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IV Dilaudid Taper Help Please

I so need help, and from visiting here, think I may find some help.

I have horriblel pancreatitis, caused by gall bladder removal injuring my bile ducts, which has led to many ercp's and trips to both Johns Hopkins and the Mayo clinic. I spend 34 days in 2012 in hospital with pancreatitis so bad I went into renal failure and threw up so much I threw a blood clot in my abdomen. I had no food or water by mouth from January 1 till April 15. I came home in February, and went on home health with 2 iv's and family managing me with iv fluids, nutrition, and phenagran and IV dilaudid.

Long story, short. I got so addicted, and the docs when I came off, just gave me morphine by mouth at first. Then, they did dilaudid by mouth, with me having horrible wd's. Since May, I have been in pain management, but failed my last urine drug test (they test every month) because I ran out during work travel and took a few er morphine I had left over. I got my dilaudid this time, but I will not get anymore I am sure.

I am shooting 8-16 mg every 4 hours. I know I am in for a world of hurt trying to taper down from this.

Should I first taper the iv use down and then at some point jump to oral and continue tapering? I only have 100  8mg pills to do this. I have a few er morphine left in my "oh ****" stash.

I tried cutting down a few times, and I  get so sick, and that brings on the pain, and if I throw up or have stomach cramps, here comes the pancreatitis back in full  force. I cannot get as sick as I was last year again from trying to come off this medicine. My medical doctor will only dismiss me as a patient if I broach this with her at all. I can't do a detox because of the pain. Am I just lost? I have scarred my right arm so bad. I feel like  ****.

Help? Any ideas? Suggestions? Methods? Thank you, thank you for just listening.
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Hi & welcome to the community,

Honey, I have to be honest...you need to be in in-patient treatment for several reasons. the drug you are using, the method, etc, etc.

We cannot help you with tapering (against our guidelines) and you cannot do this alone.

Can you google treatment centers near you, clinics that can help you or even mental health clinics. Please find a place that can properly taper you.

We can support you and help you through this once you are on board with a taper an d treatment plan. You are in my prayers. Let us know how you are doing.
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Sorry, I did not think discussing various taper schedules that might help, or other support ideas, would be against the rules. I will try to continue developing my own system. Again, thanks for listening and for your caring words, but in-patient for me is just not an option. Off to do more research into a good taper schedule. I am so tired of pill counting, getting supplies, etc. Sigh. Take care!

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I agree with IBK in that you need in-patient detox. Dilaudid is the strongest pain med on the market and the fact that your IV'ing it doesnt help. Since you say in patient isnt an option, Id suggest going to see an outside/ 3rd party doctor and explain your situation to him. You dont have to tell him where your getting your pills from...just that you are interested in quitting and you need a tapering plan. He can evaluate your medical history and tell you what he thinks.

I will tell you one thing though and this is coming from someone who has done the whole IV Dilaudid thing...if you do taper, you have to do it completely free of IV....Trying to taper using intravenously just doesn't work.

I wish you the best of luck.
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I am on my way out of town today, and will be in a great hotel until Saturday. My plan is to transition to some other usage than IV before I leave there. That will be a great success, just to get off the needle first.

Am I not supposed to even talk about my taper here? I don't want to waste anybody's time or discuss anything against the rules. Is it appropriate to check in here with what I am doing?
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ABSOLUTELY!!  You can talk about ANYTHING you want....ask ANYthing you want....and we'd LOVE it if you'd check in with your progress.

You may have misunderstood what IBK was saying to you about tapering.
This forum doesn't allow us to ADVISE or get SPECIFIC about taper plans for several reasons.  A person's entire medical history must be taken into account, age, pre-existing conditions, each and every prescription drug you are on, etc.  We are not equipped to do that for anyone here on this forum.  It's a place to share ideas, support, encouragement, tips on getting thru w/drawals, how to stay clean, etc.

You will NEVER be wasting anybody's time....we are glad you found us....and transitioning off the needle is a good first step.  Be safe and please consider NOT doing this on your own.....keep talking to us...keep an open mind.....and please check back in with us, OK?  Wishing you well~
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I hope you do come back and talk with us. Please understand that it would be dangerous for us to provide you with a taper plan, especially the type of medication you on and the method of use. It would be reckless and dangerous coming from lay people such as ourselves. Undermost circumstances we would recommend cold turkey as that is what most of us have done but for you it is different and we all feel you be best served by a medical professional.

Having said all of that this is still a great place for moral support. One addict helping another is the way to go so I do hope you stick around. Let us know how you are doing. And remember, slow and steady wins the race!
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