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Im So Scared... Of not livin my life to the fullest...

That's best I can put it at this point almost 200 hours n more than 8 days under belt... Like Nike says JUST DO IT! Stop hesitating that's all of our biggest regret.....
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I'm glad you decided to start a new thread!  But, I just gave you a big compliment on the last one!  Don't miss it!
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I commented on it :-)
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the best song that fits me today is Learning to fly by Tom Petty been up and down for me but well kick this in the head at the end of the day
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Yeah. Just saw it!  Just know that you kicked this motherly type into high gear!  Lol. You brought out the mother in me!  If you need a momma on the east coast....that must be me!  
Here's my mothering for you today,  you're body starts craving the nutrition it needs. Eat it when it does!  Small bits at a time!  But give it what it begs for. My body has been crying out for eggs and pineapples and V8 juice. Over and over that's what I crave. Your body is smart!  Learn to listen to it on this kind of thing!  
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Boneless chicken breast very simply baked or bbq'd goshh mmmmm..... But ate few carrots today to keep it safe....
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