayo from there......I can not even envision being at 60 days....I want to be like you when I grow up!
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Congrats on 60 days!!!  Glad to hear you are working on what lies under the pills.  That is really important.  Keep it going!!!        sara
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Hey thanks deb
and I wanted to say thanks to everyone else. I have wrote each one of you a note and I am grateful to have each of you and deb you are always a helper....
Loves and hugs Rhea
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Hey, Rhea :) 60 days is something to feel really proud, you are a truly fighter and i'm proud of you all the way :)
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That is wonderful news Rhea!! Continued strength in winning this battle! Be VERY proud of the fact you found one and tossed it out! Way TO GO!!!

God Bless-Your Friend,
Kim ~,~
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Hi.  What I did when they want to do that is stop tapering.Bought a syringe.took the liquid meth home and did it at a lower rate ,my own slow taper.At low doses  a 5mg drop is too much.Just keep getting what you are at,taper it yourself.                        

I don't mean shoot it,just make 6mg into 2doses at3mg.Then 3 int 1 1/2 and so on.

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Thanks for the advice...I really do not have the benefit of a long extended taper....I am being faced with changing positions that will require me to travel and move frequently, which will prevent clinic visits on schedule, which is best for me anyhow as it forces my need to come totally clean.

Question, will the withdrawal from lower does (like 2 or 3 mg or so) any better than 5 mg?  From some posts, it seems that it is not that much of a difference in terms of all of it ranks pretty low on the experience scale!  And my thinking is that I would rather go through the malaise sooner than have a long drawn out process....so far the drop from 20 mg to 10 mg has been rough (back pains) and I would rather get it all over and begin the real healing process.

Thanks for the advice, kc156, it's nice to know that someone is helping and hearing.

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Hi. See,it is the same in a way for me.I dragged it out to keep working,rather than going off higher and not being able to work.For me the w/d did not really start till after got under 10mg mark.
Honestly I don't know what it is like to jump at 5,or any other number.In 3 day's I WILL know what it is like at 2mg.Will let all know.                                karl
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I will be watching and rooting for you like I am on the 50 yard line at the Super Bowl....it is amazing how powerful this thing is even at these low doses.  In the long run, I think it was best for me because I feel that I have really developed a respect (fear) for the whole "pill, methadone, torture dilemma"....I am just going to take everyone's word for it and believe that the light is brighter at the end of this tunnel.

Here is hoping ( no believing) that you will become a role model for me in 3 days.
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You can do this and Just make sure you get the Vitamins that they say you should use. I think I told you that if you look on the left hand side of the Addiction Page you will see down towards the bottom a Recipe down there and it has the stuff to help you. I found that if I did not take those Vit. I felt it.

And Yes the Whole Pain Pill thing is Pretty darn scary stuff. I tell you what I thought was a Whole Lot of pain that the pain pills made me think I was in. I'm not saying that your pain is not real. I'm telling you that Mine ended up being Not so bad. Last Night was a bit hard but I fell asleep and that is a good thing.

So there are allot of turns in the healing of what those darn Pain Pills that the doctors Give us. But You are Stronger then that Pill. You can do it and You will figure out all kinds of stuff that will end up helping you.
Sure hope this comes across with Love because it is given with Love
Take care Rhea
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