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I'm not going to stop

I'm using reverse pychology on myself because the other way didn't work. I got up one day and stopped drinking and I'm not sure why but I just did and I'm going to try to focus less on quitting and more on the rewards it will bring if I do. I'm having a real problem with this.

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Yep,,its like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow,(although wd"s are hardly a rainbow lol). Your idea is a good one though,,,positive beats negative everytime,,gl
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It IS hard but once you get a few clean days behind you,it gets better if you PUSH! You need to reward yourself with other things...you need to think of the pills as poison...you HAVE to get them out of the house and all the hiding places.  Concentrate on being healthy...take vitamins,exercise REALLY works and drink a lot of water.  You're going to feel better and that's a feeling you won't want to mess up with pills!!

You may not believe it but getting support works. Go to a few AA/NA meetings...you'll get a lot of reinforcement!

Hang in there!!
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