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I'm Ready for this fight with Suboxone

Good Morning everyone, I have been reading the post for a while now and they have really helped. Well it's my turn to fight for my life back and let me tell you I'm so scared it's not even funny. So here's my story I have been on suboxone for 2 years now started at 8 mg and have been able to get myself down to 2mg for some reason I can't get myself down any lower. I have 6mg left which will make Thursday my last day. And after that a new person will be born. I was on vicodin about 6-8 750's a day due to a back injury then back surgery after that. Couldn't take the vic withdrawal so my family doctor referred me to the sub doc. and that is were it all started.  I'm so ready for this I have to do it I have no more subs left and I'm not going back to the sub doctor I don't feel he has my best interest at heart. So this is my plan if anyone has any advise please I need all I can get. I have bought all the vitamins that are needed for withdrawal. I have zanax and tynoel 3. I plan on making a doctors appt. today to get some clodine I heard that works. I know this is a huge step but I have to do I want to be normal I don't want pills I want to be me, the person that I know is deep inside who is screaming to come out. I know I have a rough road ahead but I'm ready. I'm keeping two jornauals of my progress so I share with people when I'm done. Again any support or input would be so appericate.
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Hi there. I honestly dont have any personal experience with suboxone. I'm new to this site and have an addiction to percocet. attempting to taper off them with the hopes that my wds wont be as horrible. i guess i was just curious about the suboxone. for me it cant be an option, but i just dont know anything about it. I've read that people take it to avoid wds, but then I'm curious as to ywhy its prescribed after the withdrawal period. What is it for? I don't mean to sound like an idiot. And I truly wish you all the best and hopefully someone on here will be on who can relate and help you out, rather than just ask questions! But I thought who better to ask than someone with actual experience with it. Best of luck and thank you!!  
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Hi! The clonidine is a good idea.  It worked well for me.  I would not use the xanax or tylenol 3.  DEFINITELY not the T3.  It's an opiate and will just mask the WD, and you'll have to do it eventually.  

Epsom salts in baths are great.  Mag/cal/zinc and potassium will reduce leg cramps and some of the other symptoms too.  Definitely get those.  There are lots of OTC remedies that you can use, so please be careful with the meds that you're planning to use.  Clonidine will help you more than anything though.  The other stuff is playing with fire.

Good luck!!!! : )
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Wow, you have really done well.  Just think about how far you have come and how many of the people on here arent quite there yet.....You can inspire us with your posts on how your feeling after Thursday........
You should celebrate (not with a drink)...but with a nice dinner and go for a long walk!
Way to go!
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Hello! I was in a very similar situation (1mg a day for about 2 years of suboxone) and Im currently on my 17th day clean. I had gone 3-4 days several times but this time I knew from day 1 I was going to be 100% committed to being clean. The first week was pretty rough obviously, but from then on days have slowly but surely been getting better. I still have some discomforts and insomnia but its all manageable compaired to the first week. I changed my diet around completely and have been eating healthy, taking vitamins, and exercising whenever possible. All these were recommended to me on this forum and I believe have helped my w/d process by a huge amount.  17 days from taking anything and I feel like I have a new pair of eyes, like I was living in a massive fog for several years. Keep your mind set strong, push through the first week day by day, and soon enough hours dont seem like days anymore. Free to talk anytime, best of luck.
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Forgot but like tramahater said the hot showers also saved me many times when I felt like I was gonna go crazy. I would take tons of showers as hot as I could bare when I felt at my worst and they helped A LOT.
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Thanks so much you guys for all the support, when I opened my question up and seen so many responds it made me feel so much better. I'm so ready for this I no longer will depend on any pills for anything. I just want to be free, and when I cry they are tears of angry and joy at the same time. I'm mad that I did not educate myself on this medicine that I was so weak that I listen to anything that doctor had to say just to get out of withdrawals from the vicdion. I have seen so many encouraging stories on here, and it has helped me so much. The last few weeks I have pumped myself up for the fight and no matter what I will win. I know I have a rough road ahead but I know that I can do this I have no choice I have to do this. It was pretty easy going from 8mg to 2mg in a few weeks I know I will not feel much pain for a few days and I'm prepared for that. As long as I'm not deathly sick for more then a couple of weeks I will be good. My plan is to exercise and not change my routine get up with my kids in the morning get them off to school and do my house work and then I go to school I will not let this drug stop my life. Please keep the encouragement going it helps me so much.
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You certainly can do this and it seems like you have the necessary mindset...that will make a huge difference in your recovery.
There are some natural remedies that will help to alleviate some of the pain and discomfort associated with withdrawals...check out the health pages on the right of your screen - I have a variation of the Thomas Recipe using only natural ingredients in my journals.  
You have been given some great advice already and as others have warned...careful with the xanax and tylenol 3 as both are habit forming - it would be great if you could detox without them.
This site is wonderful, there are so many knowledgable and supportive people here who understand exactly what you are going through so use this as an outlet for your feelings and as a source of encouragement....continue to post -
Best of luck
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Good Morning my new friends! I woke up this morning trying to pump myself up and getting ready for the fight. I have a docs appt. with my family doc this morning not looking forward to that. I'm so nervous about ending my relationship with suboxone but it has to be done. In my opinion I should have never been put on it and 2 years is way to long. I can no longer dwell on the past and have anger I must move on end this relationship with the subs. I don't think I have ever been so scared in my adult life as I am now. All I can say is lord please be with me.
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You know whats different now, you are in control!  You can say Yes I am now in control and feeling so much better without thinking about a white pill.......Way to go....!
I think you are very brave and strong for what you have accomplished....you are very inspirational....and most of all, you can live a strong, healthy life for your kids
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Hey! I have been 22 days off of Suboxone and let me tell ya something. I was just like you scared to death of what it was gonna be like when I had nothing. Well here I sit 22 days later so it didn't kill me oh and it didn't even bother me at all really. I had a touch of anxiety on day 5-6. I was worried for nothing. I listened to all the horror stories and had myself almost talked into just staying on Suboxone for the rest of my life. If I can do it anybody can do it! I am the biggest baby when it comes to the slightest sign of WD. You can do this!!!! I have faith in ya and I don't even know ya! If you need anything at all I am just a message away and will try to help the best I can.
Best Wishes
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I forgot to add that I jumped off on 2mg. It can be done you just gotta put your mind to it!!!
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Good Morning my new friends I took my last dose of sub at 1pm yesterday. I have decieded I'm not going to sit here and feel sorry for myself I figure I will try to sike myself out and keep doing all my normal things. Like getting my kids up in the morning for school, get myself to school/. I lost my job back in Jan. that's a whole different story I have to go into that later anyways I went back to school I got accepted to the University of Michigan GO BLUE!!! and this is so important to me so I'm going to class today like a normal day. I don't have class again till Tuesday and that will be day 6 for me I have to keep up with my homework.
Anyways, I plan on fighting this now I'm mad I will not let any pill take my life from me. I thought I bet the vicidin but I didn't I just got on sub all I did was trade one pill for another. I can't dwell on that I must move forward.
Krissy and curleygirl that you so much for all the words of encouragement. Krissy did you say you only got anxiety? I'm going to go read your blog after this. I have all the vitamins I need so I'm ready bring it on suboxone.
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