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Im pregnant going to methadone clinic please any advice

I am at 38mg I was already tapering off methadone before I knew I was pregnant so I know I won't end up using without it...they say I can't go down because it can cause miscarriage I think they just want me stuck on the clinic...but I need to know if they can take my baby because of this prescription showing up?? I think I can get off slow enough to not cause a miscarriage please help
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Hi and welcome to the forum.....well you have nothing to worrie about your leagel at the clinic and most doctors will not take you off wile pregnant  methadone doctors included  we have had several members go threw pregnancy wile on methadone and have happy healthy babys   once you give birth we can help you taper the rest of the way off....i was on it almost 7 yrs at 150mg  it is a monster to kick but we can walk you threw the whole process  the last 20mg are where most people start to struggle but with the support of the forum just know it is possible we have a lot of x/methadonians as members  keep posting for support and if you have questions just ask I have helped a lot of people off this drug over the years
Thank u ...so if I continue at the clinic and have my baby they cannot take it away for done? What about weed when I first found out at about 6 7 weeks I was smoking daily and then quit but still had two pee tests in the month following finding out a d since I quit I will be clean now but showed up dirty because it was still in my system and my cpunselour said she has to let cps or whoever they inform know
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Please find an OB who is educated in drugs and pregnancy.  Usually women are put on Subutex.  If there is no other option please dont start a taper program until you talk with your OB.
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Hi..........what pee test where you taking and for who???  the only time I think it will be a problem is if it shows up in the baby or you at birth  your ok with the methadone though  why have you been tested??
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If you take your prescribed dose (they might even raise you) & don't use anything else or drink, your baby should be fine as Methadone is considered  "relatively safe" during pregnancy. Like Gnarly, above, I've seen many healthy babies born on M'done. They will probably keep the baby in neonatal for observation for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. While studies indicate that Buprenorphine results in less withdrawal stress for the newborn (it's opiate is weaker than M'done's), switching from Methadone to Subutex while pregnant might be dangerous. It is often a difficult adjustment & can be physically & mentally challenging even for those who aren't pregnant. When a baby shows symptoms of NAS off Subutex, sometimes M'done is used to wean it off. The weaning process off either M'done or Subutex can take anywhere from 10 days to a month.

If I remember (& I could be wrong so check with your counselor) -- CPS is automatically notified whenever a mother is involved with Methadone or Subutex. If you do this right, hand in clean UA's for the rest of your term & after. -- if you attend your counseling, etc., CPS shouldn't be a problem for too long & the unannounced home visits will cease.

Try not to stress too much. Keep your eye on that beautiful prize ahead of you. Treat yourself & your baby well. Reach out for any help & services that the two of you might  need. You're (plural) worth it. Please, let us know how you're both doing :)
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You need to talk with your OB about your options as none of us are doctors here.  We just want you and the baby safe.
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Absolutely! :)
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