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IM TAKING    1500 MILIGRAMS A DAY 4    seisures and  pain    shouldi beconcerned andwhat precautions  should itake
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As far as I know it is not addictive, but do not just quit. Ask both your Dr and the pharmacist.
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My pain doc prescribes that for me  900 mg a day in 3 doses of 300mg each...I only take the one in the evening when I am hurting as it makes me very sleepy...it is a safe drug....just dont snort it or anything...i know u r not but have heard some weird things before
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Gabapentin is "Neurontin". I remember seeing something in the news about Nuerontin side effects but can't remember exactly what it was. I know they prescribe Neurontin in jails/prisons for a WIDE variety of uses... You should "Google" Gabapentin/Nuerontin for more detailed info...
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I was prescribed gabapentin for pain due to sciatica. The doctor told me that it was non habit forming. I know we have all heard that before! I took it for withdrawals for hydrocodone and it worked wonders. I only used it for a week though. But like GoingToMakeIt said, you should not abruptly stop taking it. It should be tapered under a doctors care. That is one thing they told me. Maybe call a pharmacist as they usually have pretty good knowledge of medications. Also like Will said, you can google it. I know there is not a whole heck of a lot of info on it though.
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i am currently on 1800 mgs a day...and when i havent been able to get my prescription on time, i have gone a few days without it, and i felt fine...but like goingtomakeit said, dont abruptly stop it and always consult with your doctor first.
it has been a wonderful toll for me with pain, i have only been taking it for about 5 weeks now...so far so good.
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all good  feedback  thanks
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I had sever pain in my arm for four months it was caused by a tumor behind my collar bone that is cancer.  I was started on gabapentin, 100 mg 3X a day for three days 2 100mg for three days and then 3 300 mg three time a day.  After only taking three pills on the first day the pain was almost gone.  I have been on it for weeks now and no pain, it is wonderful
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i am useing it for hydrocodone withdrawls temporarily. as i understand it it is non addictive and almost impossible to OD on. i am taking  800mg 3x/day. i had a big stash of it and found it was useful for hydrocodone withdrawl which i am currently going through. i do know you should ween off it and not stop abruptly. best wishes..
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When you're ready to stop the Gaba, wean Very slowly.  800mgs TID, is quite a dose.  I was on only on 300mgs a night for 2mos, stopped c/t due to stomach issues and man, what a mistake!  I quit taking it beginning of Dec and except for the the severe tinnitus (off and on Still!!) I am just this last week feeling normal again.  

Best of luck!
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thanks for the advice. this is VERY temporary...like a week. it stops the body chills,sweats,and most of the nasty feelings and that is a GODSEND. this detox has been 6 months  (or more) in the makeing and without the gabapentin.....ewwwww bad news man. also, now that im 36 hrs in and feeling almost NO withdrawls (almost) i actually feel like i CAN DO IT one last time. afew more days and i should be on the rebound. thanks for your advice. my wife is a nurse and as such was concerned as well. i dropped to 600mg TID hopeing it works. also my sciatica is almost gone. amazing.
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re gabapentin, yes I believe it is strongly addictive, I took it for 6 months at a low dose200mg at night. When I tried to stop it due to sideeffects of ghastly stomach pain and serious problems walking, with balance and coordination issues that were severe, legs started giving way and went on to collapse.I and now it has affected my nervous system, I have intermittent weakness and ataxia. This is a seriously dangerous drug and getting off it was very difficult. I googled other peoples experiences and some were similar. I was given no information about side effects, I would like to see the medical proffesion take this so they can truly understand what poison they are giving people.
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I can't say one way or the other on wd's from that other than what I have read, they tend to be the result of high doses that reach about 1800mg daily as my understanding of the drug it was one that is gradually increased once prescribed it over a month or so..I had a short experience with it at 300mg daily for about a week and a half before I called my surgeon and said this stuff makes me feel like the day after tangling with a tequila bottle back in my collegedays. He switched me to lyrica which I seem to tolerate ok with exception that my weight did a 25 lib jump in 7 weeks. In the pain management forum there are a number of people that had unprecedented weight gains from the lyrica..Iy seems if one can't handle the neurontin, they can handle the lyrica. If the lyrica seems to give them trouble, then they found the gabapentin tolerable..As to effectiveness with my experience with both, I can't say difinitively that either had any major impact on the condition I had..Certainly sounds like anyone that goes on the lyrica nas a rapid weight gain though..I'm in the midst of trying to indo the gain I got hit with..25 years I never fluctuated more than 7 lbs..Last November to mid January I jumped 25 lbs..There does appear to be some truth to this side affect...
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I just started on 100 2x per day and 2 at bedtime, so total 400 mg per day. After the second day, I was able to finally sleep. Have perimemopausal insomnia, hot flashes, anxiety, and currently a herniated disk in my lower back. Am hoping pain relief will kick in, but my current dose may be too low.
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I just started on 100 2x per day and 2 at bedtime, so total 400 mg per day. After the second day, I was able to finally sleep. Have perimemopausal insomnia, hot flashes, anxiety, and currently a herniated disk in my lower back. Am hoping pain relief will kick in, but my current dose may be too low.
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Gabapentin cause problems you should be aware of and be on the lookout for if you are on it, especially the high dose you are on.

It is a good treatment for focal seizures though, and as far as addiction goes, it's not a problem according to studies.  It's biggest caution is mood changes, suicidal thoughts and aggressive behavior. Your Doc should have explained that to you though. There should be cautions in a blacked out area  on the drug labeling when you get your refills you should read.

As already mentioned, it should not be stopped abruptly, withdrawal syndrome may occur.  
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That isn't the same as physical addiction, that is what is called withdrawal syndrome. You don't crave it when you stop taking it, it can just cause problems related to sudden withdrawal reminiscent to alcohol or benzodiazepine withdrawal.
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I was put on it at one time too, 1200mg/day or something like that, I had no troubles with it at all, in fact it did absolutely nothing, so I just quit taking it after a few months without any problems.

When it's prescribed for pain, it's believed to have an effect on neurons closer to the source of pain and ganglea root rather than acting on the central nervous system like opiates. some people claim it works, many claim it doesn't. There could be a placebo effect involved in some cases as well.
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And you are 100% correct. ALL drugs can be dangerous so everyone should be extremely careful with them and never take them unless they are prescribed to you, and take only as directed.

You are also right that Docs don't explain the potential dangers of the drugs they prescribe, and there may be a good reason for that. Many of their patients can be described as "hypochondriacs" and telling them this could manifest reactions that otherwise do not exist. So they just tell them to call if they have any troubles.

The rest of us should always look up and be aware of the drugs we are prescribed, and watch out for any interactions from other drugs we are on. We can't rely on the doc or pharmacist to always tell us of any possible reactions.
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Has anyone experienced weight gain or weight lloss from gabapentin? I was previously on llexapro and then effexor to pristiq. Managed to gain 50+ lbs in 4 yrs. Im off all of them now except for ativan for anxiety. Cant seem to get the AD med weight off. Any suggestions? Was never overweight before then. Depressing!
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Am now concerned about further weight gain from the gabapentin. Only on 400mg/day,.so very low dose.
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Hi!  Just a suggestion: start your own thread on the forum so it doesn't get overlooked. This thread started 3 years ago so it's not current.

If you need help just ask me. Go back to the forum page (1) and click on "post a question"...just follow the prompts....Good luck!
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i agree and dont agree .its working good for me .i broke my back in 2 places .and it takes the pain away very good . but if i dont take it in 2 day i have the worst stomach cramps u can imagime . the pain is totally the worst pain . and soon as i take the the tablet 40mins i drift of f to sleep ./i have been taken it for  1yr and 4 months i am a dosage at 1300mg a day .BUT it takes the pain away totally .i would prefer no pain ..
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Hello, I was given a few of what I think are the pills you are all talking about, They are yellow and a kind of orange/tan color.With the numbers 2666 on the apsule, is this what you are taking? If so, do you know how many mg. it is? I was taking norco and it made me really sick.
Thanks much
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I'm currently on 3600 mg/day of Gabapentin. Have been for about a year or so now. If I don't take it |I cannot move.

Yet my doctor still says it is psychological!
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