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I'm 16 days clean.....

I'm so happy I haven't been clean like this in forever....I been feeling good...a little craving every blue moon....It feel good to hear my mom say she proud of me and haven't offer any pills to me...I know I can get to a month..
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Hey  congrats on 16days  that is ausum  your off to a great start...now is the time to put some sort of aftercare in place  as always I recamend the N/A progam the meetings are only a hour long and it will give you some place to share where the people will understand...please dont try to skip this critical part of recovery you will find that getting clean was the ez part  it is staying clean long trem that takes work  long after the pills stop the addict in your head is alive and well keep posting for support.........................Gnarly...................................................
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It really is a good feeling, isnt it?
Really well done.
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So proud of you!
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yay Miz Brown!  YAYYY!  meetings?  werent you going to a meeting?  how did that go?  you need aftercare <3
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Good for you! Keep it up :)
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