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I'd like to get some tips from you veterans or in the same situation

Ok so I use to smoke weed back in high school (smoked for 4 years) then I stopped for 6 months and never got back to it, I didn't feel like getting high because I become a couch potato and don't do much so I stopped. Last summer I got sick and found Drixoral it's a little spray bottle to unclog ur nose but then you get addicted and you can't stop using it other wise your nose tissue just closes. And from that my left nostril is ****** up I got a scab and one day I put a flashlight in there to see the damage and its HORRIBLE( right one is fine tho) and on top of that this summer I started doing cocaine I did it a couple of times before but not as much as now, I do maybe 1 to 2g per week I don't get addicted to stuff like even cigarettes don't get to me but the thing I really like about coke is the control I have on myself, I can still work, drive ect... but I'm scared for my nose! Btw I'm 18 so that's why I wanna here some of you guys story! Sorry for the long post!
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