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Imodium is an Opiate, Someone please tell me the TRUTH!

Hi all,

I have been nearly 20 days clean off opiates now, and am getting better, but i have lost nearly 35% of my body weight!!! I am all skin and bones, and this i thought was part of the process. Well, my support group (family/friends) say i look terrible, like a skeleton. I had been eating and taking aminos and such, but i just had the runs straight for the last 3 weeks, seriously, all runs. So, my momma said that my body is not keeping anything in and that's why i am still shrinking, she is actually afraid that I may die, not from w/d, but from malnurishment or something or too much diareah. She asked me to take imodium, i did and (i know it's in my head but) i feel like i look better in teh mirror already the next day,  and my bowel movements were normal (well almost)!!!! But, i looked into it, it is an opiate, in monkeys, it showed prolonging of morphine w/d's, but in humans it was said to not cross the blood/brain barrier. In all other research i have done, it has said that we much flush out all of the 'matobolites' out of our system, and these 'remaining' motobolites can cuase cravings, etc. I am afraid that i have made it so far 20 days, and now am setting myself back using the imodium, but i cannot get better without getting bigger/gaining weight. Can someone please share their experience with imodium and their w/d's, I just want to know if i am setting myself back by using this product. I only have around 80 days to at least be 80% myself again to start my schooling, any setbacks just make my mental state much worse, i beat myself up really really badly over taking a single imodium just becuase it is an opiate, someone please set me straight! Thanks guys, much love to all here.
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And if someone did not already tell you---if you are going to the bathroom frequently after 3 weeks, you need to see a doctor. You need a good check up complete with blood work.
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