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I'm back in the same situation but way worse! I have gotten myself up to 10 to 12 a day and feel such guilt for what I have done to get them:(( well I have finally weaned myself down to two a day. I have found counseling which starts on Friday and it's three days a week. I'm very excited because for the first time I'm actually seeking aftercare:) something I've never done always tried to quit on my own:// I know what's to come and I love coming on here and reading people stories, gives me such encouragement to know I'm doing the right thing! I'll be out in 2 days I'm extremely nervous because I've never WD off a high mg! I do believe that the longer you stay addicted the higher mg and the things you do for it gets way out of control:(( after care after care after care is a MUST!!!!!! I do know this now!!!
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Welcome back Qshy! Sorry to hear of your relapse, but glad you are back on the road to recovery. Aftercare 3 times a week is a very good thing, a must. But make sure you cut ALL your sources this time. Delete numbers, cancel scripts, change your playmates and playgrounds, whatever it is. If you couldn't get your hands on any, you would have not gone back to it. Cravings pass as long as you don't make that call.  Don't worry about the withdrawal, it will be over before you know it. Focus on the aftercare and post and read here everyday. Glad you're back.
I'm really seeking  advice on RLS. If anyone has the best advice for this please share with me because this is the hardest part!  It just really blows when you with drawled at least four times he stayed clean right back 10 times worse that's what makes me worried it's going to be awful. Thank you for your response msdelight:) how long have you been clean and what was your drug of choice and for how long before you quit?
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I was pi
taking percocet 10/325, about 8-10 a day for 5 years.  Ive been clean 2 yrs and 3.5 months. RLS is treatable with Hylans Restless leg available at stores like Walgreens. Funny I never had RLS so if I got the name wrong someone please correct me. Hot lavender epsom salts baths are soothing and and wrapping you legs in warm towels/heating pads. Actually I guess I did have that leg shaky thing going on for awhile. I felt like it relieved stress and it wasn't that bad. What got me was the crying. Remember every person and every withdrawal is different. You can do this girl!
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