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I was the poor soul on here for the kidney stones...

I wanted to really thank you guys for the support! You can go to any other forum in here, and no one is like this family. I commend you on that.
I wanted to update you on what has happened as this day started.I got in to see mty GP at 10:00. I was there at 8:30 hoping to be taken back early. And indeed I did get taken back at something after 9. Praise God cause I was gonna pee everywhere! I had went last Tuesday, and they found more puss and blood in my pee, than pee! I was put on Cipro and Hydro 10/325 for the flank pain. He walks in and says, I knew you would be back. I said how? He said that of all of that urine and other ****, it grew no bacteria! What? That means no UTI, of any means! He said but you have more blood in it today. I am so confused. He told me he thought I had stones, upped my hydro to oxy and said, honey, you are going to need this. I am so scared! He sent me for a CT and I am awaiting his call to say yay or nay to this. I asked him what it could be if there wasn't a stone. He said, I am a dr. and I don't know what to tell you. You may have to go to a Urologist. I had the normal blood work to check for Anemia as always, because Iam always low. I think that maybe that is why I get the chills so bad. My feet, always ice.

Just got the call, I have a 3 centimeter stone! OMG, what am I going to do? Well, just like anyone, I am going to have to pass it. He said lots of fluid, no matter what it is, drink it! Bad thing is, he told me not to take the Uritsat anymore. What am I going to do about the urgency and burning? I just got back to work after the back surgery I had! Whew, what to do?

Also, about the Adderall and Ultram debate. For me, it was the Ultram. I had taken Adderall for a while and I was very healthy, this was from my GP. In walks the back dr. who thinks he is the god of spines and now, I think everything else. He was going to get me in to see the PM doc but it was going to be a while. So, while I awaited, he threw me some samples of Ultram ER and told me to take two in the morning. I guess he failed to read either the pamphlet or the Rx list of what I was on, but both drugs lower your seizure threshold. My first dose was the next morning, and by 2pm the next day, I started seizing. I stopped after the ER had wore off but it is a 24 hour med. Drivers license bye bye for six months because they couldn't code it as seizure disorder because they knew the cause. The coded it as Changes of Conciosness. The dr. that I see at the office is very much a prude. She told me I should self report to the DMV. I called to see about this law because I wanted to know where I could read it. I was laughed at and told that there was no law as such, it was the dr. that coded me, his responsibility and told me to hang up the phone and pretend I never made it. However, someone in the office that I work with caught wind of this and added I was abusing all my meds and reported me to DSS. Now, the drug thing was dropped pretty quickly due to I volunteered a drug test right then! Got it. Levels were normal, all is grand right, wrong! My neuro PA not doc says that I am on a DL restriction. Dss can't control what I do but can keep my kids from going with me. So, here at the holidays, we can't go pick out dads present. I can't take them for a special girly day, and Valentines is still out of the question. I still haven't seen the law. It is supposedly in a book that the DMV sends to drs. offices. I think it should not be that way. When she wrote me a letter to tell me it was a law, there was no statute or reference, which I believe may be plagerism. I can't fight it now, I don't want to stir a stink but you just wait until it is over!

I have been through so damn much in the past 4 months, if I WERE overtaking meds, it wouldn't be right, but who could blame me?

Oh, I don't know how to do that profile thingy. I just come here for you guys because you can actually "feel" the love for one another. Its a nice feeling. I don't want to have to abuse something to be part, but don't think that I have not thought that I was addicted and come here to be straightened out. You guys are a rock. Rocks are very hard to bash, and if you do knock off a bit, I just bet there are others pieces that come too. You guys stay strong for everyone and even silly little me with no reason to be here but to feel like I belong...
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ummm hun are you sure the stone was 3 centimeters? cuz i dont think you would be passing that not without them braking it up ,i mean i could be wrong but mine was smaller then that and they needed to brake it up
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are you the same angel75 from a while back?
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Luv, I passed a small stone and I think it was the closest I ever came to comprehending giving birth. :)

Your doctor should be recommending ultrasound to deal with it. Unless...make sure he isn't avoiding this treatment for billing/insurance reasons!
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i agree with savas i could be wrong but i think that size is to be to pass on its own . Maybe one of the nureses will chime in...
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I think ultrasound is the way to go.  Usually they use it to break up the stone to make it easier to pass. Perhaps you should consider getting a second opinion or getting to the urologist. I'm glad it's nothing more serious! Like IBKleen says: PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!
ps...we may be rocks but you've got a stone all to yourself!! (couldn't resist) Let's use humor and love to get you through this!!
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I think you need an ultrasound ASAP, or get a new doctor...
I really am like rest, just wew...you poor thing....Please let us know how it goes..
i am praying for you, i feel so bad for you...I have had a bad UTI with blood and it was so painfull....
Never a stone ...
i think a second opinon is best..Did they give you the med i can't think of the name, but it turns a certain color and numbs it when you pee..
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I had a one centimeter stone and a half centimeter stone in my left kidney about 8 years ago and they did a lypotripsy (sp) and put a stent in my kidney and bladder to make it pass.  You cant pass a 3 centimeter stone.  It will be stuck in the kidney and thats what causes the blood in the urine.  The stone is stuck and rolls back and forth in the kidney when it fills with liquid and bruses the inside of your kidney.  The tube from the kidney to the bladder isnt equipped to pass that large of a stone, either is the tube from the bladder to the outside of your body (urithia) (sp).  A lypotripsy is when they use ultrasound and smash the stone into sand.  The stent is so you pass the "sand" easily.  I know it feels like it stinks not having your license, but, you probably are way better off not driving you or your precious children in the car if you are prone to seizures, cause what if you would have one when driving then get into an accident?  I hope you come thru this ok, I know you will.  Just keep the faith and keep on keeping on!!  God bless you.  I'll say a prayer for you.  ;-)
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I am anjel from a while back. I am not seizure prone, just when a stupid dr. who thinks he is God gives me smaples of a med I had never taken without looking at my med list. I can use prayers right now though and I appreciate it. Maybe I said 3 cm and meant 3 mm. I guess that is a big difference huh? I took the stuff that turns your pee orange and the doc said not to anymore. But he didn't give me anything else. I dunno guys...
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OK 3 mm sounds much better , you should be able to pass that with no problem ....but if this goes on to long go back ...sometimes depending on there shape they get stuck ....... good luck
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hi hun how are you?Ihave kidney stones so bad they actually say i have renal problems.I have passed them 3 times this year.The second time they kept me in the hospital for 8 days because I had so many.I have had stints put in my kidneys.I have done the ultrasound thing a dozen or so times and it helps alot.I have also had Lypotripsy.There is also somthing known as the basket procedure.That actually helped me.It involves sitting in a big hot tub while they do a procudere.I have so many kidney stones because mu urethria on the right is underdevloped.It is about the size of a 2 yr old.They do hurt but this too shall pass hun.Maybe think of finding a new dr too.Pain meds are not all he should be focused on.My urologist actually told me this, have you ever been in the country and one of those pointy things gets stuck on your clothes?Grass burrs I think???That is what a kidney stone looks like.That is why there is blood.Everytime it moves it tears you up inside.How bad the damage depends on the size of the stone.You have to be careful for infection.Maybe its just me,but every single time I have had kidney stones my dr starts me on high dose antibiotics.

Anyways good luck.Think about a 2nd opinion really.Uriolgist are the BEST!!!
PS stones are actually caused from too much calcium.Cut back on the milk,cheese,ect....it has helped me.

Lots of love
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