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I'm scared---I'm trying to come off of hydrocodone, what can I expect for the first few days?

I'm scared-- I'm trying to come off of hydrocodone.  I have been taking anywhere from 5 to 8  7.5/500 mg tablets per day for over a year.  I have taken either hydrocodone or tramadol.  I came off of tramadol about 2 weeks ago and was sick as a dog for 3 or 4 days.  Is the withdrawals from hydrocodone going to be as bad as the tramadol?  I would appreciate any info.....I am so scared.  
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I am writing as the spouse of a hydrocodone addict.  My husband became addicted after taking the pain meds for cancer and cancer treatment.  It has been severl years now and he has been buyng hydrocodone off the streets to supplement what the drs. are giving him.  He has been hiding this from me and has lied to me about his abuse.  But now he truly wants to get off the drugs.  He is on day 2 of being drug free and he is very sick.  The severe withdrawal symptoms seem to wax and wane.  Is there anything I can do to help him?  Our dr. is in favor of cold turkey, but he is suffering so much.  Help!!
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I also went through withdrawals for hydrocondone.  I was on them for quite some time.  I was like you with the amount I took.  But, I did have withdrawal symptoms.  I went cold turkey.  The first 7 days were the worst!  But, depression and anxiey kicked in for me.  Not for everyone, but it did for me.  I'm at Day 40 today and doing much better.  I'm still dealing with depression but that's from some other health issues more than the withdrawals now.  

Anyway,  YOU CAN DO THIS!!!  Just be strong.  Try to tell yourself the worst of it will be over soon and take it one day at a time.  Keep coming back here for support!  

Good luck and God bless you!!!
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i am so sorry that you are going through this, but BE STRONG!!!  YOU CAN DO IT!!!  the withdrawals are not pleasant, i am not going to lie to you or sugar coat it.  as cathy stated, it is similar to having the flu.  the worst part is the psychological affects.  try to keep your mind on something else.  when i had withdrawls i took hot baths and tried to keep my mind occupied.  the best thing i found was sleep.  God-bless and good luck!!  Just keep positive and know that you can do this!!  Please keep us posted on how you are doing!!  xxxxxxx
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everyone is different...the symptoms are similar to a flu....compared to some your dose is not real high so that may be to your advantage...the worst will be over in about 7 days.  hang in there and remember it does get better.
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