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I'm alive....

Just wanted to update everyone. I'm doing ok. On my 7th day and having a VERY rough time. I'm here reading daily. I need to make a few phone calls (you know who you are) :) but I'm just feeling DOWN. I go to orientation tomorrow for my outpatient rehab.
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7 days is awesome. One week down. You have done good. Couple more and you will be golden. Keep it up.
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Orientation tomorrow will help a lot.....and the intensive outpatient will definitely keep you busy and further the healing process.  You're doing good~  
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Hey Girl...well your beeting this thing one day at a time  just hang in there  recovery comes in baby steps so any little bit you feel better counts keep posting for support.............Gnarly
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Very Proud of YOU!!
Yahooooo! I knew you could do it.
Here for YOU Anytime.

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Hey look at you! Your doing great! Keep up the excellent work. Your going to wake up any day now and feel really good, I just know it!
Your beating this!! Great work!
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You are doing great!  Remember, you're essentially coming off two drugs, one being one with antidepressant-type properties.  Good luck with orientation.  I think it is going to be a big help when you get a few days under your belt.
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