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I'm in big trouble

I was addicted to Lortab for the last 4 years.  At my heaviest usage I was using 7 pills of 5mg a day.  I had try to go cold turkey but it never worked.  A friend told me about Sub.  I wound up going to a quack of a doctor.  He has me on 2 8mg/2mg films a day.  They make me exhausted and I can't even drive when I am on them.  I don't understand the dosage-does this mean I am on 16mg per day.  I have been on it for 2 weeks. It has taken away any wd symptoms.  I am so afraid that I am on too high a dosage.  Any suggestions?  I can't go back to that pill pusher
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Sophie, I am sorry you are feeling so poorly. It is a violation of our guidelines to provide any information regarding dosing, etc. Go to Suboxone.com and there you can do your research and even find a new doctor.

I hope you get this straightened out soon and it all works out for you. Stick around here for support.
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Check your inbox I sent you a message, meant to hit post and messed up, ask me anything.. i'm on  suboxone now and this is the 2nd time in my life I've been on it.
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