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Ideas for sleeping

On night 2 of withdrawals any sleep ideas? Do immodium really help?
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Hi and congrats on night 2.  Imodium really does help.  As for sleep, I wish I could find the answer.  I would be rich.  It is the biggest complaint after detox.  Some things will work for 1 night and won't work the next.  I tried benadryl, gravol, melatonin, ativan but it seems you just have to wait it out.
Sleep will come back eventually.  I just slept when I could. I found if I went too long with out it I would develop anxiety and that was worse for me than anything.
Good luck.
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Hi Katie, I dont know what your doc was but it is prob an opie. As you might know sleep will come back and if you are on day 3 right now it wont take to long anymore. For me the only thing that seems to aid me in sleep during detox ( which I am in atm too) is a benzodiazepine, but I wouldnt really advise you to get those as they are very addictive to. Another thing that might help with sleeping is heavy exercise during the day. make your body sweat and get yourself real tired, i've heard of people doing it that way.

Good luck and stay clean :) you can do it
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Nothing helped me sleep the first week. I was a zombie. After that I took melatonin and slowly I started sleeping better & better. Everyone is different though. You should go ask your dr what he thinks. Your sleep schedule will get better with time. Good luck to you.
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How is your sleep doing now?  Did you find anything that worked?
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I am into my 5th month on a 12yr methedone and I found that the magnz,D and Cal from plant helped me alot it takes a while to kick in but I highly am the one that faithfuly believes in the Vit/Min. It helps alot with depression and anxiety and all. But remember we all are a bit different but the same in detoxing. Some things you just have to let it go and ride it out it DOES GET BETTER. Plus magnz helps detox the body. Good Luck you will be so happy that you took this step to get a clear head and body its a wonderful life clean. Melatonin worked too.  P.S. I get good natual vit/min from a good source.
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