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I was prescribed APO-ONDANSETRON for Nausea associated with Cannabis withdrawals.

I was prescribed APO-ONDANSETRON for Nausea associated with Cannabis withdrawals. My Ontario drug benefit  card only covers this medication for Cameo therapy patients. This medication is effective, but not affordable. Is there cheaper, as effective  alternatives?  If I use this medication for the duration of my Cannabis withdrawals ,will my nausea return after I stop taking the medication?  Does the medication in a sense prolong my body's natural progress of becoming less Nauseous.  Since my nausea is associated with Cannabis  withdrawal, I am wondering, if I need to experience Nausea along with the other withdrawal symptoms,  in order to stop it eventually.  Does this medication just delay the Nausea? Once I stop taking the medication, and I have gone, say 30 days without pot, will I be Nauseous still? I cannot afford this medication for more than 30 days due to its cost.
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I do not want the hear Cannabis doesn't cause physical withdrawals; I am not stating it does or doesn't. My symptoms are very real, and the fact of my addiction being physical or mental doesn't matter in anyway.
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HI danysocool. Welcome to the forum. I take this med. I'm on Dialysis and we tend to get upset stomachs.. This med works great all it does is make the feeling go away It leaves No residual effects It will not delay your wd also I can go days without one then need it for a day our two so I'm not sure how it will go for you But by a month your wd should be over at least the physical part.. I would take it if you can afford it for a month It would be very helpful if the nausea is bad.. I do not believe you need to feel every symptom to get clean We forget how bad it was anyway Once enough time goes by.. Anyway the severity of your wd will not keep you clean, working out the reasons you feel you need to numb yourself is.. I wish you well, lesa
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This medicine, in the U.S., goes by the brand name Zofran.  It is commonly used with chemo patients who experience nausea. There are older anti-emetics (Promethazine is one).   I'm not a doctor, so I can't recommend any drugs; you should talk to your prescribing physician.

Good luck.  I ABSOLUTELY believe there is a withdrawal syndrome associated with cannabis...especially if you are a daily user for an extended period of time.  (Plus the weed around these days is so much stronger...sometimes 30% THC; 1/3 of what we smoked back in the seventies and eighties. )  

Hang in there...ginger helps a LOT with nausea...so does peppermint oil.
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