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I'm trying so hard...I really am...

This is getting so hard! I haven't taken any of the Tylenol 3's yet but I'm getting close. I went and got regular Sudafed hoping that would help and its not helping yet. Thinking maybe I need to take it for a full day and see if it helps before I give in to the T-3's....idk. It really stinks that I can't eat something that I really want or something that even sounds good at this point! I did put some donut holes in the microwave and got them super soft and managed to eat them practically w/o chewing them up so at least I did get something in my belly today but I'm still hungry darn it!

And I didn't hear from the dentist today about an appt for seeing if they can make the obturator. They said I would hear from them today :( I tried to call them and they evidently must've closed early or something. Grrr.

Maybe I'm being too stubborn about not taking the T-3's. Even though it was methadone that I was on, and these are sooo much weaker, I still feel like it would be a relapse, whether its needed or not. Ohhhh what do I do??? What do y'all think?
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Hey there-  its not a relapse at all.  It's for pain relief from a medical complication...that you did not contribute to!  

I'm concerned about the lack of eating, too.  I know it's difficult right now but have you thought of protein drinks, smoothie, something like that. I have muscle milk here...I've had continuous dental work since last May so it's often painful to eat. That drink saved me!  

I'd take the medicine and have someone hold the bottle for me...
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I did have a protein drink this morning so I know I at least got a little vitamins & nutrients for the day. I'm just craving something like chicken or steak! Lol. It seems like its been ages since I've had solid food. And I seriously can't wait to eat a cheeseburger...I guess it's one of those things you take for granted...until you can't do it, then you realize it's almost a luxury to eat anything you want. Funny huh!

Someone said that I could actually throw myself into withdrawal if I take the T-3's and that terrifies the hell outta me. :(
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You could throw yourself into wd's?   Well, only if you become addicted to the Tylenol with codeine and I doubt that will happen. Don't you?
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I absolutely agree with Vicki. You can't sit there in pain.  Can you take NSAIDs? A long time ago my DDS gave me Motrin 800s and they worked in harmony with Emprin #3s. (that's how old I am!) The Motrin seemed to work the best to take away my pain - a wisdom tooth extraction.
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Yeah I don't think I would become addicted just because I know I wouldn't allow myself to take much if any at all. I will say I have been very headstrong when it comes to dealing with the pains of the cleft palate and cleft lip surgeries I've had. I've had so many that the pain I get from them is something I've usually dealt with by taking OTC meds. Of course all those surgeries were before my methadone use...but still...I've dealt with this for over two weeks and it just seems to be getting worse and worse. I get these pains that go across my nose and almost into my eyes. It's kinda strange, I've never felt this sort of pain before and it's actually kinda scary. That's why I went and got Sudafed. The oral surgeon said that my current obturator is completely blocking my left nasal passage, so I'm not so sure the Sudafed will work but thought it was worth a shot anyway. I can't wait for that appt! I'm not the most patient person anyway and I want this pain gone yesterday.

If I remember right, I never could take much T-3 because it always made me about half sick, so I'm sure I wouldn't get addicted to it.
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OpenMind...I've been taking as many ibuprofen as I can handle, but with not being able to eat, they're killing my stomach. Idk if I've given myself an ulcer or what because now when I cough I have this one spot in my belly that hurts pretty bad...but only when I cough? That's kinda weird isn't it?
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Quit being stubborn and take the T3!!    :))

It's not a relapse, it's pain management.  And I hate seeing you suffer in pain. If you find yourself taking more than you should, then make sure you don't have access to them.  
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Tylenol#3 makes me sick, as well,  but I know it's because I've taken it on an empty stomach.  I think this is a wonderful excuse to eat ice cream!!

So...do you have an infection in your sinus due to the hole?  
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Han in there I have never done methadone but I have been on similar and they take a little longer ... I dont have much to add but I totaly agree with the above  I would take the t 3s for the pain..also see if you can get something for nausea from ur doc.Imy doc gave me promethazine and it is a great med. Im sorry you are in pain and going throuhg withdrawals it is so hard .I can relate. The pain in your stomach could be  from the 800s try taking them with bread...

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That's what I thought you'd say. NSAIDs do your stomach in really fast. It's too bad for us that they have that side effect BC they really work so well on swelling. My doctor had me on Naproxin for my back and I burned my stomach in no time.
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Stop being stubborn. T3s won't put you back into withdrawls. Your torturing yourself at this point. And stressing out more. And that stress will make pain more intense because your not relaxed. Please don't suffer uneedfully.
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Vicki you are sooo right!! Lol. I just got back from getting chocolate ice cream and I'm gonna be having me a milkshake real soon. Great minds think alike don't they!

And the surgeon didn't say I had an infection so I'm not sure? Mainly it is the fact that the obturator is too small now that the cleft in the roof of my mouth has gotten bigger over the last few months, so it is going up into the hole further than it should and is basically blocking the nasal passage on the left side and is pressing on my sinus cavity. The X-rays showed that side of my sinus is completely full so I would think the longer it stays there the more likely I am to get an infection if I don't already have one. I asked him if he could modify this one to get me through until I get my new one but he said it wouldn't be a good idea because there's a chance of making it worse and then I'd be stuck in a really bad way! So....here I sit. Lol.

And freelysurrenduring...it's not that I'm in withdrawal...I have 60 days clean as of tomorrow from methadone. What I meant was I don't want to take the T-3 and go through withdrawal. Idk if a few of them could do that or not, but I sure dont wanna go through withdrawal again because my first time was my LAST time :) Thank God!
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IMO "nutrious liquids" help counter issues from lack of appettite when trying to get clean.

Get yourself V8, Gatorade, YooHoo, and easy-to-eat foods (frozen bean burritos).

I like YooHoo because it has potassium and sugar that prevent hunger exacerbating WD pains. And Gatorade is high in electrolytes.

IMO a fridge needs to be loaded to the brim with food and liquid BEFORE embarking on the WD process. These are part of my WD "kit."

P.s. This is just the food stuff, there's all the supplements you need to take too, such as magnesium pills.
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Yes...that's a concern if the sinus is full and not draining...

Is this fistula or hole on the hard palate? Have you ever used any of the palatal adhesives?  That might be a temporary fix...  I feel for you!  I hope you hear from the prosthodontist soon!
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Vickie, I'm not sure if I clarified this yesterday or not, but when I was two weeks old I had my first surgery to correct the cleft palate. They were able to close the hole most of the way and I was able to live with that. Then I got braces on my teeth when I was 19 and also had to have an appliance in the roof of my mouth to widen it because it was too narrow for all my teeth...part of the orthodontic treatment. Well widening the roof of my mouth caused the cleft to re-open and it's been that way since and I've had to have the obturator ever since. So the hole in the roof of my mouth isn't something new...it's been opened for about 20 yrs. the obturator basically plugs it up like a sink stopper. Lol. Then once I had a couple teeth taken out, the gums there naturally shrunk and caused the hole to get bigger. Gosh....does that make sense? It's hard to explain.
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nom nom nom... chocolate milkshake!!   Now I want one too!   if you don't take the T3 then I'm going to hire someone to grind them up and put them in your shakes!  :)
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And the fistula is actually both the soft and hard palate. It starts right behind my front teeth and goes up to the center of the roof of my mouth. From pics I've seen online, mine isn't near as bad as it could be, but its still hard to deal with sometimes.
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Yeslife4me...you are too funny!! I think I'm going to take a couple more doses of the Sudafed tonight and see how that goes...then if it doesn't improve, I might take the T-3 in the morning. Mornings are always bad because I've been laying all nite and it seems like my sinuses get really congested when I lay down. I've been sleeping in the recliner for a few hours each nite until my back can't handle it any longer then go to sleep in the bed. Too bad the recliner isn't more comfortable. Lol.
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Well I hope you get some rest and reprieve tonight.   Enjoy your milkshake!  
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Yes...I get the picture...you explained it very well.  You need that device in your mouth...yesterday!!  Poor baby!

I hope you have chocolate sauce to go with that ice cream!
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Oh I have HOT FUDGE!! Even better right? Lol. And I will definitely enjoy it. I swear I was addicted to ice cream at one time. I had to have it every night or I felt like I was missing out on something grand. Lol! Once I quit managing the steakhouse I didn't drive by the United Dairy Farmers every night and you'd have thought my world was crashing down. So yep...this ice cream is gonna be my savior tonight :)
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Sweetness, Sweetness.....This is my story and I am sticking to it...Its OK..Now as you know I go to na/aa but some things I do not share because it is my life and they have theres. I share all my secrets with my husband and mom..and sponsor...Now when I first took hydro I had sugery I took them right and I was done..NO w/d. Then a bit later I needed them again I was OK then a client of mine was giving me some of his oxys for my pain plus my hydro, well I tried one week to get off and ran back to the drug. From there it was the methedone BUZZ. for 12yrs. ANYWAY many, many months ago I could not take the pain in my back soooo I took 1 hydo 7.5 and it took the pain away and did not get me wired up. So for me it did not trigger my addiction. I am aware if I get the BUZZ i will play the tape back and it could be bad...Now do not get me wrong I MUST stay away from these drugs because it could happen. But I think that if you need it for now I do think you will have self control and it works for the pain. I found out by useing when you are in real real pain the drugs do not get you up and going. I used alot of excuses when I was not in that bad of pain because I wanted to get BUZZed and work  @ work and do my gardens, wood, shovel snow on & on very compulsive behavior....I have not had a drink in 8 yrs but when I drink it was a complete different reason like depressed. The pills were for going....going....I only took that pill one time only back in sept when I came c/t from the methedone. SOO I think you will be OK because that is not our drug of choice but be careful. You should be more tuned in to see when you are likeing it and you start to get out-of control..BUT you do not have to suffer right now.....
GOD BLESS YOU do not beat your self up you are in PAIN....
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Vickie I think you may be completely and totally right! I took the darn Sudafed and have laid here for the last 3 hours tossing and turning. It's got me wide awake and I'm still hurting :( Soooo....I'm leaning more n more towards taking one. Thing is....I would have to wake the hubby up for the key to the safe since he has the only one and its put away. I didn't even want to know where the key was so I wouldn't just grab one in a moment of temptation. He has to get up at 5:15 so for work so if I'm not snoozing in an hour n a half, I think I'm gonna take one. It's almost 4 now and I need some sleep...it's starting to make my head hurt worse I think cause I'm getting so darn mad. Lol.
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I don't handle pain well at all.  I have had to take T3's off and on for years for different reasons.  Really bad periods, etc.  I never had a problem with them as I didn't get a buzz off of them.  They just relieved the pain and let me sleep.  
I just don't believe in suffering but that's just me.
The only thing I would be concerned about in your case is awakening the beast.  Be very careful.  You will know deep down how the are affecting you and if you are heading into trouble.
I really hope you get some relief soon.
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