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In process of weaning from Duragesic Patch

After finding this site and reading several of the posts I just wanted to get on and vent a bit. Started the patch several years ago after trying various other (Percocet, Methadone, etc....) methods to control leg pains due to artery/vein blockage below both knees. My vascular surgeon does not want to operate due to my extensive heart history. Went clear up to the 100mcg patch and just totally felt like sheet. Moody, tired, anxious. You name it, I felt it. Finally hooked up with Pain Mgmt who convinced me I should go off it. He dropped me 25mcgs a month until I was down to the 25's. He also increased my Percocet 10/325 from 4 a day to 5 a day. When I was on the 100mcg patch I rarely used all my Percocet each month. Since starting to wean I am using almost all of them to ease the w/d's. I just got my new script for this month and I think the doc must have been busy. He didn't decrease this month and I didn't tell him. I'm thinking one more month on the 25's will ease my heebie jeebies. Now wondering what will happen in a couple months when I get thru the 12's and there is nothing left to decrease to. Will I then get dependant on my Percocet? I hope not. I sure am feeling much better now days despite the w/d's. Sure glad I found this site. I used a similar site several years ago to quit smoking. The chat room sure saved me several times.
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Hi and welcome! It's really great that you're aware of the potential of the percocet addiction because it's a valid concern. With your health issues it's important to keep an open dialogue with your doctor and to keep him posted on your thoughts and feelings (both physical and mental). It sounds like you're very aware of the possible complications that go along with daily use of pain pills and that's great! Please talk to your doctor and keep us posted!
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HI! Welcome! I agree with EVERYTHING that HAPPY DAYS said.... ADDICTION is a VERY REAL possibility....
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