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IBK celebrates 7 years sober!!!

I am so excited for this lady. Today is her 7 year anniversary.

IBK has played a huge role n where I'm at today n my recovery and I'm sure I'm not alone n this thought. She has stood by me. She has been thru some really hard times n my sobriety with me. She has even handed me the ultimate plunger to get my head out of my bum at times. At times she knew me better than I knew myself. She has called me out on my BS. She has given me some serious tough love and we have had our battles. Omg have we had our battles. Lol but I'm here today grateful for everything she has taught me and for her tough love she has given me. I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity to get to know her. She has been and continues to get thru some hard times n life. Shes a great example of what someone who works a program of recovery is. She's an amazing, humble, full of love,  wonderful,  beautiful lady both on the inside n out. I thank God every day for her.

Enjoy ur day my friend u deserve it.
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OMG CONGRATS THIS IS HUGE!! Thanks for giving me hope <3
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Congragulations to you and thank you for all that you do on this forum.  You are a real inspiration!
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Congratulations IBK! Seven years is amazing. Thank you for all that you do around here. I love that you always call it like you see it.
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Thank you for leading the way. I have great respect for you and who you are.  They say every cell in the human body dies and is replaced in 7 years, you are an entirely new person now, literally. Congrats and Thanks for everything.
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congrat IBK.  i haven't been here long, but it is obvious what an asset you are to all.  you are selfless in your dedication to MH and all that come here needing help.  thank you
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Wow!  One of the wise veterans on this beautiful forum of knowledge and love.  When I first found you guyz something told me that You, IBClean, were a fountain of experience and knowledge to pay attention to.   So why would someone spend their time helping others achieve wellness?  Because of selfless compassion and love for another.  I thank you for your example.
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☻/ღ˚ •。* ♥ ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。
/▌*˛˚ ~♥~…Congrats on 7 years!!... ~♥~
/ \ ˚. ★ *˛ ˚♥* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ ♥ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ ˚ ✰* ★
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Bless you IBK for all the support over the past 3 years.  A no BS tough cookie you are indeed and I could not be happier for you.

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So I have to follow THAT???  LOL

You're a precious gem......I can't thank you enough for all you give....and continue to help the addict that still suffers.

You're my Football Queen and my blues sista from another mista☼

7 BIG UNS BABE!!!!!!!!   HOLLA!!!  Keep jamming girl.....love to you☺
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I didn't mean you, Lu....hahaha!  I meant ABN's fancy footwork :):)
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7 YEARS!   Wow!!!
Not sure what else to say but WOW!!!
Great job!  Ur my new idol.
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Guess I should have written "she's my new idol".  N she is.  7 years is amazing!
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Great job!!!!!     7 years  Is awesome and I know it isn't easy every day and at night when the sun goes down!    Hope you do something great to celebrate and hope 7 is a lucky year for you!  ;))
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Congratulations on 7 years : )
What an amazing job you have done and continue to do !!!!!
Well done, so amazing : )
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The best advice I ever got was not to live inside my own head.


Thank You for too many things to list here, but mostly for caring and being my friend.

You're Simply the Best!

I love you my friend!
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Absolutely amazing!  Huge congratulations to you IBK!!!  Thanks so much for all you do to help so many people in your 'no BS', yet kind and always supportive and loving way.  And a very special thanks for the FB pool too!  Hope you can do something fun for yourself today - you SO deserve it :))
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Go IBK. You rock I have tons of respect for you (even though I was mad after our first ever interaction, I'm glad I had that with you).  Sometimes you need someone to make sure you're not kidding yourself. I can't even remember what it was and am too lazy to look back, but I remember I was mad lol ;-)
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Wow...how absolutely AWESOME!  Congratulations on your 7 years!  That is huge. And thank you for all of your support here at MH.  I think we have all been touched by your words and you have encouraged us to challenge our thoughts.  Thank you.  CELEBRATE!
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Congrats you are a true inspiration to all who come after.
Thanks for being a rock on the forum.
You are a voice of reason.
You are a blessing!!
Have a wonderful day celebrating!
You are loved.
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that's an impossibly giant amount of time.  Congratulations!  and ty, IBK, for your tolerance and understanding.  :)
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Congrats on 7 amazing years!!!!!   I wont go on and on and make you cry again so i will keep this short.

I love you dearly and i want to thank you for being a huge part of my recovery.  You have gotten me thru some pretty hard times and you have made the good times even better.

And one last thing.........Congrats on feeling again!!!  lol
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Congratulations IBK.  You Rock!!!!
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Congrats IBK!  This thread is a pleasure to read and I got tearful thinking of you, knowing the battles and rough times you've soldiered through, and what an inspiration you've been for me personally.  I love who you are. I love your brain and your wit. I love how completely genuine you are...You are an amazing woman and I know I'm richer for having known you.

Much love to you and thank you for your friendship-
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Huge R-E-S-P-E-C-T to you, IBK on your 7th year Anniversary!! Your strength, intelligence & care radiates from all you do on this forum as I'm sure that it is does in your 'local' life. :) I'm grateful that one such as you is here to show us the way. Thank you for all your hard work & for giving so much back.  

On a more serious note, I looked it up in the Sobriety Etiquette Guide & I read that a Tangoing Walrus was the proper gift for 7 yrs. clean [the alternate was a pole-dancing Panda which didn't pan out] :

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