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I'm in Methadone Withdrawal- Help

I've been on Meth about 20 years solid.<private doctor>I have slowly reduced from 100mls aday to about 5mls. I'm trying to get rid of this ball and chain.Am in withdrawal now.Can't sleep. Got the willies.What can I expect when I drop to nothing? Never kicked a habit . Not once.Scared to tell my Doctor how low I've gotten. Don't want to lose my place on maintainence, if I fail.
  Its a little different in Canada. Go to Doctor once every 2 weeks, pick up once a week. Doctors only allowed so many, methadone patients.So there's always someone waiting to get on.
This is a really scary thing to do, after 20 years.
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Ruffles,,,Please email me at cin91860  Am having problems right now but can talk to you via email      cindi
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Hi Ruffles.  Firstly well done on making the decision to kick the liquid handcuffs!  I've been on Methadone for 11 years now and am trying to reduce very very slowly myself as I want a life without the chains too.  I came off the program once before (coming down off 90mgs at 5mgs p/week) and made the mistake of coming down and getting off to quickly.  Although, when I reached Zero I actually felt fine for about a month but then it hit me like a baseball bat round the head!  Like you, I couldn't sleep, had severe withdrawal aches and pains and was trying to hold down an 10 hours a day job.  Because I didn't want to start taking Benzo's to sleep I tried a variety of natural remedies, but to no avail.  In the end, I ended up scoring once "just to sleep" fooling myself into using more frequently and thus, because I couldn't stand it all again, ended up back on the program!  It's is an extremely hard addiction to kick, if I was told of the long term effects of Methadone, I would have just gone cold turkey and tried to kick it myself.  Anyway, what I wanted to say to you is because you are now on such a low dose now the amount you are still reducing at will be too much too soon.  Take it slowly.  Even reduce .5 of a ml (2.5mg) or less if it's possible in Canada.  Good luck Ruffles and keep smiling!
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Before I bother to post a long comment, is anyone reviewing this page?  Is anyone out there to help someone going through withdrawal?  Please post if you are out there!!
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i wish i could be at your point keep up the good work,,,getting off this stuff,,,yes ive made another step ,,my doctor is sending me to the top doctor in my province,,to see about methadone,any suggestions before i go to see him..i went once long time ago,little scared ,,i guess if anyone even abuses the clinic,,your gonna be pushed aside,,true?? anyways wondering if i could suggest anything to doc,specialist in this area??  thank you again,yes there is people everyday reading the posts
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Hey I just found this site and was thrilled to find out that there are many other people addicted to methadone. Here I thought I was the only one. Well, I have been trying to ween down for about 6 months but without much luck. I have decided to go see a doctor. Good luck to all here, as Im hoping I can suceed as well. Nobody could understand the pain of withdrawels until they've been through it. I tried cold turkey once, and only made it to the third day before I buckled to the pain. If anyone here has any suggestions, please pass them to me. Again, good luck to all!
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Hi everyone
My name is Neil and I have been on the Methadone program for about 8 years. A year ago I decided I wanted to be free and I started to reduce. My initial dose was 80mg and I was coming off at 2mg a week. When I got down to about 15mg I changed that to 1mg a week. Im now down to 10mg and I am about to attempt to come off. It's taken about a year. They don't give you alot of help here in New Zealand so you basically have to help yourseld if you enjoy sleeping and feeling kind of normal. They have given me Clonidine which I find helpful. Of course, nobody wants to suffer and I am quite anxious about the whole thing but eventually I guess you have to bite the bullet and just do it. Wish me luck eveyone out there!!. I will try to keep you posted as to how Im going.
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